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Pasadena (1013 words) by Missy [AO3]

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In an alternative universe where the boys never met the girls, Amy is a cynical scientist. She thinks nothing ever changes in Pasadena, until she meets a spirited waitress…

Perhaps Love

There was someone else who took her world and turned it upside down - Penny. Relationships and romance were never Amy’s area of expertise. / My thoughts on what it would be like if Amy did have romantic feelings for Penny. One sided slash, mostly friendship. Obviously Penny/Amy, with mentions of Sheldon/Amy because come on, it’s me. Low T.

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Amy & Penny (by iwasadlymistaken)

Just tell me how they are not a couple. You are so obviously in lesbians with each other just be girlfriends already. 

The Big Bang Theory: “The Romance Recalibration” Review


My Top Ten Thoughts for The Big Bang Theory, Season 10, Episode 13: 

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10. I still appreciate the fact that we don’t see a lot of Halley; a lot of shows introduce the element of the “baby” and it gets odd with the dynamic. I like that we still get to see everyone in the same view, just with a new element in play. 

9. I really liked Penny’s dream with Leonard, and wish it’d been real; alas, more drama with Lenny…I get the struggle: the “honeymoon” period of their relationship is over. I honestly didn’t mind the plot here, but I did mind….

8. …how Penny initially confronted Leonard about the issue. She was asking Amy and Bernadette about the issue so calmly, and then she instantly lashes out at Leonard when she confronts him. It was just…agitating. Come on, writers; you can do better than that. 

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7. As much as I didn’t care for how Lenny’s relationship was being handled, I do have to say that the kiss between Amy and Sheldon was swoon-worthy!
PDA be hanged! 

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6. I giggled at the games that Howard and Raj thought up to try and get around the baby’s room; I’m totally with Bernadette on the reaction, but I love how creative the two were, and seeing Raj and Howard together as friends again? Magic. I wonder where Stewart was, though? I might have missed them saying where exactly. Hmm…

5. I was so into Sheldon trying to cheer Leonard up, even if part of it was picking out games that he could beat Leonard.

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4. Oh my GOSH, Sheldon and his idea of going to the mini-bar to imitate a “Drunk Godzilla?” Can you say ADORABLE!? The Shamy fan in me was screaming! 

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3. So glad that Leonard and Penny decided to make up; PLUS make a relationship agreement! Sheldon’s reaction was PRICELESS! After all these years, we’ve come full circle with the relationship agreement. 

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2. I would have liked to have been there while they filmed Simon Helberg do the stunts for the episode; I’m hoping they would have had some bloopers, because each part was funny in its own right. 

1. Can we talk about how adorable Shamy was in this episode?! I felt like the writing had Sheldon stay in-character, but you can clearly see his development…I know I’m a Shamy fangirl, but this episode did make me happy. Definite re-watch…especially the Godzilla moments….and uhm…

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