Gregg Araki, Eternal Teenager by Charles Bramesco

“Life is lonely, boring and dumb.” —The Doom Generation

“I feel like a gerbil smothered in Richard Gere’s butthole.” —also The Doom Generation

Gregg Araki likes young people. He likes their asymmetrical dyed hair and ripped denim, the tight fabrics that look like placeholders waiting to be ripped off. He likes shoegaze and dream-pop music, Cocteau Twins and Ride and the Smiths. He likes drugs, whether that’s the de-stressing release of a hand-rolled joint, the supercharged kick from a bump of coke, or the rush from the right colored pill. He likes junk food, low-budget grindhouse movies, and joyriding. And he likes sex— all different kinds, with boys and/or girls, with multiple partners, often at once.

Araki clutters his films with signifiers of his many fixations, like a student doodling in the margins of their marble composition notebook or taping up magazine clip-outs to the inside of their locker. It’s all mashed together into one overstuffed barrage of out-there allusions, conspicuously cool stylistic flourishes, and endlessly quotable catchphrases. In the case of Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, and Nowhere—three of the director’s early films that fans have colloquially bound together as the “Teenage Apocalypse trilogy”—those qualities of adolescence and freewheeling messiness are inextricably linked. The soul of Araki’s trilogy, the key to its rowdy pubescent essence, lives in the flaws that make these films as perversely charismatic as they are. To be a teenager is to be a fuck-up, and nobody fucks up more beautifully or entertainingly than Gregg Araki.

His earliest films were highly experimental, blithely erotic projects slapped together for next to nothing, suffused with their director/writer’s passions and fetishes. But even as Araki advanced out of both his twenties and the five-figure budget range, his unapologetic teen spirit polarized audiences. It outright alienated Roger Ebert, who notoriously slapped The Doom Generation with a zero-star rating and called its director “a stylist who can use concepts like iconography and irony to weasel away from his material.” The esteemed critic objected to the constant sarcasm and thick stew of references, and while his charges may very well stick, they’re also integral to the film’s representation of teenager-dom.

Totally Fucked Up is a Handicam-shot chronicle of queer teenage life in fifteen parts, The Doom Generation follows a nasty-tempered ménage à trois on a bloodsoaked spree across the California sprawl, and Nowhere tracks the evolution of a relationship between two polyamorous bisexual teenagers during a secret alien invasion. All three films share the foremost objective of replicating what it feels like to be young, punk, and horny. Rather than merely depicting the radical mood swings and world-is-ending dramatics of the pre-adulthood years, Araki’s films actively perform adolescence.

Nobody could possibly deny that Araki’s trilogy has a whirling chaos to it, but rather than the mark of an undisciplined filmmaker, this constitutes a deliberate aesthetic choice befitting the material. The Doom Generation’s combustible trio on the lam calls to mind the previous year’s Natural Born Killers as well as Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands, and a host of forgotten teensploitation flicks that all gibe with Araki’s arrested-development reference points. What, after all, could be more recognizably teenage than bearing your influences and personal faves for all the world to admire? Nowhere (named after the 1990 EP from shoegaze godfathers Ride) applies that more-is-more-is-more philosophy to its narrative structure, which jumps from character to character whenever the plot threatens to stagnate even for a moment.

His films are terminally chill when they’re not manic, finding quiet interludes (emphasis on ludes) for fake deep philosophizing. “Ever feel like reality is more twisted than dreams?” wonders James Duval as The Doom Generation’s cuckolded Jordan White. Araki’s not affecting the irony that his opponents so frequently accuse him of; while he’s not sincerely asking the question (even he’s not that stoned), he’s sincerely presenting the act of asking it. The director understands what would possess the character to say such a thing, and because he treats the line of dialogue as valid instead of an object for mockery, the overall tone comes off as sneering snark. The closest Araki’s characters get to an undying devotion of love is “I hope we die simultaneously, like in a car wreck or a nuclear bomb blast or something.” Grappling with meaning far beyond one’s sphere of comprehension is also a fundamental component of the teenage experience.

