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one song |  Call me baby - EXO

two movies │ Inside Out; Shanghai Calling

three shows │ Ouran High School Host Club; Pretty Little Liars; Scream

four people │ My girlfriend ( myprettypercocet ); Dan Howell ( danisnotonfire ); Casey Neistat; Brendon Urie  (from panicatthedisco)

five foods │ Spaghetti; Frozen Yoghurt; Bernaise Sauze; Pizza; Sour Cream & Onion chips

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Words cannot explain how madly in love I am with this boy :3
He makes me smile so much, and is always making me laugh. I feel so safe and confident and comfortable when I’m around him.
I love everything about him, his cute smile, his gorgeous laugh and the way he says some things in his adorable Canadian accent :3 He was made for me and I was made for him.
He is the most amazing person in the world, and he is my everything <3

25 Deep Questions

1. What is more difficult for you, looking into someones eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they are telling you how they feel?
Both are pretty scary. I guess looking into someone’s eyes when they’re telling me how they feel. Cos sometimes, I have no idea what they’re going to say…

2. Think of the last time you were REALLY angry. WHY were you angry? Do you still feel the same way?
I was left alone in the city by my boyfriend. I was really angry because he promised to be there, and I was worried that I’d be alone. I’m not angry now. It’s all in the past.

3. You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You have enough time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call? What do you tell them?
Is it bad that I can’t choose between Zach and my mum?
For both, I’d tell them I love them and thankyou for everything.

4. You are at the doctor’s office and he has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? What do you do with your remaining days? Would you be afraid?
I would tell a handful of close people, purely because I couldn’t do it alone. I’d be absolutely terrified.
I’d do things I’d always wanted to do, but maybe had been too scared to. I’d travel somewhere, I’d spend a whole weekend just making love to my boyfriend, I’d make sure I’d told everyone everything I needed to tell them.

5. You can have one of the following two things. Which do you choose? Why? Love and Trust.
You can’t have love without trust. But I love being in love and being loved.

6. You are walking down the street on your way to work. There is a dog drowning in the canal on the side of the street. Your boss has told you if you are late even once more, you are fired. Do you take the time to save the dogs life? Why or Why not?
I love my job. So much. But, I’d save the dog. I could not see an innocent animal die.

7. Would you rather be hurt by the one you trust the most or the one you love the most?
For me, it’s the same person. It would be horrible.

8. Your best friend confesses that he/she has feelings for you more than just friendship. He/she is falling in love with you. What do you (or did you) do/say?
I don’t know. I’m in a very happy relationship, so I couldn’t ruin that. But I’d hate to hurt my best friend. But I don’t have feelings like that, so I’d tell them the truth.

9. Think of the last person who you know that died. You have the chance to give them 1 hour of life back, but you have to give up one year of yours. Do you do it? Why or Why not?
I really don’t know. I’m not that close to them. But, I would, so they’d have that time with their family and close friends.

10. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?
Yes, because I am trustworthy and loyal. Sure, I fuck up. But I try my best. I think I’d love to be my friend haha.

11. Does love = sex?
Nope. I think physical love is a big thing, because there is nothing like having that physical intimacy with a partner. But it doesn’t make it the same thing.

12. Your boss tells your coworker that they have to let them go because of work shortage, and they are the newest employee. You have been there much longer. Your coworker has a family to support and no other means of income. Do you go to your boss and offer to leave the company? Why or Why not?
No, because it’s not my place, and I can’t imagine that would be the only reason they were the one let go.

13. When was the last time you told someone HONESTLY how you felt regardless of how difficult it was for you to say? Who was it? What did you have to tell the person?
I told my boyfriend something over the weekend. Something that was hurting me.

14. What would be (or what was) harder for you to tell a member of the opposite sex, you love them or that you do not love them back? That you don’t love them back. As much as being hurt is horrible, hurting someone else is worse.

15. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up? Why would it be hard to lose?
My mum. My boyfriend. I love them both equally, and they both mean the world to me.

16. Excluding romantic love, when was the last time you told someone you loved them. Who were they to you?
Mummy :)

17. If there was one moment and one time in the last month what would you change and why?
I would change the way I acted. I was silly and over reacted.

18. Imagine it is a dark night, you are alone, it is raining outside, you hear someone walking around outside your window. WHO do you wish was there with you?
Zach. He’s big and scary haha. And I’d trust him to look after me.

19. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying? Why or Why not?
I was told, when doing my first aid, that you shouldn’t unless you have something to protect yourself. So it depends.

21. You are holding onto your grandmother’s hand and the hand of a newborn that you do not know as they hang over the edge of a cliff. You have to let one go to save the other. Who do you let fall to their death? What was your rationale for making the decision?
My grandmother is already dead :(
I’d hate to let either go.
It’s not a decision I can make.

22. Are you old fashioned?
Yes and no haha.

23. When was the last time you were nice to someone and did NOT expect anything in return for it? Almost always.

24. Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a broken heart, or never loved at all? Why? True love.
I don’t want him to break my heart though.

25. If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
I want to have a family. I want to settle down with my boy and get married and have little austranadians :3
Though, this isn’t for a while… But it’s what I want haha

Casually wearing my boyfriend’s jumper at SFX Sydney on Saturday. I also wore it all day Saturday. I loved wearing it because it made me think of him :3 He is absolutely amazing.

Right now, I’m wearing an Amity shirt of his that he’s given me to wear and it smells like him and it reminds me of him and it’s just such a comfort :3 I’m so sappy… >.<

I love you Zachary :)