my roommate’s playing mass effect for the first time

and when we came into dock at the citadel she said “IS THAT A CEILING FAN??”

and I just started laughing

and she pointed at the presidum in the middle and said “LOOK IT EVEN HAS A PLUG!”

having to redo this boss battle 500 times would be a lot less annoying if i could skIP THE FUCKING DIALOGUE WHY

like this game is good and i’m enjoying it but wow there are lots of things that i hope they changed for the others

also wtf is this boss fight anyways i was fine two seconds ago and all of a sudden she’s super hard??? how it that fair???

Massively Effective

Ok, so I started my playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy starting from ME1 the other week and I finished ME2 and started ME3 last night.

I’ve played 2 before but not imported from 1 with Wrex alive and Thane as my romantic option. Major feels going on. Felt like it was a good idea to transition right into 3.

FEELS. I literally spent half the opening sequence with my mouth open like a cathartic doofus. I ended last night with visiting Ashley in the hospital.

I cry and have more feels for video games than movies if that says anything about the compelling narrative power of video games, their power for immersion, ability for suspension of disbelief, and success at achieving catharsis.

I’m both excited and scared. Definitely having that feeling of pressure on my decisions now.