Oh, and the sex. There is, to put it mildly, a lot of doing-it in le cinema de Araki. He’s unabashed about the pleasure he takes in the image of the body, male and female alike (Araki has self-identified as bisexual), though most of his scenes aren’t oriented around mutual pleasure or even romance. There’s a hectic, desperate sting to the furtive rutting that goes on between the main couple of Nowhere, the assorted lovers of Totally Fucked Up, and the central threesome of The Doom Generation. The movements are fast, sloppy, driven by hunger. Araki skirts any unearned romanticization of youth sexuality and exposes a truth often denied by cinema: teenagers are not necessarily better at boning, they just try harder. Jordan and Amy Blue (a standout Rose McGowan) share the following exchange as they lie in postcoital cool-down:

“Don’t you think sex is, like, totally strange? Just the whole idea of it: all fleshy and stiff, inserted in these warm squishy places?”
“I think it’s more powerful than we’d like it to be.”
“It’s fuckin’ trippy, that’s for sure.”

Araki welcomes the awkwardness, the uncomfortableness, all the wrinkles of lovemaking that get ironed out with experience. The unsanitized experience, warts and all (occasionally literally), make it to the screen intact.

If the gratuitous sex or hormonal shifts in tone don’t get his detractors bristling, Araki’s retro razor-blade dialogue can still come off as overbearing. To acolytes of colorful Z-grade cinema scripts, lines like “You’re like a life support system for a cock!” qualify as sacred psalms. To non-believers, however, a one-liner as gleefully trashy as “This party’s about as much fun as an ingrown butt hair” sounds like the handiwork of a man infatuated with his own voice. But again, that characteristic, however amateurish, emulates the teen preoccupation with slang. Youths form social groups and individual identity through highly specialized vernacular; if it sounds like Araki’s speaking an insular language that only his chosen people can pick up, that means he’s on the right track.

The MTV-on-even-more-drugs highs and lo-fi lows, the incorrigible horndoggery, the too-cool-for-school dialogue, the efforts to do everything at the same time — it all comes back to Araki’s core nature as a trier. The Teenage Apocalypse trilogy finds Araki trying extremely hard to be cool, and this may be the most quintessentially teenage, nakedly honest aspect of his entire oeuvre. In his trilogy, Araki strives to produce a pop-culture object that will transfix the same burnout punks he fetishizes in his films, an obsession he clearly shares. That desire to be liked, to fit in, to be like your idols—that’s the central pillar of school-aged emotional immaturity.

Across the scores and scores of movies about young people, the default authorial viewpoint has been that of someone who’s been through it all. Tragedies and triumphs are kept in perspective, and by the time the end credits roll, our protagonist has probably learned a valuable lesson or two about the world of adulthood. But the most honest, true-to-life portrayals of teens don’t come from the worldly-wise stance of an adult looking back; they should hum with the ragged-around-the-edges, work-in-progress feeling of that specific life phase. Araki’s Teenage Apocalypse trilogy gives us cinema’s closest approximation of an impossible dream: a professional film about the agony and ecstasy (and Ecstasy) of being a teenager, straight from the source. Ah, to be young, hot and turned-on forever…

Hard to Trust ch. 11

Here’s ch. 11 written by the beautiful @pathybo Enjoy!!

