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My Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer and VidCon Q&A Comments and Theories (Long Post)

1. I love how Beca shows her vulnerable side to Fat Amy. Her character evolved from the “tough-mysterious vibes” kinda girl to a “i’m-passionate-about-what-i-do-but-people-don’t-see-that-except-the-Bellas vibes” kinda girl. She cried in front of Fat Amy in PP2 and now she cried again in front of her. I also love how Fat Amy knows that Beca got fired and it’s okay and just hugs her out when Beca started to cry. I love the evolution of their friendship.
2. Thumbs up for showing issues that are happening now but in a joking way like with what Flo said with the white privilege thing.
3. So we saw a bit of what kind of jobs the Bellas have or have been doing. Maybe Stacie’s in a hospital right? Ester’s in the airport thingy (based on BTS vids)
4. I love how they acknowledged the Jessley fandom with that grinding bit there.
5. I still don’t get why they have to make jokes based on Fat Amy being fat. We get it. She’s fat. It’s funny at first but it gets kinda sad eventually. MO tho.
6. We did not have that much Bechloe in the trailer. Maybe because we’ll have it in the movie? Maybeee.

1. With the question about Ester Dean putting in a song, that would be great. It could be a new song that she’ll write specifically for the movie (she’ll have 6 months to write and produce it) or it could be the song she recently released.
2. OKAY WITH THE ONE ANNA KENDRICK SAID CALM YOURSELVES GUYS. I am very excited as well with the idea that an “intense” or smutty or whatever Bechloe scene might happen. BUT, again, with the industry still not really that open for that kind of pairing AND, like what A.K. has said in previous interviews, they’re keeping it a PG13 rating. These are my theories tho:
a. Bechloe MIGHT happen. If during the movie, subtle only. BUT it may happen in the post credits if we’re gonna based it on what A.K. said “if it will make the cut” or something like that.
b. If it will be in the post credits, I think it will be similar to a tumblr post I have read where Beca bursts in Chloe’s shower and makes out with her and breaks the 4th wall by shouting “You guys happy?!” Or something like that.

3. With what Chloe said about the movie having the “love” theme, yes it could be not Bechloe solely. Remember the cast list for PP3 by IMBD and that Aubrey’s father will be there? This “love” theme could be family love, or their friendship love as well.
4. Riff-off. This could be a weird riff-off since they’ll be competing with a band. I don’t know about this. They might do it but they might lose, for the 3rd time 🙄 or maybe they’ll do it and they’ll finally win.
5. Remember that “questionable decisions” in the released plot of the PP3? This is my theory about it:
- DJ Khaled will be there and that Theo guy. I think both of them are with the band and they want Beca to be a part of it. Beca can produce music so that will be an advantage to the band so they try to persuade her thus the “questionable decision” coming in. Will Beca betray the Bellas or not?

To end this, I know most of us are rooting for Bechloe moments and Bechloe as end game. A PSA for all:
1. It will be 6 months of teasing (according to the cast, off. site, and even Elizabeth Banks. DONT I REPEAT DONT HARASS OR BOMBARD THEM WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT BECHLOE. We’ll have plenty of time to analyze the teasers they’ll be giving us.
2. Let’s not get our hopes up too much. They’re promoting the movie. Let’s support the movie not just a specific fandom.

What about you guys? What are your comments, reactions, and theories? My ask box is always open! Let’s talk about it 👌🏼

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Sonic AU where Amy's the cheerful, hammering heroine, and Sonic is the fanboy using his speed to help her stop the villian, Maria Robotnick, while trying to win her heart. (Sonamy role reversal basically, but Amy and Sonic retain some parts of their personality)

(x“So she said what’s the problem, baby? What’s the problem, I don’t know!? Well, maybe I’m in love! Love! think ‘bout it, every time I think it about it- can’t stop thinking about it.”


Amy spiked back her quills, jumping in the air to ram the robot back and then uncurled to crush her hammer against it’s steel head.

It stumbled back, but while it did so, Sonic whirled into view and tripped it up, having it fall on it’s back.

Amy jumped down, smiling, before Sonic came up next to her, arms folded in neutral triumphant before looking at her, grinning widely.

