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  • Me:Oh, yeah, I'm just a casual fan
  • Also Me:I've read this series in three different languages because I know the plot so well I can read the paragraph, only know four words, and still know exactly what is happening.
Back to School with Les Amis
  • Enjolras:Believe in yourself. Never doubt that you can accomplish great things. You will get through that exam. You will finish this paper.
  • Combeferre:Be curious. We often forget that learning can be fun and exciting. You're learning new things every day. You know more than you did yesterday, congratulations!
  • Courfeyrac:Be passionate. Even if what you're passionate about isn't your field of study. Find something that fuels you to keep your head above water.
  • Grantaire:You know more things than you think you do. You're good at something. You are not the worst. You are actually quite knowledgeable, whatever that knowledge may be
  • Joly:Self-care is important. Take breaks. Treat yourself. Take a warm shower. You brain needs to rest to process information, let it do its thing
  • Bossuet:Failure is okay. It happens, and they don't make you a bad person. You are much more than that grade. You have survive this far. This too shall pass
  • Jehan:Romanticize your studies. Buy the prettiest notebook. Buy those glitter pens and highlighters. Take the most #aesthetic notes. Find the studying technique that suits you best and go forth
  • Feuilly:Hobbies and things that you like to learn outside of school are great too. They can even be useful later in life. Never feel guilty about taking time to focus on those
  • Bahorel:Be bold. Never be ashamed of what you're studying. Even if it's Law. And Hell knows Law is... well. You can do this, prove them wrong.
  • Marius:Feeling inadequate and like the future is scary and uncertain is okay. No one really knows what they're doing. You're doing just fine. It'll all fall into place