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The Enchantment Alternative

Chapter Thirteen: A New Life

Previous Chapter: Chapter Twelve: A New Focus

“I would like to stop to invite some friends to come with us,” Sheldon told her when they reached the edge of town. “Is there anyone you would like to witness the marriage?”

Amy shook her head. She had no friends and no family other than Sheldon. She followed him to a small house where he knocked. A short man and a beautiful woman were behind the door when they answered.

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Kaotic Koncepts: Team Rose Gameplay/Controls for 2D Sonic Game Idea

Heyah everyone! I’m back with this whole idea again and this time I’m going to unveil the gameplay/controls of Team Rose! Sorry to keep any of you waiting for this ^_^; I meant to post this on Monday, but I completely forgot lol And I couldn’t do it yesterday because Sonic Forces revealed their “Custom Hero” feature and this would drowned in the hype XD Coincidentally, that feature is kind of what I’m trying to do, just applying it to the canon characters and it’s strictly for a 2D game (though 3D would be awesome). *Ahem* Anyway, before I go on, I’m just going to remind you that I’m just sharing a general idea for how the characters in question would play in this game idea of mine; the main purpose is to see if the traits/abilities me and my friends have come up are good or not, not so much the numbers being presented. Maybe I’ve made Ring costs too much or too little, but that doesn’t matter. Also, not going to do a “Read More” >:D 

Amy Rose

Overview: Have no fear, Underdo- I mean, Amy Rose is here! At last we get to this pink hedgehog, for Amy is one of my top favorite characters! Literally a close second to Cream, Amy’s own sidekick! Damn shame though that, thanks to Sonic Team’s handling of her character, Amy’s one of the most polarizing characters in this franchise… Well, even if it’s strictly in gameplay manners, I’m going to do Amy some serious justice with this idea of mine!

So, the idea I’ve always had for Amy was to take her gameplay from the first Sonic Advance but make her more acrobatic, and most importantly, grant Amy the use of magic! I know there are people who oppose Amy using magic, but it makes the most sense to me; Amy had a fascination with the arcane and utilized tarot cards in the Classic era and I see no reason not to bring that back, not to mention her hammer gives off serious magic vibes. And so with that, I’ve given Amy the ability to triple jump via the “Arcane Arts”, able to grab onto Swing Bars and extra proficient with them, a fast swimmer, and being able to roll into a ball (not jump into one though, there’s a big difference there). And for both her Abilities, Amy makes use of those tarot cards she used to find Sonic back in Sonic CD; the first use being to basically look up the map of the level, but in a limited sense, and the second use is gaining every known power-up from the cards, at the cost of Rings of course. All that alongside a “stomp attack” that lets Amy plummet to the ground at a fast rate! Never forget that this rose has serious thorns!


-Speed Type

-Fifth fastest character

-Can swim; fast swim speed but medium breath duration and stamina

-Can’t jump into a ball

-Can roll into a ball

-Able to grab onto Swing Bars

-Medium durability; loses 65 Rings on damage but can reclaim 40 of them

-Has the unique “Arcane Vision”, allowing Amy to see past illusions such as invisible platforms or false walls

Move Set

Jump (in midair)- Magic Jump (Using her Arcane Arts, Amy is able to jump while in the air. Magic Jump gives the most horizontal movement of all available double jumps and Amy can use it twice for a triple jump. However Amy is vulnerable to any enemies she hits and she’s unable to attack. Can be done after jumping to the air from the ground, launched into the air from a spring, or even falling off a ledge into the air)

Up + Jump- Hammer Jump (Amy slams her hammer onto the ground and does so with enough force to launch herself into the air. Hammer Jump enables Amy to jump even higher than with her double jump, however she can’t move easily in the air like she can with the double jump and her horizontal movement especially isn’t as good. Upon using the Hammer Jump, Amy swings her hammer the whole time while flipping forward as if she’s doing “Air Hammer” repeatedly, making Amy automatically attack any enemies she hits and grab onto any Swing Bars. Note that pressing/holding Up does not halt movement)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash (Amy rolls into a ball and revs herself, gathering speed with each press of the Jump button. Once Down is released, Amy launches herself forward with the speed dependent on how much the Spin Dash was charged. Though she was initially incapable of this technique, Amy has trained herself in the art of the Spin Dash and has succeeded)

Attack- Hammer Strike (Amy strikes the enemy with her hammer. You couldn’t get a simpler description. When she’s not moving or simply walking, Amy slams the hammer down in front of her. When running, Amy swings her hammer horizontally, enabling her to attack while moving with only a slight penalty in speed. Hammer Strike destroys any non-armored enemies and Amy isn’t harmed by hazards on enemies. The immobile version of Hammer Strike can be used on a spring to launch Amy higher and faster than any other character)

