Countdown to the Holidays: Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes
As we rev up to chow down for the holidays, Hungry Nation will highlight some of our favorite seasonal recipes from our creators.
Though no one knows for sure if the pilgrims actually baked one for the inaugural meal, we can all agree that it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. But today, we answer the eternal question: why eat a pie, when you can drink it?
Thank(sgiving)fully, we have Amy Cao and her Stupidly Simple Snacks to answer that question. Whether you’re averse to baking or crunched for time, Amy’s Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Shake recipe is a perfectly sweet solution. All you need is milk, ice cream, canned pumpkin pie filling, sugar, some spice and you’ll have a cold drink that’s oh-so-nice. All the flavors, with a fraction of the labor.
We can’t help but wonder if other pies would work for this Stupidly Simple Snack. We’re thinking baked apples, nutmeg and graham crackers might make a delicious alternative “Pie Shake.” Pecan Pie might be a trickier seasonal standard to adapt, but we’re open to suggestions. So go ahead, tell us: Which pies do you think would make a great milkshake?
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Start your Monday off right with five gob-smacking websites from Stupidly Simple Snack’s Amy Cao. When it comes to food, the Internet is chock-full of culinary sites. But we find it can be overwhelming to sort through the good, the bad and the half-baked foodie content out there. Googling food websites will return so many search results your glycemic index might skyrocket through the roof and straight on to the moon. And if the moon is in fact made of cheese, well you’re in trouble. So let Cao keep your feet firmly planted on the ground with her expert recommendations.

When you aren’t checking out the Hungry Nation network, naturally, take a gander at Amy’s fresh five to get your food fix. Just as we wouldn’t let fresh food spoil, so we promise not to spoil her fresh five. But here’s a nice whiff of where to get the full meal. And by whiff, we mean link love and by meal, we mean food website. We’d also work on our metaphors, if we weren’t so darn distracted by this week’s Fresh Five.

Foodspotting – not just restaurants, but dish recommendations!

ParlaFood – a food and travel blog based out of Italy, ‘nuff said.

LondonEater – more than just foodporn, but also great foodporn.

Midtown Lunch – never spend your lunch hour eating jalapeno poppers alone at TGIFriday’s again!

Eataku – a talent scout for Marvel Comics, shares his passion for food scouting. 

Check out more of Amy at


Say Hello to Stupidly Simple Snacks

Hey there, soldier. Judging by your tired eyes and the pen ink all over your white shirt, we can tell it’s been a long week. Hasn’t it? I bet a delicious snack would pick you right up! Say, perhaps some Banana Pudding or Holiday Reverse S’mores or Caramel Apples or even some savory Hummus. Okay, you’re licking your lips and nodding, that’s a good sign. Now what if we told you all you have to do to get these yummy treats… is make them yourself? Wait, no no no, come back. Please stop crying. It’s going to be so easy, trust us. We promise it will be easy, nay, stupidly simple! There, there. There, there. It’s almost the weekend.

Meet Hungry Nation’s Amy Cao. Her snack recipes are so stupidly simple that they’re downright smart. Whether a whiz in the kitchen or just a food spectator, anyone can appreciate her user-friendly instructions. In fact, Stupidly Simple Snacks can turn the fact that you “can’t cook” into one of your best-kept secrets. The joke’s on them, but the treats will be all you.  

Cozy up to Amy as she makes an Italian fave of cantelope with prosciutto in the above video. And if you’re curious about the deviled egg recipe she mentions as an all-time favorite – and let’s not kid ourselves here, you definitely are – well, you can check it out right here. When it comes to Stupidly Simply Snacks, we can’t help but make things easy for you.

Speaking of eggs, you can check out her latest egg-cellent (sorry) recipe on her channel, which you may as well subscribe to while you’re there. It’s so, you guessed it, simple!

Stay strong, Hungry Nation, your boss can’t hurt you on Saturdays.  


Want to make your house smell like home? In this week’s episode of Stupidly Simple Snacks, Amy Cao teaches you how pull off the trick that the realtors use, and create a delicious cookie in the process. Intrigued? Click the video to learn more! 

And if you’re hungry for more Stupidly Simple Snacks, check out her channel!

A Holiday Twist on a Campfire Classic
Campfires aren’t just for summer nights anymore. We think this chilly December weather makes curling up by a fire sound pretty darn nice right now. And what better way to enjoy a winter evening warm inside than a staple of the great outdoors? We’re talking about s’mores, of course! It might seem off-season for this fireside sweet-treat, but maybe that’s why Amy Blogs Chow and her guest Mari Tuttle, of Mari’s New York, give it the reverse treatment. And, you don’t need kindling, wood or even wide open space to make it!
Instead, all you need is marshmallows, your chocolate of choice, graham crackers and a stovetop to whip up a batch of reverse s’mores. But wait, there’s more! For those of you scrambling to throw together your holiday party this year, Amy and Mari have a yuletide version of their stupidly simple snack. Swap out the crushed graham crackers, for crushed peppermint candy pieces and voila, you have a holiday hors d'oeuvres that will disappear faster than the spiked eggnog.

The holidays should be about enjoying food, not stressing about how to make it. Make sure to check back with the Hungry Nation blog for more ways to cook for the holidays!