New Recruits

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Summary: Set in Season 5 of Arrow. The old team has gone their separate ways except for Felicity. She knows that Oliver needs help in keeping Star City safe, the only problem is Oliver. Will a new recruit help Oliver begin to heal or will Oliver’s stubbornness sabotage his efforts to save his city.

Pairing/Characters: Oliver Queen x Reader, Felicity Smoak, Curtis Holt

Word Count: 1246

Warnings: some bad language, violence

Author: Amy

A/N: This is my first Arrow one shot, if enough people are interested, I would love to do another part! Please be gentle :)

Felicity studied the information on the screens in front of her, out of all the ‘vigilantes’ that had popped up in Star City over the last year, the two displayed showed the most promise. Y/F/N Y/L/N, life long resident of The Glades, a girl whose mother worked two jobs to keep her kids fed and a roof over their heads after the father had been killed in a robbery gone wrong. Y/N had excelled in school, getting into med school with a scholarship.  She dropped out when she discovered her family had died in the quake, returning to her roots. Felicity shook her head sadly, instead of lashing out against the Queen family though, she took to the streets to defend those weaker than the thugs who tried to take over.

“Curtis, what do you think you are doing?” Felicity chuckled at the sight of her former R & D developer attempting the salmon ladder that Oliver set up for training.

“This can’t be that hard, I’m an engineer, a bio-chemist and not to brag but I’m a genius,” Curtis replied. He placed the metal bar on one of the rungs above his head. He gripped the bar tightly, swinging his body once, twice, then suddenly he jerked the bar up bending his elbows he reached with the bar to place it on the next rung up. He swayed there for a second, before he attempted to go higher, missing the next set and landing on his back on the concrete floor.

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Had Enough

Request: Anonymous. Hey could y'all write something based on the song Face Down with dean? If you don’t like writing about that kind of stuff, it’s okay. :) thanks either way!

Pairing: Dean Winchester/Reader

Word Count: 1481

Warning: Mentions of mental abuse and physical abuse, language

Author: Brit and Amy

A/N: I want to apologize for how long this took, I was having a hard time with it, and Brit-Chuck love her, she helped with this! 

Growing up, it had always been you and Dean Winchester. He was your best friend when you were kids, and as you got older it turned to something more at least on your part. There was no way that he would ever see you in that way. Watching him pick women up in bars had always been hard, so when you met Sean one night it seemed like your prayers were answered.

At first he was everything you wanted in a man- good looking, funny, attentive, made you feel like you were the only one in his world. That feeling didn’t last long, never does with guys like Sean. While everyone else saw the great guy, the one everyone wanted to hang out with, there was another side that didn’t come out unless you were alone together or he thought no one else might hear him.

The first time it was harsh words- “Stupid bitch” being muttered when you didn’t get beer quick enough for everyone. Dean heard it, though. One of the perks of being a hunter was excellent hearing. Sean was quick enough to laugh it off though, “Just messing around baby, c’mere,” he flashed Dean an innocent smile. Dean forced one back, the words stuck in his mind.

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