Attack (in midair)- Air Hammer (While in the air, Amy flips forward while swinging her hammer downward, destroying any enemy and damaging bosses she comes into contact with. If the hammer hits a Swing Bar during this move, it will catch onto the bar and allow Amy to swing from it. Destroys all kinds of enemies and interacts with springs just like Hammer Strike)

Down + Attack (in midair)- Heart Slam (From the air, Amy slams downward with her hammer with intense force, creating a powerful shockwave of hearts upon hitting the ground. Destroys all but giant armored enemies)

Ability 1- Divination (Amy looks at her tarot cards and foretells the future, gaining complete view of the upcoming areas in a given level; all the enemies, Rings, Item Containers, anything. Divination allows sight of even the furthest areas in a level, but Amy’s unable to gain view of the area of a level she has already passed. Costs 40 Rings and has a 1 minute cooldown, with any damage forcing Amy out of Divination, which can happen since she’s completely stationary and vulnerable in this state)

Ability 2- Manifestation (Amy looks into her tarot cards, but instead of divination, Amy taps into their greater power to grant herself a power-up. Amy stands completely still while doing this, but she’s able to select any power-up in the game without relying on item-boxes, from the Elemental Shields to Invincibility. However, the power-ups cost Rings, with the most useful ones costing the most; invincibility always being the most expensive while the Elemental Shields shift price depending on the level) 

Cream the Rabbit

Overview: At last we get to Cream, sidekick to Amy Rose and my absolute favorite character in this franchise due to her interesting and adorable design coupled with her surprising badassery (I also wish real life kids would share Cream’s polite personality rather than mostly be brats). Sadly for me, Cream doesn’t get a lot of love from both fans and SEGA because she’s not overtly badass. Which is kind of odd given that Cream is easily the most powerful character in her playable appearances… Then again, being a game breaker isn’t exactly a good thing, and so my focus for Cream was making her more badass while keeping her balanced.

So, Cream’s playstyle remains mostly unchanged from Advance 2 and 3, being able to fly, jump into a ball, a send Cheese to attack enemies, but Cream is no longer able to roll into a ball and even forgot the Spin Dash, instead using her own version of Amy’s “Giant Step” from Advance 1. Cheese is also much less powerful, still able to destroy regular enemies but finding himself only able to stun Giant enemies, can’t even attack Armored enemies, and Eggman has Chao-proofed his mechs, so now Cheese is no longer a boss destroyer. On the plus side, though, this allows Cream herself to take on Eggman rather than send Cheese, and the polite tyke has learned new abilities to be further useful, namely using her rabbit feet to jump high into the air and stomp down onto enemies from the air, keeping Cheese useful by sending him to collect Rings and Item Containers, and Cream has also developed a mystical technique to craft herself a shield of light, which is temporary but let’s Cream tank 3 hits! This should make Cream a badass in a true way and do her justice! Cheese may have gotten weaker, but Cream herself becomes stronger, and those who would still view her as a non-badass in this game idea, I kindly ask you start reconsidering.


-Flying Type

-Highest jump of all characters (she’s a rabbit after all and very light to boot)

-Third fastest running non-speed character

-Tied with Charmy for most fragile character (loses all Rings upon damage and can only retrieve 5)

-Can’t swim; low breath duration

-Can’t roll into a ball 

-Can jump into a ball

Move Set

Jump + Jump (in midair)- Ear Flight (Cream flaps her ears like wings and flies through the air. Very fast horizontal speed, allowing Cream to reach far distances, but vertical speed leaves a bit to be desired. Lasts for 7 seconds, after which Cream becomes exhausted and falls to the ground completely helpless. Cheese slows Cream’s descent to a relative crawl but he is unable to do anything else for her)

Up + Jump- Rabbit Bounce (Cream channels incredible force to her already strong rabbit feet and jumps very high into the air, even higher than normal. Downside to this ability is that Cream does not jump into a ball, thus leaving her vulnerable to enemies, and she cannot enter Ear Flight from this jump)

Down + Jump- Rabbit Leap (Cream runs in place as she gathers speed for a momentous leap. Pretty much Cream’s version of Amy’s “Giant Step” from Sonic Advance but with a lengthier leap at the cost of slower momentum)

Attack- Chao Tackle (Cream commands Cheese to attack the nearest enemy, destroying regular enemies but only stunning Giant enemies and not even attempting to attack Armored enemies. Due to Eggman Chao-proofing his mechs, Cheese is also unable to attack bosses, though he is able to stun certain parts of a boss. Can be used in midair and while flying)

