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alllly can you tell us about your travel to america last year? what places did you go to, how did you get there etc?? what was your favourites? thank you!!

Sure!! I’m going to highlight the names of places so it’s easier to read.

So I was with family in Mexico, San Fran, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Yosemite, with friends in Long Island, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, San Diego and Los Angeles. New York was spent with both family and friends :) :)

I flew into LAX with my family, spent a couple of days in Cabo, flew back, picked up a motorhome and drove to San Fran. We stayed there for two days, I basically lived off Trader Joe’s salads and Clif bars, explored the Bay area, wanted to see the bridge but it was WAY too foggy. Love Haight Ashbury and all the hippie stores, somehow tragically didn’t make it to the Full House or That’s So Raven houses.

We drove to McWay falls at Big Sur and then on to Yosemite, where we stayed in the van for a few nights. Lots of small hikes (many injuries among us), enjoying the wildlife (beautiful deer, lots of squirrels, sadly no bears), took the tour up to Glacier Point which is probably my favourite place in this entire world.

From there, we flew directly to New York, where I divided my time (albiet, not very evenly) partly with my family and mostly with friends. I had a couple of meet-ups, I explored with my friend Ashley most days, we went to an improv show at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade (Amy Poehler yo) and got to meet Abbi and Ilana from Broad City. During that week we also bumped into Perez Hilton, a guy from the Avengers and some other actor I can’t remember the name of. I got to see my beautiful friend Roma who moved to New York last year, walked until my feet hurt, did the Brooklyn Bridge and explored a little of Dumbo. I saw Matilda (just okay, great production value though and very talented kids), The Book Of Mormon (amazing, hilarious, one of the best shows ever) and Hedwig and the Angry Inch (not my style but again great production), met Darren Criss, shopped at Forever 21 at like 2am, wandered SoHo, ate lots of So Delicious Snickerdoodle ice cream and Whole Foods salads (#balance), had many picnics in Central Park, ventured to the Top of the Rock, had breakfast dates with a few fellow bloggers (The Butcher’s Daughter was awesome) and danced on rooftops. New York is always great.

From there, I walked about ten blocks with my suitcase to Penn Station, got on a train to Babylon and met up with my beautiful friend Jen in Long Island. We drank banana smoothies at her house, pet her dogs and got on the road driving for our adventure. We stayed the night at our friend Casey’s house in Maryland, read books on veganism, talked about life, then drove on again and stayed the next night at an airnbnb in South Carolina (it kills me that I didn’t explore North Carolina but I hadn’t fallen in love with One Tree Hill yet). Then, we drove to Florida!! We booked into a very cheap little Motel 6 (I think it was maybe $30 a night). We spent 2 days exploring natural springs, going on walks, swimming in crystal clear water, manatee hunting, playing Jen’s uke, filming videos, and one day at the two Harry Potter theme parks (!!!!). This was one of the best weeks of my life. We actually ate raw vegan for about 8 days, just getting fruit from supermarkets, making huge salads, snacking on grapes and dates - it was such a cheap way to fuel ourselves! During this time I also learned whilst singing along to my iPod that Jen thought the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence” was “Dear Brutus”. This was great.

After leaving Jen at the Orlando airport (and tearing up a lot on the plane), I flew to Denver to meet my family. We got another campervan and explored Boulder, Breckenridge and Telluride - where we spent the 4th of July and experienced the most magical fireworks I’ve ever seen. I think it was in Cortez that the real manifestation miracle happened (if you saw my snapchat story you’ll remember this!!) and then we drove onto Bluff in Utah just passing through, visited Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, sadly didn’t go the extra hour to see the Grand Canyon again (#ragrets). From there our plans changed slightly due someone’s pain and I can’t quite remember what we did for a few days, but we went to a Rockies game in Denver which was awesome because I love the baseball scene, and then I flew to San Diego and met up with my friend Loz for a Hunter Hayes concert. Our times got muddled up, we had catastrophes with public transport, hitch-hiked to the concert with a guy who was on his drug route (actually a really nice guy though) and caught the last half of his set.

The next day, a lovely girl who was attending my meetup in Malibu drove us there (and made us awesome green smoothies for the ride!). We met my friend Sjana at the hotel I was staying at with her, then all drove to Malibu where I met up with my friends Karena and Isabella. That day we met some of the COOLEST girls, it was the most diverse bunch that I’ve ever had at a meetup and I just loved talking to each person. At the end, we gave out giant sunflowers to people in the park nearby, and the 3 girls and I went back to the hotel. I think we did Cafe Gratitude for dinner which was INCREDIBLE and so my style. We all ended up sleeping together at Sjana’s hotel that night in one bed, in the coolest moroccan style room. All I remember from this time is that everyone was naked a lot, we danced to weird music, took photos on the balcony and laughed at weird paintings. The next day we (along with Karena’s friends Lindsay and Dasha) went to the Rosebowl market where we each picked up a pair of $10 overalls (they have HUNDREDS and I’m spewing that I didn’t buy more), along with a few groovy other pieces. We went to a cafe called Live Beaming for lunch, explored the Third Street Promenade and walked on the Santa Monica Pier as the sun set. Karena and I made a big salad for dinner back at Bella’s house, hung out with the boys and made plans for the next day. I spoke to Lexie on the phone, roped her into joining us and we finally got to sleep. At 4am, we got up and met the boys again, this time for a sunrise hike in Malibu Canyon. Lexie and her international friend got an uber to meet us at the bottom, we all squeezed into two cars, ate granola and arrived at the top. Walking that mountain as the day started is one of my favourite memories of ALL TIME. If you’re ever in the LA area I cannot recommend it enough. We climbed up to the top of a cliff face, the boys took those shirtless/naked photos for us, we sat and enjoyed the view, then made it to Jim Morrison’s cave (the pink cave!). After all of this we went to Karena’ work Sunlife Organics for smoothie bowls, Lexie, her friend and I tried to get a bus back into the city but had no luck and ended up hitch hiking with a guy down to this cool little beach, then with another guy into town. We went to Trader Joe’s for snacks, Starbucks so Lex could upload a video, then hung out back at her apartment with Claudia and Drew for a few hours. Eventually, it was time for me to get an Uber and go to the airport!! I met up with my family at LAX, changed my flight to stay a week as I’d been talking with friends about staying longer, then freaked out that it couldn’t work, changed it again and flew home haha!!

Colorado, New York and California are definitely my favourites and top tips!