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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you yet another tale today of a most incredibly-selfish and ignorant asshole. Before we begin, here are the color codes:

Light blue: Me, a dragoon.

Dark blue: The tank, a friend playing warrior.

Red: Healer, who is an absolute cunt. 

Now that we have that out of the way… let us begin. 

My friend is using his warrior. I’m using my dragoon. We’re together, and we queue for our 60 roulette. We get Antitower, and it starts smoothly. We clear first boss just fine, nothing wrong. But then, my tank friend runs out of tp and Equilibrium is on cooldown. So he stops to let his TP recharge before the next mob pull. But the healer has no interest in waiting for him. So he runs ahead and pulls, and when my friend asks why the hell did he do that, the healer snaps and just starts acting like the impatient moron he clearly is.

He demands to know why my friend didn’t pull. My friend explains he didn’t have TP. The healer has the fucking gall to insist he doesn’t. They go back and forth for a bit, before they have the nerve to kick my friend even though the healer was in the wrong! I decide I won’t tolerate this horse shit, and I leave. After we just deal with it in our own way, we requeue and have a very smooth run of Aetherochemical Research Facility.

Let me make one thing clear: Everyone plays differently. My friend didn’t want to be flash dependent when he ran out of TP? That’s a perfectly acceptable playstyle for a Warrior! Just because he didn’t want to be flash dependent and go all LEEEEEEEEEROOOYYYY JEEENKINNNS does not mean he is a bad tank! He is actually a pretty decent one, so I’m sorry if it’s not what your impatient ass wants to work with, but swallow your goddamn pride, actually think about others, and so long as he has aggro when he pulls and keeps it, the exact details of his rotation in a normal dungeon really aren’t that relevant. Suck it up and quit being a spoiled fucking brat. It’s a video game, for God’s sake, not a t-bone accident between a semi and a small convertible. You won't die just because the playstyle of your fellow party members is different than one you’re used to. 

And I wondered why another friend of mine really tries to avoid random tanks and healers. It’s because of giant fucking cunts like this guy. May you burn in the seventh hell for being so goddamn selfish. 

Enjolras moved first, until his arm was brushing against Grantaire’s shoulder. When he turned his head, his eyes were pensive, and warm, and Grantaire’s heart skipped a beat. He stood still when Enjolras’s lips pressed down against his forehead, but his hands were shaking.

“What’s that for?” He managed to ask.

“I don’t know,” said Enjolras, kissing his brow. “I think I just appreciate finally seeing you.”

I’ve been here for years, Grantaire didn’t say, because deep down he understood what Enjolras meant. In a way, he felt the same, rediscovering all over again everything he’d thought he knew by heart about Enjolras all this time. His belief for the world; his fight for his country; his love for his friends; his quiet moments, and his brightest; his laughs; his speeches; his touches.

The kisses, however, were brand new. Enjolras’s lips were on his cheekbone, now, and their noses bumped gently against each other. Grantaire let out a shaky breath. His fingers went to rest upon Enjolras’s chest.

“Enjolras -” he whispered, overwhelmed.

Enjolras froze, but didn’t move away. He raised a hand, slowly, until it was resting upon Grantaire’s neck, his thumb caressing Grantaire’s jaw ever so slightly. Grantaire’s eyes fluttered.

“Yes?” Enjolras asked.

“Yes.” Said Grantaire. “Yes, yes, yes -”

Enjolras’s mouth was on his in a moment, stopping him from making a fool of himself. His lips were soft, but the kiss held no hesitation at all, and Grantaire, as always, felt his whole being swallowed by the firmness of Eniolras’s decision, his skin burning, his mind illuminated, his chest expanding, more and more and more -

“Enjolras,” he said again, but this time there was nothing but naked love in his voice, and Enjolras’s answering smile before he moved to kiss him again was the best answer he could have hoped for.