Down + Attack (in midair or midflight)- Rabbit Stomp (Cream puts her rabbit feet to good use and slams herself to the ground from the air, stomping anything below. Destroys regular enemies, with the stomp continuing after making contact with any, and deals good damage to bosses but only stuns giants and Cream will get damaged by hazards on enemies for obvious reasons)

Ability 1- Chao Fetch (Cream sends Cheese to collect any Rings and Items Containers in the screen. Can be used midflight)

Ability 2- Light Shield (Cream uses her Light Aura, a special new ability she gained, to craft herself a barrier of light. Light Shield protects Cream from 3 hits but only lasts a minute. This barrier also lights up dark areas to a minor degree and kills any ghosts who touch Cream. Costs 40 Rings and has a minute cooldown, which begins once the shield is gone)

Big the Cat

Overview: I bet you were all hoping for the other purple cat whose name begins with a “B”. Well, we’ll get to her later. For now, it’s Big’s time to shine! So, Big the Cat… I can’t deny, I don’t really have any feelings for this guy. I like him, I certainly don’t think he deserves the hatred he’s gotten and still gets. But I don’t really find his character all that interesting, save his design, and I often forget he exists. Granted, Big hasn’t had a plot relevant, let alone playable appearance, since Sonic Heroes! So, despite not much interest, I’m gonna give the big guy a chance and went through the trouble of making up some gameplay for him in a 2D game, which is something Big actually needs above all other characters since the major source of Big’s hatred is his fishing gameplay from Adventure 1.

It was a challenge, but I think I came up with something; basically, Big is the slowest character in the game (but in a way that works for the franchise) and has the second lowest jump. However, not only is Big the fastest in ball form but he’s practically invincible! However, Big cannot jump into ball form, so you have to rely on his Attacks, the Pole Strike and Body Press, in the air. And Big of course uses his fishing rod for both Abilities, with the first one being him using it as a grappling hook of sorts and the second being Big literally fishing like in Adventure. Though at least it’s massively simplified and you get incredible rewards from it in the form of huge amount of Rings or power-ups of the best kind. Big may be slow-witted, but his massive size sure makes up for it.


-Power Type

-Slowest running character in the game

-Second lowest jump

-Can roll into a ball 

-Can’t jump into a ball (except when bouncing on a spring)

-Strongest in ball form, possessing highest roll speed and destroys all kind of enemies. Ball form is heavy though and requires lots of momentum to continue

-Durable; loses only 10 Rings on damage and can reclaim them all

-Can swim; slow swim speed but great swim stamina and breath

-Able to climb up walls when colliding into one while holding Jump, via intense upper arm strength and cat claws. Slowest climber though

Move Set

Jump + Jump (hold)- Umbrella Descent (While in the air, Big shifts his fishing pole into an umbrella and floats down to the ground at a steady pace. Slows down descent the most out of all “float/hover” abilities but doesn’t give much horizontal movement)

Down + Jump- Spin Dash

Attack- Pole Strike (Big raises his fishing pole up and then swings down with great force. Destroys all kinds of enemies and has good range, all while not leaving Big harmed by hazards on an enemy. Only downside is that Big is slow in doing the attack and it can’t be spammed. Can be used in the air)

Down + Attack (in midair)- Body Press (While in the air, Big spreads out his arms and legs and aims his belly down at the ground. Big then slams down to the ground with his entire weight, plummeting down at the fastest speed and destroying all kinds of enemies on the way down and on impact. Hazards on an enemy, however, will hurt Big)

Ability 1- Frog Rain (Froggy appears on Big’s head and summons rain with his croaks, a technique he learned from the giant frogs of Frog Forest. The rain Froggy summons lasts for 30 seconds and causes plants to sprout from the ground for the duration, some launching Big into the air like a spring and others acting as platforms for the cat. Once Frog Rain ends, the plants wither away. Costs 50 Rings) 

Ability 2- Fish Goods (When adjacent to or above bodies of water, Big will cast his fishing pole to, well, fish. Big will then stand still with his line in the water, waiting up to 3 seconds for a “bite”; when a “bite” occurs, an exclamation mark will appear above Big’s head and you have a full second to press any button to reel in the fishing line, netting the cat Rings or a power-up. The Rings will be HUGE in amount and the power-up extremely useful to make up for having to stand still)


“It could’ve gone better…
There had been a lot thrown at me in those days following. I went behind my parent’s backs, traveled to Mexico, saved Veronica from her ties with a gang in her country, then like some strange twist of fate, I ran into Muggshot and learned things about my father’s past I just– couldn’t believe. 

I was only 18; it was a lot to take in and accept. But, I did it. And now, four years later, I’m making something of not only myself, but the Cooper Legacy. With, of course, a twist from my mom’s own family reputation–

I’m keeping both alive.”

