i’m so mad because i went into mass effect thinking i was totally certain i wanted to romance kaidan and kaidan alone and then I ended up thinking I was torn between Kaidan and Garrus

and now I’m totally stuck between Kaidan and Liara and only probably less than halfway through the first game

what the fuc k what the fuCK

who do I romance?????


if you needed another reason to love BioWare, here’s one.

Some BioWare employees from the studio in Montréal helped a Mass Effect fan propose to her girlfriend (who is another Mass Effect fan) by creating an entirely new level from Mass Effect that was loaded with subtle references to their relationship.

Jackie contacted Marie-Renée Brisebois, BioWare Montreal’s studio manager, and asked for her assistance. Marie-Renée managed to recruit writer Ann Lemay, lead designer Colin Campbell, and QA analyst Barret Rodych, and together they made the custom level.

To get Jackie’s girlfriend Amy to play the level, Marie-Renée made up a contest called “A Day With Our Devs” and emailed the “winning letter” to Jackie and Amy. The letter invited them to spend a day with BioWare in their Montréal studio. Amy was then invited to play a part of the new “Mass Effect game”, which was actually the custom level. She played, noticing the references to her and Jackie’s relationship but not really tacking onto what was actually happening - and when she finished the level, she was guided into a room where Jackie proposed…and Amy said yes!!

BioWare made a blog post that goes into the proposal in a little more detail, and I’ve included the source link to this post if you’re interested in reading. It’s just really cool that Bioware took the effort to help a couple take the next step in their lives together.

- Julz

also I finally started Mass Effect

not sure why it took me so long

but i’m annoyed bc I can’t post pictures of my Shep because bioware is Dumb and didn’t make it possible to take screencaps an easier way than printscreening

she cute tho rest assured

i’m gonna bang the canadian boy B)

my roommate’s playing mass effect for the first time

and when we came into dock at the citadel she said “IS THAT A CEILING FAN??”

and I just started laughing

and she pointed at the presidum in the middle and said “LOOK IT EVEN HAS A PLUG!”