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1. i can say nice things about myself, which is a hard-won skill tbh

2. i am funny 

3. the way i dress

4. im honest about most things that i am aware enough to be honest about 

5. i am good at making food

Bruce meets Rory Headcanon

Sometimes I can just picture Bruce and Rory getting along well together. Sure, Rory, although smart, has no idea about chemistry besides what he learned in high school, but they both have that shy, sweet personality that lacks self-confidence. Yet, they are both fiercely loyal. I just see them drinking tea together at some small café, talking about their work and their red-heads (Natasha and Amy), and slowly bonding and building trust. Eventually, Rory, being the more open one, tells Bruce, not about the Doctor, but about saving the world (and his inability to truly die) after London is under attack. However, Rory gets a glimpse of the Hulk, and Bruce tells him about it. Rory acts all nonchalant and he just casually mentions that he was once made of plastic. Bruce still seems to be depressed so Rory decides to tell him about the Doctor (because all mad-sciencey wiencey wibbley wobbley stuff) and he promises Bruce to one day show him the Tardis. A year after, they meet at the same café, except this time Bruce brings Natasha and Rory brings Amy, and the Ponds show Bruce and Nat the Tardis.