Marauders + Story of Tonight

Raise a glass to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell you
Raise a glass to the four of us
Tomorrow there’ll be more of us
Telling the story of tonight

See Ya Soon, a fanfic

Been a while since I wrote anything and though I’ve got some in the works and some ideas for some, just haven’t either finished them or put them down yet. So here’s some more Sonamy because you can never get enough Sonamy. Sorry if it seems rushed. Tried to get it done since I will be heading out for the weekend shortly. ENJOY!!

‘It’s been a while Ames.’ Sonic wrote down on the small folded card with his semi-sloppy hand writing. It seems he couldn’t even slow down his own calligraphy to make concise script. ‘I know you’re having a blast over there! Wish I could join you…’

He leaned back in the chair he was sitting in and propped his feet on the small desk he was utilizing in Tails’ workshop. He tucked his hands behind his quills as a makeshift headrest. With a small smile cocked across his face, he gazed up at the rafters in contemplation on what to write next.

It was a few weeks ago that Amy headed off on an opportunity to go abroad on a big international voyage. Of course she took it, who wouldn’t? Especially as someone so interested in history and other cultures as her. But Sonic opted to stay back to ensure Eggman stayed in check. The madman would have left no room for hesitation for his next ‘master plan’ if he found the blue hedgehog was on vacation for an extended period of time. So not new to the concept Sonic did what he had to; even if that meant being away from his other half for a number of weeks.

The two had been exchanging letters when they could. It wasn’t Sonic’s preferred mode of communication but Amy thought it was a cute, rustic, romantic, and all that so what really could he do. But Sonic was quick to find that he kind of liked the letters. Personal, private, the gratification once finally received, and the cool dude found it easier to write out what he wanted to say than to stumble over his words when he’d try and articulate them. So he kept writing.

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SHAMY fanfic for The Fluff Crawlspace. Ep 9x24: The aftermath.

(This is the fluffiest piece of fluff in the history of fluffstuff. It’s also my first ever fic, so be kind. Enjoy, shippers.)

It was late, after midnight, and she was so, so tired, but Amy switched on the iron, and carefully laid out the yards of purple satin on the ironing board. The dress had been dry cleaned, but had gotten a little crushed in the car ride home, and she wanted it to be perfect for Penny and Leonard’s re-wedding tomorrow. Although Penny hadn’t made her the official maid-of-honour, she knew this was her chance. Amy Farrah Fowler had an inner princess that had been stifled long enough; she was NOT going to settle for less than perfection.

While she waited for the iron to warm up, Amy fiddled with the other things she had laid out - heels, stockings, bracelet… Her hand hovered over the velvet case that held her prized possession; the tiara that Sheldon had given her as an apology gift. She smiled, remembering, but couldn’t bring herself to open the case. It was Penny’s day, and some gut instinct told Amy that the tiara would be too much, like trying to upstage Penny in some way. Not that it was possible to upstage Penny. Amy had always felt like a bit of a wallflower next to her gorgeous friend, who didn’t need tiaras or satin to look beautiful. All the same, Amy decided - no tiara.

She was pleased that, for now at least, she had her feelings of jealousy tightly under control. When Penny had announced their plans to hold a second wedding, Amy had tried not to think about the fact that her own wedding was likely years away. Sheldon had shown no sign that he was planning a proposal - other than that odd business with the ring. Maybe Meemaw had gotten to him after all. There had been no talk about it, and Amy was quite sure that had Sheldon started drafting a contract for their engagement, she would have been able to tell. He always had that odd, energetic glow when he had been working on a contract. Sheldon had seemed so comfortingly, irritatingly normal lately, that Amy knew it simply wasn’t on his mind.

As she often did when distracted and thinking of Sheldon, Amy subconsciously reached for the kettle and switched it on. Immediately, her whole apartment plunged into darkness.

‘What the..?!’

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Most probably she had blown a fuse, overloading the circuit by trying to run iron and kettle simultaneously. Amy was annoyed at herself for not thinking of it. For someone with a PhD, I can be pretty stupid, she thought wryly. That’s what thinking about boys will do to you. Now she would have to go out and find the fuse box in the hall. Amy fumbled in the cupboard for a flashlight, and not finding one, groped her way around the kitchen towards the door, bumping into the ironing board as she went. ‘Ouch! Damn it!’.

