amy wilde

Amis as things people said in my film class today, out-of-context

Feuilly: “we had a small crew so we had to work ten times harder. And we didn’t get craft but we persevered" 

Enjolras: "my entire script is low key about fighting patriarchal gender norms”

Joly: “if you’re going to have a story about a narrator, you better make the narrator the most narrator narrator to ever narrate a narrative" 

Bahorel: "dude if you get me to read stage directions it’ll take an hour to get through this whole thing I talk at stoner speed" 

Grantaire: "I think [this movie] only got so many Oscar nominations because Hollywood loves to suck its own dick" 

Jehan: "how can you be sure that your best friend is a person”

Bossuet: “I wish Series of Unfortunate Events was scarier like the books but I think I’d be too scared if it was scarier, you know?" 

Combeferre: “But what’s the mythology of your world? Is there a great and impressive committee in the sky deciding on everything or is this man an outlier?”

Courfeyrac: "I’d make a good naked news anchor”

Les amis + the solar system 

6/10 - Courfeyrac + Jupiter 

Courfeyrac is Jupiter, the largest planet, nearly a star in its own right for the number of moons it has trapped in its orbit due to its immense gravity. It was named for the god of thunder, fittingly so–the storm in the massive red spot on its surface has been raging for centuries. - @grantairelibere

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Has anyone ever sat back and thought about how much work Edward Nygma actually puts into his traps and designs? For example, the race track in Arkham Knight. Not only did he have to know how fast the batmobile can accelerate, what its turning mechanics are like, how batman drives it, what else the car is capable of and so forth but he also actually had to go and design a death trap, which includes timing just right so everything functions accordingly, knowing when Batman would land on pressure pads, setting up all the lights, spray painting all the walls and everything else, setting up a projector, and recording a monologue. He also designed a whole bunch of riddler bots, chose the placement for 243 riddler trophies, and created a mecha suit for himself. Then he had to arrange the OTHER death traps and create more riddler bots which could match up the fighting styles of both batman AND Catwoman. The amount of engineering, thought, mechanics, and patience that went into that stuff must've been wild.