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Okay so this wasn’t mean to happen but it did! My urban fantasy coffee shop AU with Faerie!Jehan and Trans!Montparnasse is now a thing.

Shout-out of inspirations go out to @just-french-me-up (for Growth and Decay), @persephonah (why can’t I tag you? for their aestethic post), @enjolras-would-bang-that (for their trans!parnasse post) and @wistfullwishing (for the post that started all this), but this story is now officially dedicated to the devilish dandy @montparnassee who gave me the midnight inspiration to actually write this.


SO, I finally got around to compiling a list of some of my favorite movies that focus on either nymphets, Teacher/Student relationships, or just age gap relationships. Keep in mind that these are all movies I have WATCHED. I am aware there are more movies out there that fall into these categories but I haven’t gotten around to them. If you want to recommend any to me, please send me an ask or message! If you click on the movie title it will direct you to its corresponding IMDb. The movies marked with a “♡” are linked straight to their movie so you can actually watch them. Feel free to dig around for them if it’s not up to your standard. Also some of these movies are on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube so please check there first. Lastly, yes some of these are Lifetime or made-for-TV movies. Yes they are cheesy and YES I STILL LOVE THEM.

Anyways, without any further ado, here is a list of movies I recommend for the topics listed above:

*These are movies that don’t necessarily revolve around the subjects listed but they contain a very small part of it or overall fit the “aesthetic”.

P.S. No I did not forget Lolita, I just haven’t watched it nor do I plan to until I read the book.


“But you’re also the most honest person that I’ve ever met.
And you’re strong
and smart… and funny,
and you’re confident and caring,
and you’re sexy…”

SHOOT Reunion Panel

Sarah and Amy had lunch together a couple weeks ago - they are good friends and they have a lot in common so keeping in touch is fun.

Sarah’s favorite things about Shaw: her eating food with knives.
She also says Shaw’s foreplay would have been cutting each other and punching each other and biting.
Shaw was masculine and always equal to the boys - never portrayed otherwise. That was her most favorite part - how tough and violent.

Amy’s favorite part about Root? “I think Sarah should answer.”
Amy loved getting to flirt with and annoy Shaw, because Sarah is good at portraying the anger. “But I knew she loved me.”
“Both the characters kind of ran things - the girls in charge” - Amy on Shoot

Sarah’s fave ep was 6741!
Sarah took the role because it went to dark places you don’t get to go to on TV.
Sarah’s fave scene: end of 6741 by the carousel! It was very challenging but will always be the 1st thing she thinks of when thinking of POI
Sarah says “I only look good because Amy makes me look good.”

Amy says she liked the part (in 6741) “was when Sarah was biting me”
Amy says she loves their first meeting - the iron and all the sexual tension.
“Was this relationship always meant to happen?” Sarah: (shouting) YES! F**K YEAH!!

“How do you prepare to do a different version of the character, like in 6741?” SARAH: Acting is a lot of human psychology and we are all more than just one thing. With actors you find the closest part of you to the character; she tried to tap into herself there.
Sarah: “There were plenty of times when I was playing Shaw that I didn’t know if I was doing a good job.”
Sarah: I wasn’t supposed to emote much, but we aren’t like robots.

SS: “Kissing Amy is like biting into the most succulent peach. It’s sweet & juicy & just a little wet. It’s better than your dream, sister.”

Someone asked them to improve a scene and Amy says “Hasn’t someone here written some fanfic? … We’ll do a stage reading of anyone’s fic.”
Sarah and Amy acting out Root coming back alive.
“Did you miss me?”
“Is that you?”
“Are you ready for this?”
“I’ve never been more ready”
“Look behind you”
(They [fake] kiss)

Someone asked about SHOOT kinks and Amy just said “we’re gonna keep things ziptied.”

Sarah says Shaw definitely realized she loved Root back in s4; that at the beginning she didn’t have a thing for Root & took her by surprise
“In an alternate universe the two of them were together and made little SHOOT babies.” - Sarah
Sarah says in s4 the flirtations started working, like when Root picked her up on the bike & when Shaw realized she needed Root to help her
Sarah says 6,741 was a result of the fans feedback on Twitter.

Amy says that Root got her hacker skills from playing Oregon Trail.

Sarah said kissing your friend is like kissing your sister.

Amy says the weird part is the audience of the cast and crew when shooting, but she was glad Sarah was there.
Amy also said that there’s not a person she’d rather have that experience with than Sarah. (About shooting 6741)

Amy says Root made the decision in s5 she did because if she chose Shaw, there would be no world anyway.
Amy also says that being The Machine was the closest Root could get to having both.

Sarah likes doing films because you can take more chances and move at a slower pace.
Amy likes TV because you gain a family in the crew & the characters get to evolve and change. “But I guess shows can be cancelled.”

“In canon we see Shaw has a PD, and Root probably does as well, how does that change the way you approach the characters?”
Amy says that’s where you got a lot of quirks of the characters, but you just play them as truthful to what’s on the page.
Sarah says she remembers she had to look up Axis II disorders to learn how to play things accurate.

Sarah loved working w/Bear b/c the takes were different because you had to work w/what he wanted to do. “You’re not gonna out cute the dog”
Amy telling a story about how they were shooting outside and it was SO COLD they were both getting frostbite but they had to keep shooting. But then the animal handler came & had to take Bear because it was too cold for him, so she was jealous.

When asked, “Did Root have a crush on Hannah?” Amy said, “She was before your time, you don’t have to be jealous.” To Sarah.

Talking about new projects- Sarah: It’s kind of like a TV version of Inception. She goes into people’s subconscious to help them.
Sarah also did an Amazon pilot called “Halfway House” where she plays a meth addict.

Amy says she’s afraid to talk about her new project.

Sarah closes the panel by acknowledging the support of fans and is thankful because they’re why they are where they are.

Thank you to starrymag

Once, Courfeyrac drew a penis on who he TOUGHT was a sleeping Bahorel but ended up being another buff dude who didn’t look as friendly as Bahorel so he just sat there in awe (read: fear) watching this person leave the Corinthe with a huge dick in the back of his arm.

Oggi non so più bene cosa provo. Però una cosa, comunque vada, non la scorderò più e non importa chiamarlo o non chiamarlo amore. Tu eri dappertutto, dentro e fuori di me. Tu eri in ogni mia intenzione, pulsazione, direzione. Tu fabbricavi gioia pura in uno sguardo e io dimenticavo tutto quando ti ero accanto. Tu eri il mio sorriso d'improvviso passeggiando per la strada, quando nei momenti più impensati mi venivi in mente. Tu così vera da non sembrare vera eri la mia follia e la cura alla follia. Questo rimarrà, le emozioni non hanno date di scadenza sul retro. Tu sei stata, sei e sarai. Resterai sempre il mio segreto più bello. Riguardo al futuro oggi rispondo così a chi ha paura e sente cuore congelato. Fa’ che la tua voglia di amare sia sempre più forte della paura di soffrire ancora. Trova un sentimento per cui “valga l'allegria e non la pena”. E a chi ti dice che tutto ha una fine rispondi ridendo: “Andrà tutto bene. Le cose belle finiscono? Quelle brutte non iniziano neppure
—  Massimo Bisotti (via deadinside3695)

if you say you hate amy just kindly get off my blog.
you do realize the man that makes you happy, mark, well she makes him happy. that should make you guys happy too.
she didn’t ‘steal’ him from you, mark isn’t an object, they fell in love and are happy. end of story, amy makes mark happy which makes me extremely happy.

psa over