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Sonamy: Sonic Forces Story

Hey! I’m not one to write fanficiton, I’m more of a reader than writer myself, but I wanted to write out this scene before I came around to drawing it. Because every drawing I did, I didn’t like and I would start over. So I thought, why not write it out first? Which is what I did! 

I am not a great writer by any means, this is like my first official fanfiction, and it’s not even that long haha. I didn’t try to make it as good as some writers do (props to you guys) and there are definitely some mistakes in there with writing errors and proper grammar, but I simply made it so I can draw the scene. 

It’s an idea by @the-amazing-p3a for an Amy confession scene in Sonic Forces, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read her post! So the credit goes to her! I also wrote like a little paragraph of what I’d think they would do when they actually defeated Eggman. Of course, it’s not great or long, but whatever!

It’s going to be under ‘read more’ because I don’t want it to crowd up people’s dashboard! :)

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Sonic Boom Spoiler Review: Give Bees a Chance

Give Bees a Chance was amazing! It’s now one of my favorite episodes of the series! It was so cute, and was definitely one of the most emotional episodes. To think I originally thought the idea of this episode sounded dumb, but oh man, Cindy Robinson did an incredible job with writing this episode. the bond between Amy and her new pet bee bot was honestly adorable.

The episode starts off with Mr Slate announcing he found a rare sapphire, but he has no use for it, and gives it to Sonic and the gang. They even throw in a hilarious reference to the Master Emerald, by having Knuckles volunteer to look after it. Knuckles mentions how he’s been getting too many complaints about not watching over any gem. I thought that was pretty funny. Eggman then tries taking the sapphire, using a bunch of bee bots. There were even a few references to Sonic and Amy having a secret relationship again in this episode. When Sonic wasn’t being specific enough about  directions in protecting the sapphire, Amy mentions how communication is important in a relationship, and Sonic responds “Relationship? Who said anything about a relationship?…” Shortly after the battle, Amy looks in pity upon Orbot and Cubot picking up after the bee bot scraps, and she begins questioning what ever happens to the robots they destroy. She then comes across a bee bot that is in pain, and she suddenly feels sorry for it. She takes it in for Tails to repair. Tails modifies the bee bot to be less hostile, and we get a montage of Amy growing a bond with Bea. It was really cute to see Bea flying through a hoop, and getting rewarded with metalic nuts. I honestly awed every time Amy would hug Bea, and Bea would give out some affectionate buzzing noises, it was so adorable.

However, when Eggman notices Amy running around with one of his bee bots, he uses his arm remote to control Bea, and he forces Bea to return back to his lair with him. The scenes that follow were kind of sad to be honest. Amy was just so depressed to see her pet run away from her, and I really liked how Sonic and the gang tried their best to cheer her up. We see Knuckles put a birthday hat on Amy, and she’s still crying, we see Sonic and the gang try to bake her cupcakes, and she’s still crying, and we see Tails pull out her scrapbook, filled with images of Bea, which once again causes Amy to keep crying. I really felt so bad for the characters during that scene, I really felt for Amy’s loss, and I really felt Sonic and his friends were really trying to help her. There was also a real funny part where Sonic decides to sit down next to her, and he says “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… Let’s talk about our feelings…” Amy suddenly cheers up, and right when she’s about to get some stuff off of her chest, Eggman interrupts and tries taking Knuckles’s sapphire. However, Eggman brought a bunch of bee bots, and Amy ends up fearing that any one of those bee bots could be Bea, so she desperately prevents her friends from fighting, and Eggman gets away with the crystal.

The gang decides to go after Eggman, but Amy apologizes and says she can’t go with them, if Bea is going to be destroyed, she doesn’t want to be a part of it. However, Amy looks through her scrap book, and notices how happy Bea was with playing with her hoola hoop, and Amy has an idea. She then meets up with the gang fighting Eggman, and pulls out her hoola hoop, which snaps Bea out of it’s trance, and flies over to play with Amy. However, Eggman uses the sapphire to power his Mega Bot, and Mega Bot shoots Bea into pieces. Amy is furious, and unleashes a bunch of mighty hammer swings on the mega bot, until the sapphire crystal flew out of it, one little piece of the sapphire chipped off, and Tails made sure to pick it up, while Knuckles reclaimed the rest of it.

Amy is then crying over Bea’s death, and Tails decides to rebuild Bea, using the energy from the chipped off piece of the sapphire, and he makes sure to spray paint Bea pink, so they don’t have to worry about it blending in with the other bee bots every again. Amy and Bea are then hugging each other with affection, and the episode ends with Amy and Bea looking through one of their scrap books. Amy closes the scrap book, and Bea and her go out to play.

Bravo to this episode, it was so cute, and funny at the same time. I really hope we see more of Bea in future episodes, because she was so cute as a pet for Amy.

anonymous asked:

A lot of people feel that the pre-2010 Sonic games had great character development. Do you agree with this?

On the whole, not really. Because I don’t think the best moments of such are as common as some people think.

Yes, there were definitely several moments of good character development prior to 2010, such as Tails/Amy/Gamma in Adventure 1, and Blaze in the Rush series. Even ‘06 of all games didn’t do too badly in the case of Shadow.

But a lot of other examples, I wouldn’t consider that great. For one reason or another.

You have examples like Chip in Unleashed, in which for most of the game he’s been little more than the goofy chocolate-loving sidekick, then SUDDENLY near the end, he has all his memories and thus he reveals himself as the almighty Light Gaia. The progression of this development feels very forced and half-hearted, in my opinion.

Then you have examples like Metal Sonic in Heroes, whose character development I would consider a detriment rather than a positive. The identity crisis angle is a cool idea on it’s own, but why is Metal suddenly interested in taking over the world and ruling his own robot kingdom, when none of that has anything to do with his desire to be the real Sonic? (And no, I don’t consider “being insane” a Get Out of Questionable Characterisation Free Card.)

And of course, you have the numerous examples of characters only worsening rather than developing, such as Amy in Battle, Knuckles in ‘06, and even Tails in Unleashed to a minor extent (are we expected to believe that Tails couldn’t take on a group of the weakest Dark Gaia mooks on his own?), among plenty of other cases.

Even with the likes of Sonic himself in both Storybooks, he’s ultimately going through the motions regarding his personality traits rather than actually changing anything about himself. Do those games highlight who he is and what he stands for in a commendable way? Sure. But I wouldn’t consider that the same thing as a legitimate example of character development.

So on the whole, there have been some great moments of character development in the pre-2010 era to be sure, but not nearly as many as fans would have you believe.


SonAmy Reference in today’s new episode of Sonic Boom. “Give Bees a Chance”