How could I resist requests! 

The bra gifs though, I really had to look for one that was feminine. Okay two with the bra, one do not feed, one heart, Scope meets Mameshiba (and reacts like the people in the shorts), Scope meets a Scalemate and thinks it’s brilliant, Scope shows pictures of the Moon, his favourite part of the sky. The one after that was just because I found out that when I moved my eyebrows, the goggles moved, too, I just thought it was really funny. And the little robot is actually a tee egg, but I find it lovely.

Sorry about the light, it’s really dark here.

amygotroseflavour  asked:

there is that little fellow, whose father dies when he was young. before that the little guy was like I wanna be that what my father is! but then he didn't after that. He ran away from home and tried to kill himself but two hippie dudes find him, safe his life and make him a vegetarian. The guy lives with those two hippies till his cousin finds him. The guy and his cousin make out and get back home, where his uncle has been a bitch to everyone. he kills his uncle and does the job of his father.



I promised Krissi and Lisa to draw their and my medic oc’s together and I finally tried to do exactly that. 

Lisa’s Medic is on the left, a really friendly guy mostly focusing on healing all his teammates and popping Ubers in the right moment.

Mine is in the middle, he favours the syringe gun as weapon and healing instrument and switches to the Quick Fix if the situation is troubling. He also tests all his new syringe fillings on himself which may or may not have an influence on his own health.

Krissi’s Medic is on the right. He had an accident when he was younger disfiguring half of his face. He is pretty cold and angry most of the time, but he has moments where he shows that he does have a heart. He favours his bonesaw in battle and scares the shit out of his enemies and teammates.

They might be on different teams but they keep running into each other on medical conferences and since my Medic is a little shit he keeps dragging their “enemy” with them if they go out.