My 2015 Top 15 Films (Updated)*
  1. Tangerine
  2. Room
  3. Ex Machina 
  4. Amy
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road
  6. Inside Out 
  7. Dope
  8. Straight Outta Compton 
  9. The Danish Girl
  10. 45 Years
  11. The Martian
  12. Carol
  13. The End of the Tour 
  14. Anomalisa
  15. Mistress America 

Now that I’ve seen almost everything, I’ve revised and expanded the list to include my top 15 films of the year :) 

I still need to see: The Hateful Eight, Son of Saul, Beasts of No Nation, The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Let me know if there’s anything else I should see that isn’t listed here!

*The list always moves around a bit over time because in the end I judge movies by how long they stay with me / affect me, so even though I might really enjoy a movie while watching it (i.e. The Martian or The End of the Tour), if it doesn’t stay with me / haunt me / inspire me like certain films (i.e. Tangerine or Room), it’ll move down the list eventually.
Amy Made

My lovely girlfriend / domestic partner / partner-in-crime / fiancé / personal chef, Amy, started a new blog to document her near-daily kitchen experiments: Amy Made. For those of you familiar with Amy’s cooking and the studio-famous “Amy Made” brand (looking at you, SVA), do enjoy her photos, recipes, and descriptions. For those unfamiliar, Amy makes delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals in our ridiculously small New York kitchen.