“I’d call that a clean sweep!” Amy praised, as Sonic seemed a bit surprised by the praise, before removing his arms and placing one confidently to his hip, and the other rubbed underneath his nose.

“Well… if you ever need someone to sweep you off your feet…” he then looked down with a playful wink, but she looked away, sweat dropping slightly with a shaky smile.


A young woman’s voice suddenly sounded, as the two looked to the sky and stepped back.

“Maria Robotnik!”

Maria, in this timeline, was quite an aged woman. Having found a cure to her disease ‘outside’ of sacrificing her grandfather’s invention and her greatest friend, Shadow the Hedgehog, had created a half cyborg body to keep herself alive in all these years.

However, due to a malfunction, the device turned her evil, and without having much power to destroy her before she got worse, Shadow stayed by her side, willing to do whatever it took to keep her happy.. and alive.

No matter what the cost…

“Maria!” Amy gripped her hand tightly into a fist, her mouth gritting into a hard scowl. “I won’t let you get away with this!”

“This world was once so beautiful…” Maria spread her arms out, as Shadow sadly looked up to her, just watching and hearing her words… knowing somewhat in his heart that who he served was no longer Maria… but not able to bear the thought of disloyalty to her, and looking away.

She formed fists in her hands, “I will keep this world beautiful! From the pollution and corruption of you! Lower lifeforms!” she glared down, seeming like an angel of death as she swiped her hand out. “Robots, don’t let up! We must preserve the earth for what it truly is!!! Defeat Amy Rose and her annoying friends!”

She then turned to Shadow, “Shadow!”

He flinched, but did as he was commanded, jumping down to attack.

“Watch out, Sonic!” Amy quickly saw Shadow heading for Sonic, and pushed him out of the way, taking the hit.

“Ah! Amy!” Sonic spun to not hit the ground so hard, but quickly leaped back up and sped off towards her, as she fended off Shadow’s hits.

“Gr…erk!” She was losing her concentration, worried about Sonic, before stepping a foot forward. ‘If I don’t do something, and fast, Sonic’s gonna get injured!’

That thought pushed a force out of her, a raw power that threw Shadow back, making him skid across the land.

“Darn.” he muttered, realizing she was getting stronger.

Sonic jumped from behind, “You leave Amy alone!” he shouted out, rotating himself to land a kick.

“Sonic!” Amy shouted out, concerned for him.

Shadow reached both hands up and caught the foot.

“Shoot!” Sonic’s eyes widened, before Shadow swung him to the side, and then forward at Amy.

“Look out!” Sonic shouted, flailing before she caught him.

“Heh, always have to throw yourself at me.” she teased, helping him up. “Sonic..” she looked sincerely into his eyes, which held his stare for a moment.

“This is getting pretty fun.” she admitted, her charm coming out as she smiled in a cheeky way. “You sure you can keep up?”

He suddenly held a serious expression, and nodded, “Anything to help you out,… Amy.” he then held his hand up, and she took it, gripping their hands in a lock of loyalty and friendship.

“Then I’ll be counting on you then.” she nodded, and got up, as Sonic watched her in admiration, his eyes almost shining.

She charged forward as he put his hands together, tilting his head, a cute smile on his face as a small heart leaped out of the side of the screen.

He then stopped musing over the moment started getting up, “Alright, no more Mr. nice guy… Amy needs my help, and so if I’m gonna lend her a hand…” he seemed to power himself up, focusing his energy into his fist and feet. “Then I’m gonna have to step it up!” he narrowed his eyes, ducking his head.

“Here I come!” He cried out, charging forward to help boost her towards Shadow.

“W-wha?” Amy looked down, but smiled, nodding. “Alright then.” she took the help gladly, and raised her hammer out and the side.

“Hhhhaaaa!!!” the two shouted out in unison, before Shadow turned around and noticed the fast approaching threat.

“What!?” he was amazed by her sudden speed, but saw the two together and realized-!

He couldn’t dodge this one!

Shadow was hit pretty hard, as Maria’s circuits sparked a moment, her humanity and true self coming back, which only happened in moments like this where she was triggered.

Shadow!” she cried out in love, her eyes shaking, realizing what she had become and what she was doing to Shadow.

“I must stop this… I must stop myself…” She looked at her hand, some patches of skin here and there… the rest….


