Hello! I haven’t done one of these in a while and my blog taste, so to speak, has changed so here we go. A list of my favourite blogs!  

a - d: amyponder, ameliahpond, a-torvs, agent-pond, amypon, benedct, bjornandresens, bradleyjjames, breakfaust, bluekulelecompanions, calikalie, cruciothelights, charlottewatsons, charlottecharls, doomslock, drumsofgallifrey

e - h: excalibee, ederveen, everlark, hobbitling, holmesque, hummingmetallica

i - l : itsmoriarty, impossible-amelia, ineedyourraggedyman, justkarenness, karungillan, karengillan2, llilypotter, lestrads, lovegoods, listening-for-woodworm

m - p: mycrofteas, mcnivens, meliapond, moontopmountain, nicehairclever, neverknowingly, nereides, onlyholmes, planets-bend-between-us

q - t: ronwsly, raggedymans, samecoin, sansarystark, silverstags, stormcages, ssherlock, sentiment-is-defect, tuperting, thenobledonna, the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick

u - z:  wheresclara, wordslock,  wisdomfairchild, watsonly,  

i feel like i’m missing people if you think you should be on here come and yell at me because i honestly feel like i’m missing a lot of people but i tried



Hello peeps! so this is my ‘blogs of 2012’ and my way of saying thank you for a fantastic year and I hope that you have a wonderful christmas along with a happy new year. you’ve all, big and small, made my year on tumblr very special in all different sort of ways. a lot of you have become apart of my daily conversations with me saying to my friends guess what you know 'x, you wont believe what happened to her last night’ and 'omg did you see what x posted last night?’ ok, so a little weird i guess but its true. i must admit fiona, love of my life has been a standout and i can’t wait to actually meet her in the coming year. but nonetheless i love you all more than you could imagine. thank you once again, and lets just hope that next year is as great as the last, if not better!

a; amuleti, amypon, awindsofwinter, aragogs, andlionheart

b; bloodydifficult, behindmylove, bellamortenia, brokenfatesbonwrights, belgravias

c; cruciothelights, cumberlord

d; deluminated, daenery, diicaprios, dearddraco, dearloki

e; everdeens, everllark

f; fightingsomany 

g; gershons, girlwithapumpkintattoo, grringirl, geaimocoeur

h; hobbitonamission, hollyandthesunshine, harmons, hagrids, hearthorne, hohoholmes

i; innominerosae 

j; j-dempsie, johnhwatson-, jonhwatsons, j-udelaw

k; kaili, katnup, kneelmortals, khaleesie

l; lionessrampant, lordrobb, lewins, lostbirds, lestrads, lestrady, lemonyssnickets, lupercali, lecresta

m; midnightsorrow, mareluna3001, marvoloriddles, mmorrow, mackibben, mcnivens, mockingfire, mrsgarfields, missgarfields, mezjennifer, malfoymannor, mckinnon-m

n; nightlockets, northerndawn, neverlands-, northernwinters, not-my-three-patch-problem, noblefighter

o; ourkingweasley, ohtonks

p; prisonerofazkaban, poesys, pacely, planets-bend-between-us, penhall, padfootmagic, pondicu-s, periculums

q; queendauntless

r; roselands, rainingfires, restarks, renlyss, raphaeling

s; sovietcop, sherlockmafloy, sirbarton, stupifies, shireens, stonemma, sherlockhlms, stonehearting, schemia, shocklock, sherleck, steferine

t; tapdancingspiders, theinfernaldevices, transponsters, thegloriouspurpose, thendidie, touchmedraco, thewicked-eternity, thebeautyinwhite

v; vesprlynd

w; wandofhawthorn, waretote, winterinmybones, watsonly

y; youtellthemreindeers


Every day you all make my dash better. Thank you. I love you all.

A - agent-pond | arthurdarvilll | amypon

D - doomslock 

E - expectoptronum | expelliarmus

F - foxingfaces

G - gillanpond

H - humany-wumany 

J - jensenaackles | jinglepotter

L - lucasruby | loveatomb | lazoey

M - my-ponchoboys | merry-destiel | moonheadkaz

O - oh-castiel-angel | olliverwood

P - panicmoon | pondspondsponds | piratepond-

R - raggedymans 

S - senorpond | santasnaping | sebstans | seb-stan

T - the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick | theimpossiblehatter

W - watsonly | winterinthetardis

Y - your-angel-blue 

+ blogroll

Firstly: I cannot edit for shit: don’t judge me ok.

This has been a long time coming. I follow so many amazing blogs, and I know that I’ve forgotten loads because I’m an arse. But these are some of the blogs that I adore and have no intention of unfollowing in the near future because they make my dash that much prettier. Some are my best friends on here, some are mutual follow and some I just admire from afar. The ones in bold are the people that I consider my good friends on here and they have helped me with so much.

