It is not that Combeferre was not capable of fighting, he did not refuse a hand-to-hand combat with the obstacle, and to attack it by main force and explosively; but it suited him better to bring the human race into accord with its destiny gradually, by means of education, the inculcation of axioms, the promulgation of positive laws; and, between two lights, his preference was rather for illumination than for conflagration.

“I’m sorry but I want to thank you all again. I would like to say that the results was due to me not being out there much. I would like to exert myself more. Takamina-san’s words still ring true today, this moment is bad only at this time ✨ it’s useless to dwell. If I do not do my best, I will not be able to achieve my dreams. There is no choice but to work hard 💪”

Lemme go down the list, first impression wise.

  • Ami futami long lost twin
  • Blondey is cute
  • Kotori, she is the only one I know. I like her hair.
  • Chihaya from idolm@ster, nice to see she gets more work.
  • Orange…I don’t have much to say about you. You look like an orange too.
  • Rena from Higurashi
  • Pigtails, she looks like she’d be sweet and innocent but has a closet full of weapons and skeletons.
  • Boring. 
  • Nico nico douga