Song of the Day #11

Team Dresch - “Fagetarian and Dyke” (Personal Best, 1995)

I think there’s a certain expectation when a band is so tied up in their identity politics as Team Dresch, that that will always overshadow the music itself. You expect queercore and riot grrrl to be awesome for political reasons more than their songwriting. But on “Fagetarian and Dyke”, their best song, the lyrics barely matter, because they’re backed up by that stonker of a riff, propulsive and invigorating, searing into one of the greatest emo screams ever put to tape, releasing back into headbanging half-time. It’s exemplary catharsis. If emo weren’t such a boys’ club this would be regarded above & beyond “For Want Of”, “Is This Thing On”, “The New Nathan Detroits” and other such classics.

I discovered this song via something Amy Klein wrote; I’ve got a feeling I’m just repeating most of this from her, but I can’t find the source, sorry!

Comedy writer Jessi Klein is best known for her stand-up and her work as head writer of Inside Amy Schumer. Now she has a book of essays called  You’ll Grow Out Of It. She spoke to Terry Gross today about what she calls the “thong industrial complex,” having to pump breast milk at the Emmys, and the competition between pregnant women about natural birth plans: 

“In my contact with other pregnant women or women who had had kids there did feel sometimes like this game of one-upmanship that would be happening around just how holistic and perfect a birth anyone could have. That idea of like, “I’m going to give birth at home.” “Well, I’m going to give birth at home in a giant bowl of lentil soup that has been made from organic lentils that I bought at Whole Foods.” “Well, I’m just going to give birth at Whole Foods.” It just felt like there’s this contest. …

A friend of mine, at one point, really helped me out, because she said, “What are you trying to win?” And there really is nothing to win. … I think this also goes into other aspects of women’s lives too, I think we often feel like we’re in a contest of some kind, and the contest is generally kind of a bummer, and the prize is usually also an illusion and is false.”

‘Schumer’ Writer Jessi Klein On Barbies, Ageism And Pumping At The Emmys