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things i witnessed today at LA Pride
  • LGBT policemen and fbi agents walking hand in hand with their partners and spouses. 
  • a cute girl running out of the parade to give @stormsdameron her number
  • cops openly embracing people in the street
  • a man who had been attending LA pride since 1976. he shook my hand and said “when I first came to pride back then there were 25 people here. look at us now.”
  • elderly LGBT people blowing kisses from a float. holding hands. 
  • a woman approaching us and saying “you are so beautiful, all of you, take care of each other”
  • elementary school trans children in gender ambiguous clothes. smiling and laughing. blowing bubbles. 
  • when an anti-lgbt church began protesting and walking along side the parade with a loudspeaker, the entire brigade of Dykes on Bikes revved their motor cycles to drown out the hate speech. no one could hear them
  • a man who gave us all a handful of condoms and said “take care of each other. be strong. your voices are so important”
  • women holding hands with other women. men holding hands with other men. 
  • trans women and trans men laughing and dancing. 
  • danny devito in a rainbow shirt pointing and waving at us
  • dennis from It’s Always Sunny wearing a shirt that says “You Can Pee Next to Me”
  • dozens of last minute signs and tributes to orlando. outcries of “we love you orlando” 
  • confetti. dancing in the streets. 
  • people supporting each other in every aspect. high fives. hugs. kisses on cheeks. affirmations. 
  • so many affirmations. 
  • words of kindness.
  • you are beautiful.
  • you are loved.
  • you are important.
  • stay strong. 
  • i love your shirt. 
  • i love your lipstick. 
  • stay strong. 
  • take care of each other. 
  • stay strong
  • stay strong
  • stay strong. 


otp au where shadow is an emergency room surgeon and sonic keeps busting his ass doing stupid shit and at some point shadow can set his watch by sonic being wheeled into the ER:”

Sonic always finds new ways to injure himself whether intentionally or not. Either way, it’s an excuse to meet with doctor guy Shadow 

also my art looks like cringey this is what happens when you don’t draw for a while :’D

a gift for @oh-mother-of-darkness based on this post

hi y’all. my name is amy. I am Bisexual. 

in the weeks and months leading up to Pride, I never thought I’d be making a ‘coming out’ post. It didn’t seem necessary, I reasoned. Being bisexual seemed unimportant to the whole of my identity, in the same way that liking cookie dough, or led zeppelin was. It didn’t feel important enough to announce it on tumblr, in an online community where being lgbtq is widely normalized, accepted, supported. 

Recent events, though, have changed my perspective. I am lucky enough to live in a city and community of love, to have friends of differing genders and sexualities who were there for me to answer my questions, to listen to me sort through my feelings, to accept me and love me as I am. i am stronger for knowing them, both in spirit and in voice. and this morning i woke up, and the world was grieving, and i found that i had something to say. 

a year ago I went to pride as an ally to my friends. I was terrified of my sexuality, of how it would be perceived. of how it would reflect on me. 

today I went to pride out and proud, as they say. I was terrified that something would happen. We listened to the news of the Orlando shooting in the car, heard the reports of the suspect stopped in Santa Monica. I felt sick. I felt scared. I kept wondering what I would do if someone pulled a weapon during the parade. I spent the entire Lyft ride to the Pride Parade thinking about ways to save my friends if something happened. 

a year ago I was scared. Today I was scared. But I stood on Santa Monica Boulevard with my best friends, and celebrated. Joyously. Fiercely. I screamed myself hoarse. I hugged strangers. I high fived people of all sexualities and genders and ages and ethnicities and religions. I danced in the streets. I laughed. I cried. I was proud

so I’m coming out today because there are people who can’t. i am coming out today because there are girls like me who were raised to think it was only okay to love one gender, and anything more was just plain selfish. i am coming out because i am proud of who i am. a long hard-fought battle, years of closeted self-loathing and confusion, led me to this point. 

my heart is so fucking full after today. the lgbtq community is resilient and strong and immovable. we are not going anywhere. 

love. will. prevail. 




Ami: I am concerned about this weather situation!