She slid the chain across and unbolted the door lock. As the door swung towards her, Amy shrieked and leaped back. Someone was standing right outside her door! The light from the hall silhouetted a tall figure, poised with one arm up, ready to strike. Amy yelled and stumbled backwards, grabbing for something, anything she could use to defend herself against the intruder. Even as she yelled, she knew it was late - likely no-one would hear her cries. She was on her own. Her legs crashed into the table by the couch, and she toppled over, landing ungracefully on the floor. Amy lay still and screwed her eyes shut, hoping that it was too dark for the intruder to find her. For a long moment, all was silent. Then came a tentative sound…

Knock-knock-knock. “Amy-in-the-dark?”
Knock-knock-knock. “Amy-in-the-da—“

“SHELDON!!” Amy exclaimed, struggling to her feet. “What are you doing here?!!”

There was a pause. After a moment, another set of three knocks, followed by a sheepish, “Amy-in-the-dark?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” Amy was so relieved to not be fighting off a burglar, even the unnecessary knocking didn’t bother her. She limped towards Sheldon and threw both arms around him. Sheldon returned the hug, and then pushed her back by the shoulders. “What are you doing with all the lights off, Amy? Are you playing a game?”

Her eyes rapidly adjusting to the dim light, Amy smiled patiently up at Sheldon, his face a mask of confusion and curiosity. “Negative. I blew a fuse, and was on my way out to reset it. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be outside my door,” she gestured tiredly.

“Oh.” Sheldon brightened. “Well, I can help you with that.” He bounced back out to the hallway, locating the fuse box. “You know, you shouldn’t run so many appliances at once, it overloads the circuit and trips the fuse.” Amy rolled her eyes at his back, but let it go.

“Thanks, Sheldon.” She rubbed her bruised calf muscles. “You still didn’t answer my question. Why are you at my house in the middle of the night?” Belatedly, she noticed the small overnight bag that he had carried, lying where he had dropped it just inside the door. “Is everything okay?” She felt a wave of concern - Sheldon hated being out after midnight.

“I’m not sure,” Sheldon replied, as the lights flickered back on and the apartment came back to life. He stood in the doorway, shoulders squared. “I need you to drive me to the Weston Hotel. Then I’ll be able to tell you.”

“Sheldon, whats going on?”. Belatedly, Amy realised that the Weston was where his mother was staying. And Leonard’s father. The events of the evening’s dinner party came back to her, and she realised where this was heading. “Oh…”

“I can’t get hold of my mother. I just need to make sure that she made it back to the hotel, make sure that she is safe, and make very sure that she is fast asleep in her own room in a bed all by herself. It shouldn’t take long. Be a peach and grab your keys, hmm?” He raised his eyebrows, hopeful.

“Sheldon.” Amy sighed. This was not going to end well. “We are not going to the Weston. It’s after midnight. We have the wedding tomorrow. Your mom is fine. If she is with Leonard’s dad, there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to accept it.”

Sheldon stared at her, seeming shocked at her disobedience. “Amy! This is serious! It’s important! Clearly it’s very important - how often do I ask you to drive me somewhere in the middle of the night? Hmm?”

“More often than you’d think,” Amy retorted with an edge of sarcasm.

“Well, I can’t sleep while I’m wondering about my mom. C’mon, lets go.” Sheldon held the door open for her.

“No, Sheldon. I’m not taking you. If you won’t listen to me, then get a taxi. But your mom has a right to her privacy. Even YOU have to respect that. Case closed.” Amy turned and walked over to the kitchen. She needed to finish ironing the dress and then get some beauty sleep. Sheldon could deal with this without her.

Sheldon hovered by the door for a moment. Then, realising Amy was not going to be swayed by his arguing, he stepped inside and closed it gently. He reached down to pick up his overnight bag again, and carried it over to Amy’s couch. Amy watched this with a good measure of interest, before glancing down at the ironing board. The iron had fallen over when she had bumped into it in the dark, and as she lifted it up, she moaned in horror.

The beautiful purple satin was marred by a huge dark burn, the shape of the iron. Her dress, her perfect princess gown, was spoiled. Amy couldn’t help it, her eyes filled with tears and she let out a sob, quickly followed by another.

“What’s wrong?” Sheldon looked up at her. “Amy? Are you upset about my mother, too?” he asked hopefully.

“My dress! It’s ruined!!!” Amy held the dress up to her chest. The burn mark was three inches from the bottom hem, and completely obvious. She could never wear it now.

Sheldon casually regarded the dress. “Oh. Is that all? Well, that’s not so bad.” He made no move towards her.

She glared at Sheldon through tears. “You know Sheldon, just ONCE, just ONE TIME in your life, it would be nice if you could think about someone other than yourself!!! I know you’re upset about your mother. I get it. But you are NOT the only person in the world with problems, with FEELINGS!” Sheldon’s eyes widened. But Amy wasn’t finished. The tiredness, the frustration with Sheldon, the envy of Penny and her wedding all welled up and spilled over. She knew she was being horrible, and she didn’t care. “I’ve had it! If you can’t show the slightest bit of empathy, after all this time, then just go. I don’t want to see you. GO!”