When morning had come you were more tired than before going to bed. Still, you got up, showered and got ready. Alicia was with you the entire time. You told her what happened; Jordan, Eric, Four, geez what a mess you put yourself into.
“Sweetie, you just have to give it some time, everything will be fine. You will be fine. Yesterday me and Chris were at the pit after you left and Eric stopped by the bar to get two bottles of whiskey and just disappeared. Zeke told us that he usually does that when he has issues or is facing some problems, he goes to the bar, gets some booze and just goes home to drink by himself.” She told you.
“Thanks for being so supportive, honey.” You said to her and you both went to the cafeteria to meet Chris and then  choose jobs and living arrangements.
Four was by the door when you arrived. “So, do you know what job to choose? You got second, you can choose a good one!” He told you.
“I have an idea, but it’s a secret, you will find out later.” You smiled.
After you ate your breakfast, Max stood up from the leaders table and asked for everyone’s attention.
“To our new dauntless members, you will be called by ranking position and you must come to the leaders table to discuss your job and living arrangements.” He announced and called Chris up right away.
You noticed Eric sat beside Max looking extremely tired. Alicia told you that she and Chris were getting an apartment together, you were happy for her but you still had hopes she would live with you.
“Y/N” Max called out.
You sat down on a chair in front of Max with Eric by his side measuring you up the whole time.
“Congratulations, Y/N, you’re second in rankings so I suggest you choose a job in leadership. We don’t have any leader positions available here, but there are other leader positions as research, council, adviser or leader trainee, I think your father will be pleased with any one of those choices.” He placed a paper in front of you with other options. Max made it clear to you that those other options were for people ranked below you.
“Thank you so much, sir, but I’m not here to please my father. I’m here to find my new home and my future, and I want to do this.” You said placing your finger on the paper in front of you showing the position you were willing to accept.
“Patrol, really? Are you sure?” He asked you.
“Y/N, you can’t possibly be considering patrolling, who’s going to protect you out there?” Eric was clearly not happy about it, you could see the anger burning inside him.
“I’m dauntless, I can take care of myself. It’s what I want.” You finished.
“Ok.” Max said. “Do you have any living arrangements, any roommates?” He asked.
“No, I would like to live by myself, sir.” You said.
“We have a few single apartments, I will assign one of them for you. Here is your code. Just type it on your lock and it will allow you to change the password for one of your choice. Present yourself on Monday morning at 8 by Patrol supervisor to meet your team. You’re the second one asking for Patrol today, so I guess you will be working with your friend Chris.” He shook your hand and you joined your friends to wait for Alicia. Eric was so mad that you could see the flames in his eyes and his ears turning red as you left.
You told Chris that you probably would be working together and you two were thrilled about it. Alicia came back telling that she was going to work with Kate at the infirmary. You two ran to see your apartment while Chris was meeting the guys at the pit.
You were going upstairs and you heard some voices whispering in a nearby hallway. Both of you got silent and before you knew you were already listening.
“Jordan, I told you that it would work. She believed that he was actually making out with me! For crying out loud the guy spat at me, literally. He’s lucky I love him.” You heard Amy’s snickering.
“Aw babe, come here. We are going to get them separated, Eric will go back to you and I will have Y/N back, but in the meanwhile let’s have some fun.” That was Jordan’s voice and they were clearly making out.
You then remembered Eric telling you that they had set him up, and you thanked God Alicia was with you, because if anyone told you that, you certainly would not believe it. And you realized that Amy was the informant Jordan told you about.
The two of you went in the opposite direction and towards your new apartment. Your apartment was already furnished and the bed was brand new. You just needed to buy sheets, covers and pillows. The couch was cozy and you and your friend stayed there talking for a while.
“I should talk to Eric, he will never forgive me for not believing him.” You confessed to your friend.
“I don’t think so, Y/N, I’ve seen the way he looks at you, the way he drools over you. I’m pretty sure if you talk to him he will be happy to have you back.” Alicia said.
The two of you went down to a store to buy some things for your new places. Alicia then went back to her place with Chris to set things up and you stopped by the library before going back to your place. You grabbed a few books and went upstairs to make your bed and take a good long private shower.
Your bed was perfect with new black sheets, comforter and pillows. You sat on your couch ready for bed with a sports bra and shorts and started to read a book you got. You kept thinking about talking to Eric, but you were sure he wasn’t going to forgive you so easily.
You were entranced in the book when you heard your door lock beeping and the door opening.
“How did you get in here? I changed the password.” You asked when Eric made his way into your livingroom.
“I’m a Dauntlesss leader, I can have access to any apartment code I want.” Eric sneered at you.
He sat down beside you on the couch. Closing your book and putting it on the coffee table you sigh. “There’s beer in the fridge if you want. If you’re so comfortable and feeling at home, you can help yourself.”
Eric stood up and went to the fridge to grab the beer, he got one for you as well. When he sat down by your side you noticed his hand resting on his knee all bruised and the knuckles were busted open. You repositioned yourself pulling your knees into your body so you could reach for his hand. Your fingers surrounded his hand as you caressed it.
“What happened? It looks pretty bad. I bet the other guy didn’t have a chance, huh?” You said lacing your fingers in his.
“It was nothing, he deserved much worse.” He said placing his beer on the coffee table.
You placed your own beer on the floor and sighed. “Eric, listen, I’m sorry for not believing you when you told me they set us up.” You confessed.
“I didn’t came here for an apology. I know I will have to prove to you how much you matter to me, and I will do it because I care about you. And because I don’t tolerate any other guy near you. You’re mine and no one will take you away from me.” He said bluntly.
You knew there was no point arguing to that, so you told him about what you heard Amy telling Jordan and that they were together on it, also that they were making out at the hallway.
Eric looked at you side-eyed, he then turned his body towards you, grabbed your knees and pulled you to him. He was on top of you, his body laying against yours and kissed you like there was no tomorrow. He was kissing your neck, licking and biting and you were seeing stars.
“Eric, wait, slow down, please.” Your mind was playing tricks on you, making you remember your last night with Jordan, all the broken promises. You giving yourself to him and him breaking your heart.
“What?” He asked you, out of breath. He looked you up and down, his eyes full of lust.
“Bedroom. Take me to the bedroom.” You whispered not giving your brain a chance to argue. You hadn’t finished talking and Eric already had you in his arms carrying you to your bedroom. He placed you on your bed and got undressed in lightning speed. You were under the covers when Eric joined you and remove your sports bra. He took his time on your plump breasts kissing, sucking and licking. You were moaning his name louder and louder. He came back up and kissed you with so much lust that you practically melted under him.
You kissed his tattooed neck open mouthed and it was his turn to moan. You were already feeling his excitement on your thigh as he was fully naked on top of you.
He went down your stomach trailing kisses down it until he reached your shorts. As he removed them your breath was stuck in your throat and a frightening feeling was taking control over you, but you didn’t want to stop him.
He placed kisses all over your inner thighs and to your wet aching core. He took his time sucking and nibbling you and every time you tried to move he placed his hand on your belly to hold you still. You were on fire, that was a feeling you never had before as Jordan had been pretty selfish and fast with you. Now you understood that all he wanted was to take your virginity, to claim you. As Eric licked and sucked your pussy and played with your clit you were loosing control, until everything went numb and you had your first orgasm.
He felt you trembling under him and went back to you kissing your belly all the way up. He kissed you passionately bringing you back to him. “Have you done this before? Can I go on? If you want me to stop, now is the time. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.” He whispered in your ear.
“Once, I did it once. P-please, don’t stop.” You muttered back.
“Oh, baby, you’re so mine.” And with that he thrusted hard into you. One thing was pretty clear to you, Eric was not gentle and you were loving it. He was slamming into you with no mercy, it was painful at first and then you began to surrender to him.
“Oh baby, you feel so good.” He managed to grunt out.
Right before Eric reached his orgasm your second wave came on and you both collapsed on the bed. He pulled you to his chest and you laid there listening to his incredibly fast heart beat.
“I just want to set a few things straight first.” He said between breaths and got you worried.
Raising yourself up on one arm you look him in the eye. “And what is that?”
“From now on no more hanging out with Warren. No way in Hell are you getting close to Jordan. I can only tolerate Four because he helped you and he cares about you, and if it wasn’t for him I would have never met you. But you are mine, and mine only.” He informed you.
“Are you mine as well?” You asked him, holding your breath.
“With all my heart and soul.”
You smiled at him and then layed your head back on his chest and fell into a blissful sleep.

