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How to respond to people that say we're meant to eat meat and that is the way we have evolved?

The neanderthal were better adapted for a diet higher in protein, but not much, homo sapiens are starchivores, that is what we are!  Its simply a lack of a quality education that you have to deal with people who don’t understand this difference.  

There is a limit, considered to be 35–40%, to the amount of energy requirements humans can derive from proteins; above this ceiling protein toxicity can occur, which can cause death quite rapidly (Speth 2010).  = not a carnivore

Modern humans require a reliable source of glycemic carbohydrate to support the normal functioning of our brain, kidney medulla, red blood cells, and reproductive tissues. The brain alone accounts for 20–25% of adult basal metabolic expenditure (Fonseca-Azevedo and Herculano-Houzel 2012). In addition to the demands of the brain, red blood cells require approximately 20 g glucose per day directly from the bloodstream (Mulquiney et al. 1999). 

Read this entire paper on carbohydrate and human evolution

You have taken on a colossal job of trying to reeducate someone in a single conversation.  

Glucose is the main energy source for fetal growth, and low glucose availability can compromise fetal survival (Herrera 2000; Baumann et al. 2002). During pregnancy a woman has a minimal requirement for 70 –130 g/day of preformed glucose or glucose equivalents to maintain optimum cognitive function in the mother and to nourish the fetus.

At peak lactation, mammary glands require an additional 70 g glucose/day for synthesis of lactose, the main sugar in milk (Institute of Medicine 2006).

The rapid growth in hominin brain size during the Middle Pleistocene will have required an increased supply of preformed glucose. Such increased demands can be met through a range of biologically and culturally driven dietary adaptations. Noting that there is considerable overlap in date estimates for the origins of controlled fire use and the origins of AMY1 CNV, we hypothesize a gene-culture coadaptation scenario whereby cooking starch-rich plant foods coevolved with increased salivary amylase activity in the human lineage. Without cooking, the consumption of starch-rich plant foods is unlikely to have met the high demands for preformed glucose noted in modern humans.

So people who don’t get this and think they are Neanderthal…  well maybe they are, they are surely headed for extinction!  

We cooked starch therefore we became large brained world dominators.  Those trying to restrict glucose are going to be small brained.

You can go into all the anatomical differences, but anyone arguing is probably not intelligent enough to grasp that they aren’t cats on their own, your help will not convince them.  Maybe dare them to eat a can of cat food every day for a week to prove that they are carnivorous and you will eat a bowl of oatmeal to prove you are not.