amy trucks

Amy: “Shadow, what the fuck… is wrong with you?”

Sonic: “Alright, Shadow. You legitimately might’ve fucked this up for us.”

Shadow: “Nonononono.”

Amy: “What are you doing?! You’re getting us shot right now!”

Shadow: “It’s ‘cause there’s a helicopter that saw us approaching!”


Amy: “With MY truck!–”

Both Sonic and Amy: “OH. MY. GOD.”

Sonic: “I’m fuckin outta here. This mission is over. This mission is done! WE’RE DONE, SHADOW!”

Amy: “I’m changing the fuckin permissions on my cars.”

Shadow: “Ames!”

Amy: “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CAR! Silver’s driving now– YOU FUCKING DICK! You made me run him over!”

Shadow: “Why did you run over Silver? That was your fault!”

Amy: “You fucking ass! You got them shooting rockets at me! The fuck’s the matter with you?!”

Shadow: “Guys, we can salvage this!”

Sonic: “I’m trying to get a car. There’s so many cops here now, you fucking asshole.”

For Now

A/N: There’s a new chapter of Just For Me coming soon, but this wouldn’t get out of my head so… I don’t even know exactly what it is other than a way things could go that wouldn’t totally destroy Reamy or Karmy. Of course, it’s not dramatic enough or a big cliffhanger, so the show will probably not go like this.

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A Letter From A Not So Stranger | Ch. 23

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendance record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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