If you didn’t hate Amy Schumer before this, maybe this will make you rethink a little.
Snatched was filmed in my little country, Ecuador (South America). Not many people care or even know about us but we are known for our beautiful Galápagos Islands and beaches, and mountains. Amy Schumer made a movie about HER being kidnapped in one of our cities. This, as you may understand, gives ECUADOR a bad rep. WE LIVE OFF TOURISM. Miss Schumer is already a bad person, and this makes me dislike her more. Please don’t watch this movie. And please come to Ecuador, it’s a beautiful country UPDATE! Pls help me with my fundraiser… THANK U .

Amy Schumer tried to pull the gender pay gap card when she found out she wasn’t getting paid as much as comedians like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Both Dave and Chris got paid $20 million for their routines while she got paid 11 million for her leather special.

considering how unfunny she is and how much of a festering pile of garbage that special was, she’s lucky she got paid that much at all lmao