Amy Lee "Look A-likes"

I just read a post conversation type thing (still not so good with the terminology on this site) involving Kristiana or amyleefreak99 or however you know her. Basically this post involved someone hating on Kris for being an Amy Lee look alike and said that these “type” of people annoy the hell out of them. Well guess what, suckwad? you annoy the hell out of ME. So, white girls with black hair and blue eyes (a VERY common combination for your information…) are Amy Lee look a-likes? hm. ok. So a girl who has long hair, pale skin and light eyes can’t dye her hair black without being labeled this. It’s just so funny to me how silly this statement is. Let me break it down for you: 1) Amy Lee’s physical traits apply to other people as well, therefore you cannot say that someone with these traits is trying to look like her 2) Amy has her own style, yes. But that style is also part of rock and goth culture and has been around and developing for a long time before her 3) Have you ever seen any goth girl EVER? HMMM a stylistic trend of pale chicks with long black hair who dress in black clothes etc. How observant of you. Not saying that all goth girls look or dress the same <3 I definitely do NOT fit in that category but I just wanted to point out how silly this name calling is. Do I need to go any further? Seriously. Also, people can be inspired by each other and that’s not a bad thing. For example, I think Skye Sweetnam is fucking awesome and so when I see her rocking a fashion statement I’m like “Shit. That’s fucking awesome. I like that.” And maybe I try it myself. That doesn’t mean I am trying to be her or copy her or something. HAH ohh this post makes me laugh. omg i look like skye!

omg I TOTALLY copy her :O

…maybe if I was white this sarcasm would fit better.