Also a massive shout-out to those that I know in real life that put up with my craziness on here. (Fiona, Louise, Lor and Mason)

A: acciothehungergamesadifferentkindofdoctoramyponamysfading

D-F: donnermaysileeechosfading, everlawd, ffinicksfiniquefinnickswandfoxfaced

G-I: ginnyweasleygryffendorhalowaysalex, hermionesitsfinnick

J-L: jacesassjesicaday, katnipskatnissnightmareskatnup, llittleduck loganlermaneslucifersfall

M-O: mehlurkmynightmaresareaboutlosingyouneverskiesnicehaircleverodaenerys, odairbearolliverwood

P: parabataipeetacolada, periculums, phoenixordering, piratepond-, potterandholmes, professorlupin

R & S: raggedymansrebekahmikalson, robin-scherbatsky, robinblake, ron-weasley, someonewhistles, summcohen, the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick.

I know I’ve forgotten loads of people so I’m sorry if I have forgotten you! If you’re not bolded, it’s not that I don’t count you as a friend, these are just the people I have spoken loads to!

I finally made my Holidays Follow Forever! 

First of all, i want to wish you all Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas. And now here’s a list of some of my favourite people and blogs.

abc: agrovera,alayas, amypon, bottomofmyocean, canndice, cateverdeens

def: dianna-agrons, diannaliseagron

ghi: gordon-levitted,grimesessed, harmons, hoechlinstyler, hollanderoden, imaginenewplaces

jkl: lecresta, lestreep, loupsgarou

mno: martinhab, meowchele, midnightsorrow, misgiving, monteithchele, mpriestlys, morrischele, neilpatricksharris, ninalooches, odairer, o-dair

pqr: peetaismybitch,plausibledeniability-, pondswaiting, reallydearie, rose-mtylers

stuv: thefoggylight,thisraginglight, ticktocknightlocked, viciousea

wxyz: xanis, yellowlemon


The year is almost at its end and I need to acknowledge all the people that made this year on Tumblr a great experience for me. I know I don’t talk with nearly any of you, but you are all awesome and great people and inspiring and perfect in every way! I love you all and thank you for existing! Merry Christmas :)


amyponaragogaragoorn; arthurpendragonsawhoresliesazrielsbadaliencoffeeandcheesecakecolinmorgaycompanionscumberchameleon















amypon replied to your post: creys merlin this week mordred x arthur x merlin…


and then merlin and arthur talking in the forest before arthur had to make a decision and just colin and his acting blows me away. but i was totally waiting for him to say he has magic and just a;sldkfja ughh


YO! before the year ends (only six hours to go, I’m taking seriously the procrastination thing) I wanted to thank each one of you for making 2013 a more bearable year, for being so kind and amazing. I’m really grateful for all the moments you gave me, guys :’)

So yeah, here is my list of people that you should be following. What you call f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. I’m always afraid of leaving someone behind, but I tried my best. Anyways, don’t forget to check the blogroll because DAMN so much quality. GO FOLLOW ♥ ♥ ♥

A • acciothehungergames • amypon  andlionheart • aryastarks • astridsellisons • B • bijouxdelame • bonibennett • breadmocking • bunchofwerewolves • C • captainduckling • chacecrawfords • cheekyhook • chocolatesunbeam • D • dragonkhaleesi • E • elijahmikaelsins • everlark • F • ffinickodair • fightingsomany • G • gdimiyoung • guixhai • H • h-e-r-m-i • herondales • houltey • I • ichabondcrane • intostarlight • iratze • J • jakegillenhaal • K • kaidanlenko • katerinapetrova • kazandmatt • L • ladytauriel • laurensbacall • lightwood- • M • miasikowska • missloislane • mockingfire • mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou • N • noaahczerny • noblefighter • northfalls • nymeriaas • O • odairingyou • ohaldir • ohtonks • P • pdfoots • Q • queencersei • querency • R • rlupin • rorygilmors • S • sansawillkillyou • shailneswood • sidneisage • somosinevitables • starkandbark • stilinsnki • swancharming • syddrian • T • taonim • thatbluebox • tomhiddlstn • U V • veronicaecholls • W • warrioreverdeen • whiskyeyesandcurlyfries • willherondale • willliamherondale • X • xanis • Y Z • zutaras # • 11thdoctors • + blogroll

happy holidays!! tumblr lost all of my work so please accept my crappy picture and late follow forever as a token of my love! please dont be mad if youre not on here i follow 270 blogs and i had to redo this a lot.

note: i apologize wrong urls because i know people have changed since holidays are over 

bolded = i really like your blog

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hey buddies!! yea um i do this every christmas so yea you have a rad blog and i love you like a lot even if we never talked !! stay cool & merry chrimbo (even if you dont celebrate it)

(in blogroll order)

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