The future of rock belongs to women.” - Kurt Cobain


Amy Lynn of Geek Crafts took two humble, yet inherently creepy, garden gnomes and transformed them into awesome glam metal gnomes dressed up as KISS members Gene Simmons and Peter Criss. Lynn used Super Sculpey, Testor’s model car paint, sequins and beads to revamp her gnomes. Even the turtle received a little glam eye makeup.

Click here and here for process shots and a detailed description of each heavy metal gnome makeover.

[via Neatorama]


Video Premiere: Amy Lynn & The Gunshow, “Don’t Trip On The Glitter”

The Video: “Don’t Trip On The Glitter”
The Artist: Sassy New York brass band Amy Lynn & The Gunshow
The Album: Don’t Trip On The Glitter, out April 29th.
Songwriter Says: ”We shot the video in one day last November,” Lynn tells us. “We were in the middle of nowhere, in a barn. Our previous video included guests ripping apart a wedding cake and we had so much fun getting messy, we knew we wanted to do something messy in this one. 35 gallons of paint later, the space was transformed from four blank white walls to four panels ready to be displayed at the nearest art gallery. This mess was inspired by Jackson Pollock with a little glitter thrown in as a nod to the title of the song. I wrote the song after a bad relationship ended. He was not ready to be supportive of my career in music and so I had to make sure he didn’t trip on my success as he was leaving.” Zing!


The “First Cap-First Goal Club” has: McCaffrey, Pugh, Williams…

Then there’s the “First Cap-First & Second Goal + First Assist Club” AKA Christen Press’ Club

Society on female rock/metal artists:

Hayley Williams is nothing but hair dye

Maria Brink is a whore/sex metal barbie

Taylor Momsen is satanic and a slut and needs a sandwich

carah Faye’s too inked and so is LIGHTS

Amy Lee’s too fat

Lzzy Hale’s too bitchy

Avril’s a bad girl and is a attention whore

Lynn Gunn and Alexa San Roman should not exist cuz they’re gay

Jenna Mcdougall and Tay Jardine are ugly(?)

Cherri Bomb is pop band because their name sounds poppish

Joan Jett’s too old

Jen Ledger and Korey Cooper weren’t meant to play drums and guitar

Now you ask why girls suicide due to fucking stereotypes and always being lower than men.

This is the reason.

Our society is so fucked up for women.And it’s fucked up for men too.

These women here,who are classified into categories,are Saviors of a million people.People put down razors,put back pills,got a life because of these amazing women.Give them the chances they deserve.

.All girls can rock.