“But, Amy-“ Sheldon stepped towards her; Amy couldn’t bear it. “NO!” she roared, throwing the armful of ruined satin at Sheldon. She whirled around, stormed to her bedroom, and - refusing to think about the last time Sheldon had been in here - she slammed the door shut.

All was quiet. After a few moments, Amy heard Sheldon’s footsteps moving around the kitchen. Then she heard the jangle of keys - HER keys, he actually had the hide to think he could just drive off to the hotel in HER car!! - and then the gentle clunk of the front door closing behind him. Amy rolled over on the bed and let tears roll down her face until she drifted off to sleep.

* * * *

Her dreams were full of strange and awful things - apartment intruders and strange whirring noises, and weddings and yelling and acres of purple satin that she could never quite get her hands on. When she woke, the sun streaming under her curtain, she was surprised to realise it was because her bedroom door was being pushed open. Amy brushed her hair back from her face with her palms, and sat up quickly. Sheldon poked his head around the door. “Amy? Oh good, you’re awake. I made you a beverage.”

Amy rubbed her eyes. “Uh, thanks?” she offered, as Sheldon walked into her room carrying a cup of tea, made just how she liked it. She accepted the cup.

“Drink up,” Sheldon commanded. “We have to start getting ready for the wedding.” He backed out of the room.

Amy felt stupidly self conscious; Sheldon had seen her a lot more disheveled than this before, but she knew she must look dreadful. Besides, had he not listened to a word she said last night? How can he think that I am going to show up to the wedding? She felt a wave of anger surging up again, and stalked out to the lounge to make her displeasure known.

The sight that greeted her stopped her right in her tracks. Sheldon - shirtless - looked startled that she had interrupted him in the middle of changing, and reached quickly for his tuxedo shirt. But that wasn’t what had her attention. The purple dress - now several inches shorter, and hemmed to perfection - was hanging up on the back of the door. An ancient sewing machine was set up on her table, and had clearly been in recent use. The burned scrap of fabric lay on the floor between where Sheldon and Amy stood. Absently, she reached down to pick it up.

“Sheldon…” Amy was speechless. She fumbled for her words. “What did you do?” Belatedly, she noticed his bloodshot eyes and wary expression. He looked as though he had been awake all night.

Sheldon ducked his head awkwardly, and waved at the sewing machine. “It was Meemaw’s. She taught me to sew.” He paused, uncertain. “I’m sorry I took your car without asking. I had to go get it from my storage shed. I didn’t drive faster than ten miles per hour…” He shuddered at the memory - Amy knew Sheldon found all driving traumatic.

Amy walked slowly over to the dress, as Sheldon shrugged into his shirt. “Sheldon, this is amazing. It looks…perfect.” Amy meant it. Somehow, the purple satin gown was even better, although quite daring for her. It looked as though it would barely cover her knees. “You stayed up all night to fix it.” It was a statement, not a question.

Sheldon looked over his shoulder at her. “Mmmm. I couldn’t sleep anyway, not with thinking about my mom and, well.” He stopped, looking forlorn. Amy marched over to him and grabbed him from behind, slinging her arms about his waist. She pressed her cheek to his back.

“I’m sorry, Sheldon.”

“I didn’t mean to make you feel like I didn’t care, Amy.” Sheldon looked frustrated with himself. “I knew it would be simple to fix the dress. I’m sorry for … well. I’m sorry for being the way I am. I don’t like it when you’re sad.” He swivelled in her arms and returned the hug. Amy gazed up at him, and he touched his lips quickly to her forehead. Amy felt her knees wobble.

Sheldon dropped his arms and stepped back. “Time to get dressed. We don’t want to be late. Besides, I may need to stop on the way to storm the Weston and free my mother from a possible hostage situation.” He grimaced.

Amy laughed. Sheldon tossed his head at her, and threw up his hands.


Amy stepped out of the bedroom wearing the purple satin gown. Her legs bare, she felt self-conscious, but not altogether awkward. In fact, she felt… pretty. Sheldon looked up from his spot on the couch, and stood, wiping his palms on his tuxedo trousers.

“Help me with the zipper?” Amy’s voice sounded shakier than she intended, as she turned her back to him.

Sheldon swallowed, and gently swept Amy’s dark hair aside to fasten the zip. “There,” he said softly.

She did a playful pirouette for him. “How does it look?”

Sheldon looked her up and down, his gaze coming to rest somewhere around her knees. “I could have taken an extra inch off, and evened the back a little more, but the stitching is passable.”

Amy rolled her eyes again. This time, Sheldon caught on.

