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Eminem and Amy Schumer are two very different kinds of problematic. Also, when did Amy every say she was putting on a persona? Amy although she has fucked up, has never been loud and violent with her bigotry like eminem. She has not made a fortune off the glorification of abuse. Eminem is hated because the things he raps about are downright abhorrent and disgusting. Amy Schumer is white feminism in action, but is in no way comparable to Eminem in terms of them both "playing a character".

Yes that is also a very important point, thank you anon!

What’s the Point? On “Trainwreck” Starring Amy Schumer

When I first saw the trailers for Trainwreck, I assumed I wouldn’t like it. It looked like a film about a woman who achieves empowerment by having sex indiscriminately and frequently with all different sorts of men, and I had  things I wanted to say about myself in relation to that. I wanted to say something about how progress for women didn’t look a 19-year-old lacrosse player with a gigantic penis at a fraternity party wearing an Amy Schumer mask, but rather like a woman iMessaging her friends from a perfectly made bed while her husband sleeps happily on the couch in the living room. I wanted to use the film as a vehicle to applaud my own situation.

I went to go see Trainwreck anyway because I figured I’d have something to say about it, and honestly, time is literally strangling me these days, and I will do anything to make it pass quicker. I was happy I did. Trainwreck was not really at all what I expected. I am having an inordinately difficult time writing this morning, please forgive how bad this post will be.

The best way to begin, I suppose, is to say what the film is about. It’s about Amy, a single woman living in a studio apartment on a shitty corner in Chinatown. She works at a magazine that seems to be modeled on Us Weekly, GQ and New York all at once. Her boss is a made-up and terrifying Tilda Swinton. Every night, or a lot of nights, Amy goes out and gets drunk. She finds a man, brings him home, pushes his face down towards her labial folds, and then pretends to go to sleep so that she doesn’t have to return any favors. A woman acting like a man in reaction to the way that men have treated women for as long a time as they didn’t have to rape them to get them to perform intercourse freely! It’s us being you!

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‘Trainwreck’ stars react to Louisiana theater shooting

LAFAYETTE, La. (MEDIA GENERAL) – The star of “Trainwreck,” Amy Schumer and one of her fellow actors, Dave Attell, took to Twitter to express their condolences after a man shot and killed two people and injured several others Thursday night in Lafayette, Louisiana. The movie-goers were seeing “Trainwreck” when the shooting started.

My heart is broken and all my thoughts and prayers are with…

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Trainwreck on Tumblr: And the real Trainwreck is…

In the last month on Tumblr, a community of 219.7k users made nearly 6.7k posts around the new Amy Schumer and Bill Hader comedy Trainwreck, earning 821k notes. That’s almost 123 notes per post, an engagement level similar to the enthusiasm Tumblr has for fall

Based on this Trainwreck of a story from Hader himself- it’s the top gifset in the conversation- we can see why.