Oggi non so più bene cosa provo. Però una cosa, comunque vada, non la scorderò più e non importa chiamarlo o non chiamarlo amore. Tu eri dappertutto, dentro e fuori di me. Tu eri in ogni mia intenzione, pulsazione, direzione. Tu fabbricavi gioia pura in uno sguardo e io dimenticavo tutto quando ti ero accanto. Tu eri il mio sorriso d'improvviso passeggiando per la strada, quando nei momenti più impensati mi venivi in mente. Tu così vera da non sembrare vera eri la mia follia e la cura alla follia. Questo rimarrà, le emozioni non hanno date di scadenza sul retro. Tu sei stata, sei e sarai. Resterai sempre il mio segreto più bello. Riguardo al futuro oggi rispondo così a chi ha paura e sente cuore congelato. Fa’ che la tua voglia di amare sia sempre più forte della paura di soffrire ancora. Trova un sentimento per cui “valga l'allegria e non la pena”. E a chi ti dice che tutto ha una fine rispondi ridendo: “Andrà tutto bene. Le cose belle finiscono? Quelle brutte non iniziano neppure
—  Massimo Bisotti (via deadinside3695)
We talk for a while

trying something new here. this is my first ever original story i’ve written and i really love it and want to share it! (tagging @clearascountryair @marvelthismarvelthat @buckysbears @bioforensics AND @inevitablyfitzsimmons for reading this and betaing and @superirishbreakfasttea, @lapiccolina @bookedbyfandoms because you guys said you would read it if i posted and I LIKE VALIDATION )

We talk for a while

I have just pulled out yesterday’s leftovers from the refrigerator when someone knocks at the door.

‘Knocks’ probably isn’t the right word. ‘Knocks’ suggests that I was expecting someone, maybe my parents arriving—cooing and boisterous—excited to see how their daughter’s changed her childhood home. Or maybe a boyfriend, bringing homemade apple pie for dessert and cuddling and maybe something more.

But my parents are gone, I don’t have a boyfriend, and I hate apple pie.

And whoever was at my door was banging on it so hard and so urgently that for a moment I feared it was the police, even though the police probably wouldn’t knock at all.

“Coming!” I call over the noise as I make my way to the front, clicking my tongue when instead of stopping the pounding just seems to grow faster and harder.

I crack open the door and peer outside even though it’s almost too dark to see anything anyway. “Hello?”

The overhead light automatically clicks on and everything is illuminated.

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his sea of stars (1/1)

When Emma falls under a sleeping curse, Killian searches high and low for a way to save her. He finds an old text with the story of a fisherman and a princess who have a story that is curiously familiar.

Soulmates AU and Lieutenant Duckling AU

This is a (late) birthday present for @queenemmaswan​ on tumblr, who told me she wanted angst and soulmates! Here’s my very strange take on that. Joyeux anniversaire, mon amour. Enjoy!! ♥ 

❁  AO3  ❁ ❁ Rated T  ❁ ~10k words

Storybrooke, Maine .2016.

Moonfall bathed over Killian Jones’ hair like a sea of waves reflecting lunar brilliance. He sat in the shadows, bodily exhaustion making it impossible for him to do much more than sit in torturous apprehension. His own restlessness seemed to be increasing by the minute. His mind told him to sleep, and wait until the morning to continue his search for a solution. But his heart? The fiery organ beating his chest told him to fight, fight, fight.So he poured through endless pages, one pointless book after another stacking in a messy pile beside him. No book had the answers he was looking for.

“You don’t look too hot.” Killian spun around to see Henry standing in the doorframe, shoulders scrunched in a little. The boys eyes lingered on him for just a second too long, and he was probably taking note of the redness around Killian’s eyes and the dried residue on his cheeks. “I take it you haven’t found anything.”

“You’d be the first to know, lad,” Killian promised. He reached out a hand, a humble request. Henry walked over and allowed the man to wrap an arm around his shoulders. It was a subtle, momentary exchange of support, but it was something they both needed.

“No progress at all?” Henry asked quietly. Hook was silent for a moment, as if speaking the answer aloud would make it real.

“No,” Killian said quietly. “I haven’t found anything that will help us wake your mother from her curse.”