She gripped her head, “Shadow… Shadow, please! Stop me, Shadow!” she cried out, as Shadow shook his head and looked up from the ground, turning around.

Maria!” in the same love, he responded and jumped up, grabbing her and holding her bridal style, close to him.

“We’ll meet again…” he turned to look back to Amy and Sonic.

Maria, having her emotional realization, continued to grip her head, her eyes closed with twitches.

“Robots!” Shadow gestured up to them, “Retreat!”

As the robots flew off, Amy and Sonic looked off at them, Amy still being held up by Sonic.

“Heh, nice job.” she smiled and looked down to him, holding her hammer in both hands before something occured to her.

“Y-… you can put me down now, Sonic.”

She waited a moment.


“Emm~” his face was right up against her side, just holding her.

She flinched, before desperately trying to get down.

Then she started lightly whacking his head with the palm of her hand. “Okay, now! Y-you can put me down! P-p-p-put me down, Sonic!!!”

“Aww… Right now? Heehee~” He squinted one eye but tried to move his face away, still holding her up as she hit him lightly.

“I-I-I mean it!”

“I mean it too~ Why not stay here in my arms a moment. I’m sure you’ll find you won’t mind~”

“S-…Sonic!!!” Her face turned bright red, and he started laughing.

Shadow was back in Maria’s fortress, where she was now in her bed, and he was trying to lay her down.

“Shadow… please.. no more.” she shook her head, “Please.. before it possesses me again… you have to… have to…” she started to fade away, as he waited a moment.

“S…Sha….Shadow…” Her systems powered down, seeking control again, as she rested.

Shadow just stared at her…

Unable to heed that one request… he started to walk away.

Before he left the room, he slammed his fist into the side of the door, his body hunched over, twitching….

“Ma….Maria…” he slowly brought a hand over to his face, tears were falling to the floor… darkening the light metallic floor below.

“I’d rather get small moments of knowing your still there… than never having you at all…” he admitted, before leaving the room, raising his head up, trying to harden himself again.

“I will always serve you… till there’s nothing left of you.” he then closed his eyes, as Amy and Sonic were off somewhere, probably on a forced date.

(I thought this would be realistically what that would look like X3 )
Compass Chapter 7: Holding Back, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

Compass has been updated with a new chapter and wow!! It didn’t take me a year to do so!!

Here’s a little doodle of a scene from this update that I had a lot of fun writing! Hope you guys enjoy the chapter, there’s some heavy Sonamy this time ‘round. ;)) Reviews would be appreciated

Sonic showed up at the Underswap house and decided to greet Blueberry with an enchanting introduction

…and now Sonic is listed as one of Blueberry’s love interests

Sonic no this game is already enough of a bad fanfiction we’re not doing this

so yesterday i made a post asking if someone could splice together “Planes, Trains and Dudemobiles” and “Sticks and Amy’s Excellent Staycation” so it would be like one long episode… and someone did! All credits go to @smoov22

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To Amy: So I was thinking about about the incident back on Space Colony ARK, the one where Sonic almost got blasted into bits in space, and I remembered at that point in time the first thing on Sonic's mind wasn't how he was going to save you, it was how he was going to get the fake emerald over to Eggman. Have there been other instances where Sonic takes advantage of you being kidnapped to mess with the big bad Egg?

                                     “UGH, YES.”        “WA-AAAH!

“You’re not still mad about THAT, are ya?”

“Oh yes! I am just SO over the fact that you threw a tornado into Eggman to get what you want and thought about me SECOND TO LAST again… of course not, darling~”

                        “…Sonic, I was being completely sarcastic…”

“Well-! Amy! It can be hard to tell! Besides! I knew you’d be fine! You’re always fine. You can handle yourself no matter what anyone throws at you.” “You mean that?~<3″ “Yes… I sometimes worry you’re indestructible. Like you don’t really need me anymore…”

“That could never happen~” “Woah! H-hey.. And… I don’t think of you last. I just want you to know that. I-”

“Hehe~ Say no more~<3 I know you wouldn’t do anything that could hurt me. Even in that moment on Space Colony Ark. When you told me to care care of myself, I knew what you meant… you’re okay, Sonic.”

“Well… if you say so!”

(Awww~ QwQ)