Jake And Amy Play Mommy And Daddy | Season 4 Ep. 16 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

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I just love how much the b99 fandom loves Amy Santiago???? Like usually the fun lovable guy and nerdy rule following girl pairing the fandom obviously favors the guy but no one does that with Amy!!! we all love her and think she's the greatest human being ever invented and that's fabulous

honestly amy santiago is one of the greatest characters to exist in any medium ever bc she is the stereotypical nerd u see in all those 90′s high school movies except she has exactly none of those nerdy stereotypes if that makes any sense

like she shamelessly talks about all her dorky high school clubs and her nationally ranked trivia team (TRIVIA NEWTON JOHN ANYONE REMEMBER) and she probably would consider a night jammin’ on her planner in front of a rousing game of jeopardy on tv to be a Lit Friday Night but like. no one seriously makes fun of her for it. like yeah they poke fun at her a lot but no one ever takes it too far, no one ever makes her feel like she should be ashamed of liking all of those things

and like honestly the fact that jake is so endeared by all of it makes it that much better to see bc like omg he loves her so much and i love her so much and everYONE LOVES HER SO MUCH AMY SANTIAGO DESERVES THE WHOLE WORLD


my own superheroes

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Peraltiago Week

[Day 6: Favourite Quotes]

Hey, I don’t get it. Why did you decide to let me win?

I don’t know. When we were back there racing through the Miranda rights, I just looked over at you and thought, “You’re awesome and you’re good at doing things.” I mean, sure, I’ll miss towel but your happiness is worth way more than winning some stupid bet.