Emails sent to the schools

This is the email Ria and I have sent to the schools regarding our piece and possibly leading some workshops. What does everyone think? What would you change? 

For the ones who mentioned lack of budget we sent this one but for the rest of the schools we did not mention it would be free of charge in case we would be able to organize some sort of payment rather than offering for free instantly. 


My name is Amy Monks and I am writing on behalf of StageJam Touring Company. As a touring theatre company we are interested in performing to your Key Stage 2 students to educate them the ethos of morality and equality as well as concepts that they might often overlook.  We would like to know if you would be open to the possibility of having a group like us to come to your school and perform about relevant subject matters to your students. So in terms of what your Key Stage 2 students are learning, would it be beneficial for a group like us to devote some time to your students to demonstrate some valuable life skills through the means of entertainment? We are offering this free of charge. Also, if you were to have us in, when would be the most convenient time for you? If you have any questions for us please do not hesitate to contact us either via this email address or on our company mobile number: 07960304519.  Thank you for your time  Kind regards  StageJam Touring Company

This is the first draft of the budget, which shows the amount of money we need to fund our piece under where it says TOTAL COST, and above where it says Total Minus Contingency for if we sold a certain amount of tickets, and even if we sold all the tickets we would be at a loss (see PROFIT/LOSS). 

What do you guys think we could do to spend less money on props, costume, etc? For example we know we can get student techies for free who don’t require payment, and we are getting a PA system for free from Claire. Are there any other areas we could save in? Comment below with suggestions! :) 

Nobody's interested! D:

So Ria and I got together this database and emailed all of the schools the email we showed up, but we got hardly any replies. We called the schools up and asked if they had received the email, and whether they would be interested in us coming into their schools to put on a fun, interactive piece promoting equality and diversity, and the possibility of leading a workshop as well. Some of the responses were ‘we’ll get back to you’, 'send us a website and we’ll get back to you’ and we waited and did and got nothing back, some of them said they lacked budget so we offered it for free, but still we didn’t get a response. Many of the schools were like thanks but no thanks, if they already had a theatre company who they were comfortable with, if they weren’t interested point blank, or who didn’t have the time. 

What do you think we could change in our approach to generate more interest? Any suggestions and comments, please stick 'em below! :)