Hard to Trust ch. 12

Another beautiful chapter thanks to @pathybo Sorry its taking me so long to get these out. 

Enjoy, everyone!  <3

You must have tossed and turned a lot during the night because the next morning you woke up facing the other side of your bed. Your face wasn’t on Eric’s chest anymore but you felt his arms around you as your back was pressing against his chest. You tried to move only to be rewarded with little kisses being trailed along your back.
“Good morning, beautiful.” He said.
“Good morning.” You answered turning yourself around to face him.
You felt those beautiful blue eyes looking deeply in yours. His usual emotionless face now had a little smile upon his lips. He kissed you and got up going to the bathroom.
When he came back you got up, showered and got dressed.
“You have the day off today, but I have to go to work, remember what I told you before, no Warren, no Jordan”
He wasn’t finished when you interrupted him
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got that. You don’t trust me, do you?” You said.
“I trust you with my life. It’s them I don’t trust. Let’s go get some breakfast.”
Eric and you entered the cafeteria holding hands, he was proud to show you around as his accomplishment. At a distance you saw Jordan and Amy sitting together, Jordan’s face was all bruised and he had a huge black eye. Instantly you looked down at the hand holding yours, with all those bruises and open knuckles and you knew what happened.  When you reached the table where Alicia and Chris were at, he kissed you in the middle of the cafeteria and said, “I have to sit with the leaders now, but I promise that at lunch I will sit with you.” And he left to sit beside Max.
“What was that?” Alicia squealed.
“I don’t know what we are, but we definitely are something.” You giggled with your friend.
You spent the whole day with your friends, had lunch with Eric and then met him at his place for dinner.
You two had another unforgettable night of crazy wild rough sex and even though you were sore you couldn’t deny you were loving it.
The next morning the shower sex was driving you out of your mind, Eric seemed a little too obsessed with leaving some bite marks on your neck and collar bone, he was paying special attention to those parts. But even so you were loving that steamy hot session with your ruthless leader in the shower.
He placed your hands on the tiles in front of you while he slammed into you from behind. The goose bumps were prickling on your skin as you found your tempo together.
“Oh baby you are so gorgeous, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” He said.

