Can we all like stop and just appreciate some of these Archie Sonic Comic screencaps?

like some are good for different reasons for some it’s the art, for others it’s the jokes,for some its the proper accurate characterization of the characters, or the expressive faces they make or just the dialouge itself but like fuck the archie comics are like the best part of the sonic franchise tbh, like i genuinely ope IDw can live up to there level of class

Eggman: You miserable uncultured swines! What have I ever done to you?!

Knuckles [pointing at the rest of the sonic heroes]: Well for one, you’re the reason why we’re all here.

Tails: And you kind of blew up half the moon. So there’s that I guess.

Sonic: Let’s not forget about the time you made a monster that flooded the entire city.

Amy: Your robot copy of Sonic, KIDNAPPED ME!

Eggman: I-

Vector: What about the time you messed with all of time and space?

Classic Sonic: *Waves*

Vector: That too.

Eggman: You-

Cream: Didn’t you break the planet into pieces?

Shadow: On top of that, release a demon?

Silver: …I’m not even gonna BEGIN.

Eggman: I meant recently!

Infinite: H-

Eggman [Talking through his teeth]: FUCK OFF!!