amy's adventures in gimp


All right, three of the fixed Connor pictures I was talking about. Originals as they appeared in the comic are on the left; corrected versions on the right. Or at least, that better damn well have been how they uploaded.

I rather like how the last one turned out, but IDK how to feel about the first two. The first one, I think, looks especially weird- this is one where the lighting from the original looked odd, but playing around with the curves didn’t really fix it. The second one, I think, just looks a bit odd due to the shading style of the original image- notice how it only really has a midtone (highlight tone?) and a shadow, which gives it a bit of an odd look. I played around with the curves a bit here, but no real luck.

IDK how many of these I’m going to do. I do rather like doing it, for the practice with GIMP but especially for the carthartic and critical value (THIS IS NOT HOW CONNOR SHOULD FUCKING LOOK: see, look how different these two images are?), but at some point I’m less fixing stray pages and more color-correcting and posting large chunks of an issue, which is pretty non-kosher as far as I understand. If you have one in particular you’d like to see fixed, though, feel free to reblog this with it, and I’ll take a stab at it. Or, hey, try it yourself if you want. Calling attention to both Connor AND whitewashing, yes?