Adam sat in the Gryffindor Tower, staring into the fire, trying not to think of the exams he had to take in the oncoming week or so. Thankfully this late at night, the common room was rather empty, most of the students either asleep or doing who knows what else around the grounds. He pulled apart a roll he had stolen from the Great Hall earlier and ate it, because frankly, there was nothing better to do. He had books on his bed that he should be reading, but going and getting them wasn’t going to happen, and Adam didn’t like using magic for little things like that. Instead, he sat on the couch, too bored to get up and go to bed, and too bored to do anything that required effort. 

Darkness Falls

It was really a kindness, Madame’s first strike. It was a weak attempt to satisfy the young Slytherin, Jim’s, needs for a game. He had some of the same interests as her. Moriarty had been also hired to make Amelia Pond’s life living hell by another party. The Gryffinor was close to River, and that’s all she needed to know to contribute to this organized chaos.

It was a really simple imprinatation she put on the magical bomb. In the first phase, it would explode around the unaware party. It would trap the victim in a bubble. The bubble would go dark and induce a state of self-loathing, fear, hatred, anger and they would physically see horrible ideas and watch as their deepest fears played out in front of them. But it was simple in the way that all one had to do was step out and they would be free from that aspect. When the unfortunate person was outside of it, it would combust in itself, cause an actual physical boom. After it was all over there would be a reminder, on their wrists, a dark swirl. 

Madame Kovarian watched from the Astronomy Tower. Jim had been watching the young girl and sent her an owl to look over at the lake. She was with a…friend. James, sixth year, Ravenclaw. He would set it off any moment now. Kovarian smiled a cheshire grin and watched as darkness surrounded Amelia Pond and her little friend. Then walked away.

firecrackerpond asked:

Dean! I see that you're back. Anyways, your brother and my favorite Ravenclaw 4th year seem to You've given Sam "the talk" right...I don't know if they've gotten past our sexy hand holding stage but it's good to be prepared.-Amy

Yeah so I heard. Sammy knows everything he needs to, don’t worry.

Good to hear from you by the way.