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B99 is just. So Good y’all. It’s so good. Like??? I honestly can’t think of a relationship dynamic i don’t love and adore.

Holt and Gina??? The ultimate juxtaposition but also both sassy queer babes. The Ultimate Gossip Duo.

Holt and Jake?? The One True Father Son dynamic.

Jake and Rosa??? Sarcastic cop bros who love each other a lot.

Rosa and Amy??? Badass babes who support each other’s differences.

Amy and Gina?? Dramatic dorks who secretly love each other but don’t show it.

Gina and Jake??? Childhood best friends who probably did each other’s nails and definitely took baths together when they were babies.

Gina and Charles??? Those siblings who bicker constantly but are ready to Throw Hands if someone else tries to mock one of them.

Charles and Jake??? Pure besties who are 1000% each other’s hype man.

Charles and Amy?? Tea Sharing Sisters who cry and talk shit about mean people over ice cream and face masks.

Charles and Rosa?? Soft pals who support each other a lot and are full of love.

Rosa and Holt?? Stoic badasses who are secretly very soft but Will Kill You if you tell anyone.

Holt and Amy??? Mentorship Police Dad and Adorable Excited Police Daughter.

Terry and literally everyone?? Dad. Everyone’s dad. The dad you wanna be and the dad you wanna have. Dad.

Terry and Holt??? Just trying to keep their police children + Gina alive until next week. Struggling Co-Parents.

Hitchcock and Scully?? Lifetime bros who love each other almost as much as food and chairs.

Gina and Rosa?? Could have been a hot-ass couple. Hot-ass friendship duo instead. Queens who prove God is a Woman.

Kevin and Holt??? Soulmates. Beige and love each other. Pure and Perfect.

Kevin and Gina??? Gossip pals. Definitely have dish sessions.

Kevin and Jake?? Reluctant Dad™ and super eager son.

Jake and Amy??? The Purest Couple On Earth. Ultimate Soulmates. Love each other so much but are always down for Witty Banter. Make every single important life choice via bet. Competitive™ and probably fight over who looks nicer that day. Intense compliment battles Always.

Just. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is So Good and the squad is so pure and i love them so much i cry pls help theyre too beautiful

Sonic Characters react to you being infertile

Sonic: *Speed dashes into your barren uterus* AW YEAH THIS IS HAPPENIN’!!!

Tails: Aw that’s so sad :( we can always adopt..

Knuckles: *punches your vagina* Knock Knock it’s Knuckles!!

Shadow: That’s so fucking stupid. *Shoots you*

Amy: Sonic isn’t infertile so… :///

Eggman: Fuck no eggs huh??

jake peralta appreciation post


  • was open and honest about his feelings towards Amy from almost the very start
  • didn’t try to sabotage her existing relationship 
  • didn’t lie to her about his feelings except once but then he felt bad and told her the truth the same day 
  • tried to move on in a healthy manner, accepting that she was taken 
  • dated someone else and didn’t immediately dump her and try and get with Amy once Amy became available (seriously it bugs me so much when characters do this. If you’re just using a relationship as a stopgap until your preferred partner becomes available, DON’T BE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP!!) 
  • didn’t tell Dave not to ask her out even though he liked her because he knew it wasn’t fair to her - “I can’t go around telling guys not to ask Amy out because I like her and I’m too dumb to do anything about it" 
  • never once tried to control her or emotionally manipulate her to be with him and was open and upfront about his feelings 
  • when they actually became a couple, is completely committed & in love with her and is willing to make sacrifices for their relationship like moving into her apartment because he realises it’s important to her and would make her happy
  • in the episode where she’s undercover in the prison and he keeps interfering bc he’s worried about her getting hurt he doesn’t try to make her leave bc he can’t handle it and instead accepts that he’s the one that needs to take himself off the case bc he knows she can handle it by herself and him being there is only hindering her progress because he can’t stop worrying
  • isn’t afraid of her becoming more successful than him - is really supportive of her taking the sergeant’s exam which could result in her outranking him and even becoming his boss bc “You can’t be afraid to be successful, you’re too good for that” and “I’ve always known you were gonna be my boss”
  • tl;dr jake peralta is one of the best male tv protagonists & boyfriends of all time and peraltiago is literally the healthiest and best relationship ever and has given me unrealistic romance expectations for life

Brooklyn K-9 ft. all the Cheddars 

i absolutely love how ten’s first season of doctor who introduces torchwood but just mentions it here and there and never actually shows it, but stresses that it’s regarded as this top secret super mysterious organisation with a higher order than the government and more powerful than the doctor himself, just enough to get everyone intrigued, so everyone watching is thinking oohohoho, what’s torchwood??? and then the actual spinoff show gets made and it turns out it’s just a bunch of aggressively depressed and perpetually horny bisexuals who have chinese takeaway tuesdays and occasionally shag aliens