At 8 am you were at the garage presenting yourself to the Patrol Supervisor.
“Y/N, it is a pleasure to have you on our squad. We got lucky this year and three of our best initiates decided to work with us at the Patrol, so we decided to make a team with the three of you together. Guys, right on time.” He said to your two coworkers that were arriving at that time. “Y/N, Chris and Warren, the three of you will be our new squad. You can go over there to Joshua, he will give you your weapons and assign you to your vehicle. He will only supervise your patrol today so he can show you exactly what to do and how you receive your orders. Be brave, do us proud.” The supervisor known as Vincent told you.
You were so excited about your team that you wanted to jump and scream, but Eric’s voice came to your head “no Warren”, and you kept wondering how to tell him that Warren was on your Patrol team.
Your fist day on the job was awesome, Joshua showed you how to report back to the base through the radio on your vehicle. He also gave the three of you cell phones so you could reach each other in case you were separated during an incident. Every new member of Dauntless received phones today, but as you were not in the compound, your boss gave you yours. He told you the phones were already charged and you could start using them right away. You were in your Patrol vehicle, Warren was driving, you were next to him up front while Chris and Joshua were in the back seat.
“Y/N, please tell that boyfriend of yours to go easy on you, your neck is almost raw. I understand what he’s trying to do, I would probably do the same to claim you, but he can chill out and not hurt you like that.” Warren said while laughing.
You knew he was doing that out of hurt because you told him you didn’t want any relationships because of Jordan.
You were so embarrassed while the three of them were laughing.
“So, who’s your boyfriend Y/N, do I know him?” Joshua asked you.
“It was this guy that works at the fence..”
Warren didn’t have the chance to finish when Chris stepped up.
“It’s Eric. Didn’t you know, Warren? He was all over her yesterday in the cafeteria to make sure everybody saw him with her.”
“Oh, that explains a lot about the hickeys.” Joshua said. “It’s an effective MO.”
“What? Are you kidding me, why didn’t you tell me?” Warren said looking at you.
“Sorry, Warren I didn’t mean to hide anything from you, I didn’t even know something was happening between us until the day of the final test. Actually I don’t know exactly what we are now.” You said.
“I just want to ask you a favor, please, tell the asshole that if he ever hurts you, if he screw things up, I will be right here, right by your side to pick you up. And I will hunt him down and kill him.” Warren finished the subject and moved on.
You kept staring at him not knowing how to respond to that.

Eric went down to the garage to get your phone number from Vincent and he took a look at your patrol team.

Patrol 8 – Y/N, Chris, Warren

You were extremely tired heading back to the compound so as soon as you got into your apartment you headed straight to the bathtub and sank in, just relaxing. Eric had texted you that he was working late, and he wanted to make sure his number was the first one on your phone. So you took your time to relax, you didn’t even go to dinner. After your bath you just laid down to rest your eyes and fell asleep almost immediatly.
You woke up with hands all over you and Eric’s large frame on top of you.
“Hey sleepy head, are you ok? I couldn’t find you at the mess hall or the pit and you didn’t answer your phone.” He mumbled into your neck.
“I didn’t hear the phone ring, I think I was just tired and might have fallen asleep.” You answered.
He started kissing your neck and laying his hands all over you and you could feel he was ready to go.
“Eric… Are you naked?” You whispered.
“I don’t want to waste time, babe.” He smirked against your skin.

anonymous asked:

who would YOU cast though


bill - tobey maguire 

richie - paul rudd 


bev - amy adams 

mike - jordan peele 

ben - chris pratt 

stan - ben foster 

The totally mainstream “Mutts” cartoonist Patrick McDonnell once did a tribute to my Amy and Jordan book on his Sunday newspaper Mutts comic.  LOL,  I can’t imagine that very many people got the joke!.


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