make me choosemontysass asked: series 5 or series 6
“Now, the question of the hour is, “Who’s got the Pandorica?” Answer: I do. Next question: Who’s coming to take it from me? Come on! Look at me! No plan, no back-up, no weapons worth a damn! Oh, and something else, I don’t have anything to lose! So, if you’re sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your silly little guns, and you’ve got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way! Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, and then, do the smart thing: Let somebody else try first.”


They’re talking about me.  I do not like this.  I do not like this at all.  Play it cool.  Play it cool. You do not care.  Problems to solve. Weeping Angels to find….Amy stop gawking at her!… Mysterious River from the future who knows everything about me. Handcuffs and spoilers.  Little Amelia Pond - brand new companion. Fish fingers and custard. Gossiping. About me. Girly stuff. Spoilers. Too many spoilers. Nope. Not good.