amy's face

Random thoughts about tonights episode

Sheldon adding Amy’s name to FWF was so cute.

Amy’s face during Barry’s pole line was gold. Then you think Sheldon get’s it… But then no… I laughed so hard.

Their casual touching in general was so cute and relaxed it gave me feels.

Yes Penny you are old now… Glad the show went there and it was funny.

Team Claire… I have a feeling neither lady will be back.

Sheldon’s descent from joy to despair of the state of his show was so well done and so hilarious.

Sheldon with his back to us on his knees erasing that board… Hoo…. Omg that was so hot it made my teeth sweat.

I would give anything… ANYTHING for Sheldon to finish his thought. When two people are in love…. WHAT!!!! They steal your heart on a weekly basis?