“You look beautiful,” he told her, with certainty, and sparkles erupted somewhere inside Amy’s chest. “I’ll have to keep a close eye on you today.” He looked solemn, but a smile tugged at one corner of his mouth.

“Did you just wink at me, Sheldon Cooper?” Amy couldn’t help the grin that burst across her face.

“I guess we’ll never know,” replied Sheldon, with an answering grin. Sheldon? Flirting?

“Well, you look pretty good yourself.” Sheldon, dressed smartly in his tuxedo, did cut a fine figure. Once again, Amy counted her blessings. I love you, too. “Hey. You had all your stuff with you?” Amy realised that in all her misery about the dress, she had never asked about the overnight bag. Sheldon had never stayed the night before. “You weren’t planning to go home last night?”

Sheldon looked sheepish. “I didn’t know what to do, so I came here. You see - “ Sheldon stopped and huffed a sigh, as if unsure how to go on. Amy waited. “Well, after we got home from the restaurant last night, Leonard and Penny and I stayed up talking a while. They decided to each sleep in their own rooms, as per the custom of not seeing one’s intended spouse on the morning of the wedding.” After seeing Amy’s nod - she knew the custom to which he referred - he went on. “I went to bed, but before I could get to sleep, Leonard’s mother arrived, and uh, she was suffering the effects of intoxication. Oh boy, that woman is persistent when fuelled by ethanol.”

Amy’s eyebrows shot up. “Sheldon! What did you do?”

Sheldon was pragmatic. “Nothing impolite. She wanted comfort, I declined to give it to her. But once she had actually gotten into my bed, there didn’t seem like much point in trying to get her back out of it. So I left, instead. I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

Amy reached for his hand. “No, I wouldn’t mind.” She grinned up at him. “You can stay over whenever you like,” she added suggestively.

“That’s all very well, but someone has to keep an eye out for Leonard. He gets lonely without me. Besides, if I’m away too long, he gets very relaxed about the bathroom schedule, which can’t be a good thing for any of us.”

Amy sighed ruefully and reached for her purse. “Should we go, then?”

“Wait.” Sheldon stopped. He picked up the black velvet case from the table, and held it out to her. “Aren’t you going to wear your tiara?”.

Amy shook her head.

“But you wore it when Bernadette and Howard got married.”

“You remember that?” Amy was touched.

“Of course. I have an-“

“…eidetic memory. I know,” she finished for him. “But I don’t think a tiara is socially acceptable headwear for a maid-of-honour. I think they’re more of a bridal thing.”

“Oh,” Sheldon said. "Good idea. Save it, and you can wear it when we get married, instead.”

“Sheldon…” Amy was astonished at his casual mention of matrimony. She beamed as Sheldon held the door open for her.

“By the way,” added Sheldon darkly, "Leonard’s father will NOT be invited to our wedding.”

Amy laughed as she closed the door on Apartment 314. As she followed Sheldon down the hall, she noticed a scrap of purple fabric poking out of the pocket of his pants. She gave it a gentle tug, and out came the slice of fabric with the burn mark. Sheldon whirled around and whipped it out of her hand.

"Sorry, but I need that.” Sheldon tucked the scrap safely into his pocket.

Amy smiled. “You’re going to run out of room in that shed, you know.”

“I don’t care. I’m keeping it because it reminds me of you.” Sheldon held out a hand, and Amy took it, her face bright with possibility.

tailtwitcher  asked:

For the ask drabble thingy: "please, don't leave" - sonamy ;)

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble


A metallic hand tightened around her neck, slowly blocking her airways and causing her vision to blur. Two bright red eyes flickered back at her, sending a shiver down her spine in fear. Despite how much it hurt, and weak Amy had became she still had fight in her. She held her hammer tighter, and took a swing. Metal Sonic released his grasp after the impact of her weapon. She was starting to fall.

Instead of falling into Sonic’s arms, she hit the ground painfully. She felt numb where she lied, the pain from landing on her back traveled throughout her entire body. Tears started to flow down her cheeks in agony. Through her blurry vision she vaguely noticed Metal Sonic had recovered with only his head dented, showing clear signs he was functioning just perfectly. He advanced on his target, and Amy panicked. She needed to get up, and do whatever she could to get help. Her body immediately complained the second she tried to sit up. Yet, she was determined to get out of this situation… alive. Steadily, she managed to stand on wobbly legs. She could hardly keep her balance, as she stumbled toward the wrist communicator discarded on the ground. Metal Sonic reached the gadget before she did.

He picked up the wrist band and crushed the device in his hand, before tossing possibly the only way opportunity for Amy to escape alive. She shook her head, mumbling a plea and slowly backed away. Each step she took was agony after that fall. Metal inched closer on her, and pinned against the building. Once again, his grasp around her neck tightened. Amy coughed, kicked, and pleaded over and over before all these words became inaudible.

