amy whitfield

2011 Was...
This was an ordinary year. A wonderful, fun, terribly sad, typical year like most others. Such a significant period of my life - after all, when we determine age, wisdom, experience, and society by how many years a person has lived for, every year is significant - and yet this one passed by so fast, so slowly, went on forever and was gone in the blink of an eye.

This was the year I did the Newtons Nation Road Trip, interning with Jemima Key events. I’m as far from the skating/BMX scene as you can possibly imagine. Strangers scare me. I hate travelling on a budget. I’d never done an event management internship before; didn’t even know how to prepare for one. All of these were very good reasons for me to not do this internship - which was exactly the reason I did it.

Photo Credit Amy Whitfield

I loved it. I had a ball. Sure, there were some bad days - but the fact that we, as a group, bounced back from those bad days and still remain friends now gave me so much faith in society, in friendships, in opportunities and in myself. I’m so glad I pushed my boundaries and forced myself into something that made me uncomfortable. I’m so much the better person for it, in so many ways.

This is Amy Whitfield (or amyzin/g). I’ve known her for a time and (amongst other things) she’s taught me that people can be great and good. 

By that, I mean skilful, charming, caring and careful, as well as unbelievably welcoming of all the things. She’s an amazing person, an incredible friend and just about the best (and I truly mean, the best). 

Happy Birthday, all my love and so many drunken name-stumbles to her.