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aflamethatneverdies  asked:

If you're still taking prompts, how about, anything with Courfeyrac and Feuilly? I'm sorry, I can't think of anything specific, I'll be happy with anything though and I love your Enjolras and Jehan fic, you have a lovely voice for both of them. :D

Why is it so hard?? I’m starting to guess you’ve got an unnatural power to give me Challenges. I am looking at you very suspiciously. (in other news, realizing that you’ve got no idea how to write two amis together that you write generally well with others is terrible, I feel so GUILTY). Warning for time-period sexism :/. Also, this turned more into lots of De Courfeyrac’s drama family life……sorry. 

“I’m sorry,” said Courfeyrac, sitting down next to Feuilly on the porch.

Feuilly didn’t look at him, not because he was angry, not really, but because he was unsettled still, and perhaps a bit embarrassed by his earlier reaction. There was no reason for embarrassment - he knew he’d done the right thing, although perhaps he’d been a bit too emotional about it, and yet it sat uneasily in his stomach anyway. He played with his hat, silent, and glanced at Courfeyrac’s leg, who seemed to move on its own, frenetic.

“I’m sorry,” repeated Courfeyrac. “I don’t know what I expected; perhaps it’d been too long since I went home. They were gentler in my mind.” he licked his lips, and then immediately amended: “Well, more polite at least.”
“You’ve got nothing to apologize for,” said Feuilly slowly.

“Well my sisters aren’t going to,” said Courfeyrac, sounding profoundly unhappy. “Idiots, the both of them. They have no idea what they’re talking about. I wish you’d met Angélique instead; but it’s much harder to hide in convent when you’re not of the fairer sex.”

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Of course after they have been a couple for awhile, Amy gets one of “Sonic’s Special Dangerously Delicious Quill Massages” (and yes, he would totally call it that) for her birthday ♡(⁎˃̶᷇﹃˂̶᷆⁎ԅ( ˘͈‧̫ ˘͈ ƪ)♡

Bday Drawing 3 of 3

And I wrote a little mini story about it. It gets a little steamy but it’s not too bad. If you are easily made uncomfortable then just skip it!

“Make way for the birthday girl!” the blue hedgehog shouted to an empty room before easing himself and the pink companion held in his arms through the doorway. Amy Rose laughed, playfully nudging his shoulder and kicking her feet while he held her bridal style.

“Was it really necessary to carry me through my own house?” she asked. The cocky male winked at her before carefully setting her down on the vanity stool in front of the bed.

“Sonic the Hedgehog does not make his gal WALK on her own birthday!” he teased, kneeling in front of her so they were at eye level once again. Amy sighed and stroked his muzzle happily, before a quizzical look appeared on her face. “Wait a sec, how long have we been dating and you’re just now initiating the no-walking-birthday-rule?” Sonic blinked as he tried to formulate a witty response, but to no avail. He glared as the girl teased him before pressing a firm but quick kiss to her lips.

“If you’re gonna sass me, you won’t get your birthday present,” he threatened with a smirk. She pouted and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Okay okay, I’ll hush! So what is it? What is it?” Amy couldn’t stop her feet from bouncing and just her sheer excitement alone made Sonic extra proud of his brilliant idea.

“You, my dear,” he started, kissing her button nose, “get the gift of a ‘Sonic’s Special Dangerously Delicious Quill Massage.’” Amy’s eyes lit up and she covered her mouth in surprise. She and Sonic had officially been a couple for what seemed like ages already, but his quill massages were rare to come by. The hedgehogs were very passionate for one another, but displays of affection were something Sonic still struggled to be completely comfortable with. In his defense, he was definitely getting better about it as time passed.

“Really?” she finally asked, too thrilled by the offer to even tease him about the silly nickname he gave this particular gift. He grinned, already loving the sight of the blush beginning to paint her cheeks.

“Yeah, really.” He kissed her again before leaning up and making his way around her, peppering her jaw, neck and shoulder with kisses along the way. He nuzzled his nose under her locks of pink quills, brushing up against the grain of her fur as he took in the sweet scent of her shampoo. At last he was standing behind her and he noticed her shoulders were already tense from the little preview he had just given her. Sonic removed her headband in one swift movement and passed it to her. “Mind taking this for me?”

