April 2000: A fun night at Shop Rite?

Under the right circumstances, that can be a great place to be. I had Steve telling me all of his problems with Amy #1. I like hearing and helping people with things, so when we talked and tried to get a perspective on it, the time went quickly.

It’s a sticky situation. It’s pretty funny, because what she’s doing with him, is exactly the same thing as I’m doing to her. Trying to remain friendly without getting too involved with her. Also, dropping those “subtle” hints like “I can’t dance” and “can we listen to music in the car?” that’s just wrong.

And they’re going to the prom tomorrow.

That’s another thing. The prom. It’s gonna be all weird for me, since I have NO ONE interested in me romantically (aside from possibly Amy #2) and this is just a reminder of that. But whatever. I’ll go into Shop Rite around 6’ish and see if Amy #2 is working. If she is, then I’ll see if she wants to go hang out or go to a movie or something when she gets off (so to speak, heh).

But, anyway, I’m gonna have big trouble trying to get up tomorrow so I’ll just stop writing now.