Gradually, Amy felt herself losing consciousness and her vision going black. Memories of her life begin to play in her mind. What she accomplished and what she desperately hoped for in the future. Unfortunately, she would never know what would lay ahead. She was slowly starting to accept this fate, by now. It was far too late to do anything, anyway.


A shake to her shoulder startled her awake, causing Amy to strike whatever… or whoever was touching her. “Whoa! Chill, Amy. It’s me- Ow!” Her attacks ceased to a stop after recognizing Sonic’s voice. Not exactly what she expected at all, but it was better than the horrifying nightmare. Knowing that she would be able to see him again… was the best news. Her eyes slowly peeled open to look up at the blue blur. His expression concerned her. He looked sad, and tired.

She reached out to stroke his cheek, to be sure he was… real. The corner of his mouth twitched into a sincere smile and he laid his hand upon her own, offering her comfort. More tears started to flow, and Sonic looked back at her in alarm. Before he could even open his mouth to ask, she embraced him tightly and cried on his shoulder. Sonic didn’t flinch, or pull away for Amy’s sake. He even tightened the embrace, and stroked her back. Through her sobbing, she begun to give vague details of the dream. It now made complete sense to Sonic why he had heard her screaming, and thrashing about in her sleep. Sonic said nothing. He didn’t really need to say anything. His company was comfort enough.

After Amy finally relaxed, Sonic guided her back to her bed and draped her with her warm blankets. She rubbed at her eyes, wiping away any tears that still lingered. Exhaustion from the crying and from the stress she had experienced was hitting her hard, by now. Sonic switched off her lamp on the nightstand, and quietly made his way to the door to let Amy rest. “Wait…” When she got his attention, she sat up from her bed. Now that he stopped to turn and face her, confusion forming on his facial features. Amy started to hesitate, now. It was late. How could she ask him to do this? Yes, she was scared to go back to sleep, but why should she ruin Sonic’s sleep too? That was awfully selfish of her. “… Nevermind.” Amy cleared her throat, in awkwardness.

“No, go on. What’s up Amy?” Dang, he was being persistent. He leaned against the wall, and crossed his arms. He might’ve not been the most patient hedgehog she knew but when it came to his friends well-being that was a whole different story. She loved that about him. It was obvious that Sonic was concerned of her needs, no matter how silly it sounded to her.

“P-please don’t leave…”

Amy witnessed his eyes grow wide when hearing her plea. Sonic wasn’t exactly appalled, nor was he about to decline her request. When Amy looked away, afraid to witness seeing Sonic disappear from her sight, instead he approached her bedside and crawled underneath the covers. He grinned back at her awkwardly when their gazes locked, again. “If it helps you feel better, sure. I won’t leave ya’.” Sonic understood that after that startling dream involving Metal Sonic she’d would struggle to sleep, so he was more than willing to stay if it meant she would get a peaceful sleep.


Anonymous suggested: Amy and Sheldon get sick at the same time now that they live together

Amy sneezed.

Then Amy sneezed again.

“That’s it.  You go to the couch,” Sheldon snapped as he pulled the pillow roughly from under her head and handed it to her.  Then he pointed to the door and Amy climbed out of bed and went to sleep on the couch.  Last time her allergies had gotten to her, she actually fought Sheldon on this, but the fight had lasted all night and she didn’t get any sleep.  At least if she gave up, she might be able to get some sleep even if it’s on the couch.

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Sick Acker Burn
Much Ado About Nothing Cast + Joss Whedon

Amy dropping a Patented Acker Completely Nonchalant Precision Strike Burn©

Amy Acker: Was this the first scene we shot?

Jillian Morgese: I think so.

Amy: I feel like it was.

Joss Whedon: Yeah.

Alexis Denisof: Of the movie?

Amy: Because I remember Clark, was just, like, arriving–

Joss: Well, no, no, the first thing we shot, was the beautiful Nick Kocher shot.

Amy: Oh.

Everyone else: Right.

Joss: Yeah, because the first thing we did was (can’t make it out, “focus on the title screen?”)

Nick Kocher: Hell yeah.

Brian McElhaney: Lot of Nick Kocher talk in this.

Joss: And then I think we came in and did this.

Amy: But, for the real movie part.

*big laughter from everyone*

Someone, Romy or Emma?: Yes, Amy.

Ashley Johnson: Oooooh, burn!

Clark Gregg: Much ado about snaap!

Joss: Or the part that matters at all, then yes, this is the first scene.

*more laughter*

Nick: Amy, remind me real fast, what’s your address, and what are things you’re allergic to?

*more laughter, eventually trailing off*