Hello! I haven’t done one of these in a while and my blog taste, so to speak, has changed so here we go. A list of my favourite blogs!  

a - d: amyponder, ameliahpond, a-torvs, agent-pond, amypon, benedct, bjornandresens, bradleyjjames, breakfaust, bluekulelecompanions, calikalie, cruciothelights, charlottewatsons, charlottecharls, doomslock, drumsofgallifrey

e - h: excalibee, ederveen, everlark, hobbitling, holmesque, hummingmetallica

i - l : itsmoriarty, impossible-amelia, ineedyourraggedyman, justkarenness, karungillan, karengillan2, llilypotter, lestrads, lovegoods, listening-for-woodworm

m - p: mycrofteas, mcnivens, meliapond, moontopmountain, nicehairclever, neverknowingly, nereides, onlyholmes, planets-bend-between-us

q - t: ronwsly, raggedymans, samecoin, sansarystark, silverstags, stormcages, ssherlock, sentiment-is-defect, tuperting, thenobledonna, the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick

u - z:  wheresclara, wordslock,  wisdomfairchild, watsonly,  

i feel like i’m missing people if you think you should be on here come and yell at me because i honestly feel like i’m missing a lot of people but i tried


Every day you all make my dash better. Thank you. I love you all.

A - agent-pond | arthurdarvilll | amypon

D - doomslock 

E - expectoptronum | expelliarmus

F - foxingfaces

G - gillanpond

H - humany-wumany 

J - jensenaackles | jinglepotter

L - lucasruby | loveatomb | lazoey

M - my-ponchoboys | merry-destiel | moonheadkaz

O - oh-castiel-angel | olliverwood

P - panicmoon | pondspondsponds | piratepond-

R - raggedymans 

S - senorpond | santasnaping | sebstans | seb-stan

T - the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick | theimpossiblehatter

W - watsonly | winterinthetardis

Y - your-angel-blue 

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I finally made my Holidays Follow Forever! 

First of all, i want to wish you all Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas. And now here’s a list of some of my favourite people and blogs.

abc: agrovera,alayas, amypon, bottomofmyocean, canndice, cateverdeens

def: dianna-agrons, diannaliseagron

ghi: gordon-levitted,grimesessed, harmons, hoechlinstyler, hollanderoden, imaginenewplaces

jkl: lecresta, lestreep, loupsgarou

mno: martinhab, meowchele, midnightsorrow, misgiving, monteithchele, mpriestlys, morrischele, neilpatricksharris, ninalooches, odairer, o-dair

pqr: peetaismybitch,plausibledeniability-, pondswaiting, reallydearie, rose-mtylers

stuv: thefoggylight,thisraginglight, ticktocknightlocked, viciousea

wxyz: xanis, yellowlemon


The year is almost at its end and I need to acknowledge all the people that made this year on Tumblr a great experience for me. I know I don’t talk with nearly any of you, but you are all awesome and great people and inspiring and perfect in every way! I love you all and thank you for existing! Merry Christmas :)


amyponaragogaragoorn; arthurpendragonsawhoresliesazrielsbadaliencoffeeandcheesecakecolinmorgaycompanionscumberchameleon















amypon replied to your post: creys merlin this week mordred x arthur x merlin…


and then merlin and arthur talking in the forest before arthur had to make a decision and just colin and his acting blows me away. but i was totally waiting for him to say he has magic and just a;sldkfja ughh


YO! before the year ends (only six hours to go, I’m taking seriously the procrastination thing) I wanted to thank each one of you for making 2013 a more bearable year, for being so kind and amazing. I’m really grateful for all the moments you gave me, guys :’)

So yeah, here is my list of people that you should be following. What you call f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. I’m always afraid of leaving someone behind, but I tried my best. Anyways, don’t forget to check the blogroll because DAMN so much quality. GO FOLLOW ♥ ♥ ♥

A • acciothehungergames • amypon  andlionheart • aryastarks • astridsellisons • B • bijouxdelame • bonibennett • breadmocking • bunchofwerewolves • C • captainduckling • chacecrawfords • cheekyhook • chocolatesunbeam • D • dragonkhaleesi • E • elijahmikaelsins • everlark • F • ffinickodair • fightingsomany • G • gdimiyoung • guixhai • H • h-e-r-m-i • herondales • houltey • I • ichabondcrane • intostarlight • iratze • J • jakegillenhaal • K • kaidanlenko • katerinapetrova • kazandmatt • L • ladytauriel • laurensbacall • lightwood- • M • miasikowska • missloislane • mockingfire • mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou • N • noaahczerny • noblefighter • northfalls • nymeriaas • O • odairingyou • ohaldir • ohtonks • P • pdfoots • Q • queencersei • querency • R • rlupin • rorygilmors • S • sansawillkillyou • shailneswood • sidneisage • somosinevitables • starkandbark • stilinsnki • swancharming • syddrian • T • taonim • thatbluebox • tomhiddlstn • U V • veronicaecholls • W • warrioreverdeen • whiskyeyesandcurlyfries • willherondale • willliamherondale • X • xanis • Y Z • zutaras # • 11thdoctors • + blogroll