Amy raised a trembling hand, taking the red headband from him before clutching it with both hands. She exhaled and closed her eyes to calm herself and still the fluttering heart in her chest. However her composure instantly melted away as soon as she felt Sonic’s fingers press to the base of her neck.

Sonic kneaded at her scalp first, firmly rubbing his fingertips into the subtle grooves of the back of her head and soliciting a purr from his girlfriend. He smiled and dragged his fingers up slowly, rustling up her quills and making them splay out in every direction. Amy inhaled sharply, gripping onto her headband tightly as she tried to fight the giggles that were trying to burst from her lips. Instead she began bouncing her foot again, trying to keep her energy centered in her leg so she wouldn’t distract Sonic from his work. Once his hands made their way halfway up her scalp, he rotated them so his palms pressed to her head and he threaded his fingers through her fur and quills, scratching and massaging her at the same time. He leaned forward and kissed her ear and she jolted at the touch.

“S-sorry,” she stuttered. He tutted at her apology and kissed her ear again to let her know it was okay. Her ear was already burning against his lips so he growled before biting and tugging on it lovingly. Amy broke into a fit of giggles and pants, shivering from the overwhelming sensations. Despite this, Sonic didn’t release her ear from his teeth as he continued to massage deep into her quills, making sure every last fur and fiber was bristled and stood on end. He kept the pace of his hands slow and firm but mixed up the routine every so often, sometimes taking a lock or two in his hands to just stroke through her fur and make her scalp tingle. Eyes closed, he sighed as he began to get carried away, squeezing at the nape of her neck which made her quiver uncontrollably underneath him. At the same time he shifted his hand to firmly grind his knuckles against her scalp he started to dip his tongue in to her ear before a loud SNAP brought him back to his senses.

“W-whoa!” Amy gasped, gulping hard and swaying a bit. Sonic knelt down, quickly scanning her. “Ames are you okay? Are you hurt?”

She shook her head and he finally noticed her face beet red. “No, I’m not hurt, j-just a little lightheaded,” she laughed nervously, leaning back against him as he caught her.

“What was that snap I heard?”

Amy’s eyes fluttered open, blinking several times to get rid of the stars she was still seeing. At last she looked down at her hands and chuckled nervously. She turned to face Sonic, holding up the two broken pieces of headband that remained in her hands. “Your massages really do live up to the ‘dangerous’ part of the name I guess.”

Sonic laughed incredulously, actually managing to impress himself with the number he had apparently done on her. “…Whoops?” She raised her arm up behind her, pulling her to him so she could press her cheek to his.

“Thank you,” she purred happily. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he replied, wrapping his arms around her waist in a gentle embrace. “Happy birthday, Ames.”


Anonymous asked for number 32 from this ask meme and Enjoltaire!!!

Grantaire walked in to the Musain, he was actually early to the meeting for once, the sun was not yet setting over the Seine; the candles in the café were not lit just yet, neither were the oil lamps that lined the walls. Grantaire settled in to his usual spot at the bar, in full view of the entrance, but facing the doorway that lead to the room the meeting would be held in. The fire in the grate was crackling cheerily, a cauldron of soup rested above it, steaming hot and giving out the most delicious chicken smell, Grantaire’s stomach rumbled. The wind outside howled, rattling the shutters and shaking the windows in their frames, the rain lashed at the glass and streamed down it in rivers; leaves were kicked up and created whirlpools on the cobbled streets. The trees that lined the wide boulevards shook in their places, a storm was brewing and Grantaire was worried about leaving the café later.

“Monsieur?” Madame Houchelop, said walking into the room and touching Grantaire on the arm, “your friend, the blond one, he’s back there already. If you wanted to know.”

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Arrival is an upcoming movie starring Amy Adams as an xenolinguist and based on a short story by Ted Chiang called Story of Your Life. I happen to know the linguists who were consulted on the linguistics aspects of the movie, and can report that the books in Adams’s office were borrowed from the offices of a couple linguists at McGill.