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this love is o u r s


“It’s the type of performance that drives one to incessantly wonder, ‘What is she thinking?’ But this is uncertainty shrouded in personal mystery, not vagueness. And like the headiest and most involving mysteries, Keough refuses to settle for any quick and tidy resolutions, luring us in without ever emerging too far from her own protective shell. In this instance, answers hardly matter. Her suspense is enthralling enough.”

Here’s why Riley Keough’s breakout performance on The Girlfriend Experience deserves Emmy consideration, by Matthew Eng

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: jehan & enjolras

soft voices and grave expressions, silent tears, blowing dandelions, flowing words and flights of enthusiasm, sitting in windowsills, messy buns, keeping each other company while getting on with work, latin quotes, loose papers in piles, looking out across vast views, noticing what’s neglected, the wind in your hair, constant conversations about the state of the world, burning anger and gentle hearts. (requested by anonymous)

Biggest pet peeve forever is when people ignore Joly and Bousset as Grantaire’s best bros in favor of more popular amis(see: Jehan).

Ofc Grantaire is friends with Jehan as well, but for the love of God stop pushing Bousset and Joly aside those tree are the closest friens trio you will see in Les Mis.


it is possible to recover, just hang in there

everything will be alright the killers // recovery frank turner // i wanna get better bleachers // we could be friends freelance whales // spark amy macdonald // not that bad matt and kim // you were cool the mountain goats // better man than he sivu // it’s nice to be alive ball park music // ridiculously happy adam young // best day of my life american authors // smilin’ pascale picard // light bulb rachel goodrich // riptide vance joy // recover chvrches // sanctuary utada hikaru // if i ever feel better phoenix // be ok ingrid michaelson // comes and goes greg laswell // it’s not my fault i’m happy passion pit // today will be better i swear stars // on our way the royal concept // sunshine girl moumoon // be okay bo en // smile upon me passion pit // something good can work two door cinema club // brighter than sunshine aqualung // up the wolves mountain goats // rainbow veins owl city // everything’s okay lenka

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The Story of Jake x Amy - Spark

i am a Charles Boyle for this pair

A playlist for The Darkest Minds series, by Alexandra Bracken (inspired by all three novels, as well as the novellas in Through the Dark)

the kids from yesterday - my chemical romance
kids in the dark - all time low
i’m just a kid - simple plan
we are the kids - walk the moon
we are young - fun.
drive - halsey
runaways - all time low
won’t stop running - a great big world
free bird - lynyrd skynyrd (ruby and her father)
control - halsey
dancing with the devil - wolf gang (clancy)
unbreakable - fireflight (ruby)
ramblin’ man - the allman brothers (liam)
better than i know myself - adam lambert (how ruby feels about liam)
goodbye to you - michelle branch (ruby letting liam go)
it’s all coming back to me now - celine dion (liam remembers)
just the way you are - billy joel (liam to ruby)
ordinary day - vanessa carlton (sam and lucas)
dreaming in deja vu - greek fire (lucas and sam)
spark - amy macdonald (jude, zu)
fire with fire - scissor sisters (cole)
burn - ellie goulding
burnin’ for you - blue oyster cult (reds, cole)
closer to the edge - 30 seconds to mars
army - ellie goulding
afterlife - ingrid michaelson
home - phillip phillips
wouldn’t it be nice - the beach boys

And yes if you notice I did use some of the songs Ms. Bracken used in her story, but for me, there cannot be a soundtrack for these books without them.  This playlist was created in conjunction with @ofpagesandink‘s The Darkest Minds Readalong.

(if it’s dark outside) you light the fire yourself
a finoa gallagher mix

no gun - naomi pilgram (sometimes life just isn’t fun). | everything’s just wonderful - lily allen (it’s very funny cause I got your fucking money). | gangsta - tune-yards (never move to my hood / cause danger is crawling out the wood). | this is your life - the killers (wait for something better). | bible belt - dry the river (the fire of your youth went dark). | love is a losing game - amy winehouse (though I battle blind / love is a fate resigned). | i run empty - tegan and sarah (don’t think I didn’t deserve what I got). | o'sister - city and colour (you used to be so strong and stable, my sister). | orange sky - alexi murdoch (in your love, my salvation lies). spark - amy macdonald (don’t worry, I’m okay now). | shake it out (acoustic) - florence and the machine (it’s always darkest before the dawn).