I know,I know

I know if we’re to survive

We need to know this is not the end

How will we ever get by

It’s getting harder to fight out here on our own!

Obligatory Sonic Forces fanart GO!

ah AAAH I’m really not feeling on coloring this right now…<:’‘

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Hai! :3 I've got a other Prompt idea! A Sonamy cute one! I have this fascination about "pruning" a hedgehog, that is Adjusting Hedgehog quill's time at a time, I could tell this is a personal "Hedgehog Thing". So I have wonder how can Sonic Modern! Ask for help of a certain Pink Hedgehog to resolve his issues with his quills? Btw Sonic already is feeling a light pain from all the quill's he has to take out of his way. I bet we both we can see Sonic being all "ugh! it's getting annoying!" *Hug!*

Pruning, tending, preening, same diff right? lol! I’d love too :) I’ve done things like this before, so I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and differently new!


Sonic scratched at his head, as Tails looked worriedly to him.

“You alright?”

He continued to itch his head, before shaking it off, and seemed to ignore Tails’s inquiry.

Tails sighed, “You know, if you’re quills are bothering you, I could help…” He got up and picked up a tool from his table, before turning around…

With a gleam in his eyes as he held up a big pair of pilers.

“I could help~”

Sonic’s vision made it look diabolical and he shook his head in fright, before zipping out the door.

Tails blinked in surprised, “Huh? What was that all about?” He lowered the tool.

Dashing about, Sonic would scrape his head along the sides of rocky cliffs, gritting his teeth of the pain as he tried to loosen the already pulled Quills out more and get them to snap free.

He couldn’t fully reach back there and it was annoying to feel them drooping and sliding but still hanging on like a loose tooth.

It hurt…

He finally sat down outside of Amy’s home, not trusting hands that weren’t so tender as a girl’s to do the job, but still attempted to do it himself before she opened the door.

Looking ready to go shopping for groceries or something, she gasped as she looked down.

“Sonic!?” she looked thrilled, before seeing him messing with his quills, ruffling his hands around, and not paying her much mind.

“…Hmm…” she recognized the behavior, and smiled.

She set her purse down and sat on the first step to her home, smiling to him, knowingly. “You know… there’s a place just down the city block that has a great tender for hair! We could get you an appointment? I do it all the time!” she beamed.

He frowned, looking less than enthusiastic about a stranger doing the job, and kept fiddling before twitching in pain.



Amy quickly moved to one knee and held her hands over his head, looking through his quills.

“Huh?” he moved his hands out, looking up at her.

Would she do the job?

“Sonic! You’ve neglected them for so long! They’re starting to poke into your head.” she ‘tsk’ed, seeing the damage done, and even little droplets of blood here and there.

“Ohhh…” she puffed up the side of her cheek. “Why are you so stubborn? You’re going to hurt your head at this rate.”

She started to look for loose ones, as Sonic tilted his head, as if obliging to her consent.

She found a wobbly one, and saw how badly it had fallen, and her eyes went wide.

“Ah! Got one.” she started to seriously strain as Sonic’s face stretched, feeling the pain.

She wiggled it and then popped it out!

“Ye-ouch!” Sonic shook his head, before rubbing it lightly upon his quills.

“There’s one.” she smiled, and moved to the upper floor to sit on her knees, and then motioned with her hand for him to lean back.

He hesitated, staring at her.

He then slowly lowered his head back to her, and she nodded before setting out to work.

“Honestly,… you just need to ask if it’s getting this bad..”

As she tended to his head, the pain subsided with each little tweak or breaking off of the more seriously neglected quills, where the rest weren’t quite as painful.

Sonic closed his eyes, though they twitched every now and then as she tugged, but her method was relaxing in that as her hands moved, she would stroke the quills to relax them from flexing up and poking her.

This way was the most comfortable for Sonic, he could remain relatively calm while she did her usual method of getting her own quills done.

“I’m no expert, but you should really get this done professionally.”

He wiggled his nose, as if not going to abide by her advice.

She puffed up her cheek again, leaning over to see his face. “Ohh.. Come on, Sonic. It’s not so bad.”

“…I like your way better.” he turned his head, giving her access to the sides.

“….Can’t you reach these?”

He fidgeted in his face, the corner of his lip bouncing a little as she realized he just wanted her to keep at it.

She giggled, “Aww~ I get it.” she knew that most of the time, she didn’t like people touching her quills either. It was probably double that for Sonic… who didn’t always make close friends very easily…

She continued to prune, preen, or whatever you may call it till the quills were drawn into a basket and she poured them into a trashcan, making sure they were all gone.

She later made him 2 chilidogs and gave him strict instruction to come to her if they start getting loose again.

He nodded, shyly embarrassed it seemed, before eating the chilidogs and taking off.

Amy smiled and returned to her purse to shop.

When she got back, she noticed some roses at her door, and smiled.

“He’s so funny sometimes.” she giggled out.

(He is funny, isn’t he? Head massages and getting your hair did by a cutie, you wonder if he’s just lazy enough to call that a date..?)

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I wanna say I'm such a huge fan of your stories and prompts! They give me life <333 I've had this funny idea where Amy and others are planning to throw a surprise party for Sonic and the chaotix has to distract him. Amy has to avoid sonic all day to get the preps done and he gets reeeeally suspicious XD I wonder how you'll bring this to life ,':D

I shall endeavor to do my best! :Db


Sonic was simply lounging on a rooftop, yawning.

He lifted a hand up and wiggled a pinkie finger into his ear, scratching within it, before blinking his eyes open and looked up.

“..Huh?” For some reason, it was too long of a nap for him…

He looked to the side.

Usually… Eggman would come along, Amy would find and jump him, or something or someone would come along and whisk him off to an adventure.

If he didn’t fall headfirst into one, that is.

He slowly got up, before jumping rapidly into a ball and letting his ball roll down the roof, hit the gutter, and roll down that until shoving his ball-form deeper into it as the pipe morphed to his shape and spat him out like a spit-wad.

He unrolled and stretched as his feet formed the typical ‘8′ formation, and began smacking his lips to snap out of the sleepy-spell.

A submarine’s googles popped out a nearby lake, watching the blue blur speed past, as the eyes blinked before Vector took his head out of the elongated set of binoculars.

“He’s awake! Dang it! I was sure he’d sleep all day!”

“But he’s Sonic! How else could be get rid of all that energy?” Charmy was behind him, since they were all squished in the submarine. He gestured a hand up as Espio looked claustrophobic.

“Could anyone relate to me the simple idea of why we choose to spy on him through a submarine?” He tried to sound calm, but you could tell he was slightly annoyed.

Vector and Charmy looked to him, as if thinking about that before sweat dropping…

“It was on rental!” Vector hollered in defense.

“A free-trail period!” Charmy happily pointed a finger up, as if giving another good reason.

“How could we resist?” Vector, matter-of-factly, shrugged as much as he could in the small space before piloting the course off into the distance.

Sonic continued to ran before a fruit fell on his face.

“Wah!” he slid a little but still fell flat on his face, slowly putting one hand in front of the other to get his head elevated off the dirt.

He shook his head and picked the fruit up, looking confused, and then around at the trees.

“..Strange. None of these are fruit trees.” he blinked, looking completely oblivious as Charmy hid behind the trunk of a large tree, shaking nervously as his lips formed a swiggly line as he sweat profusely.

It was a scary form of hide-and-distract!

Espio, turning invisible, had some other fruits too.

‘We need to keep him off this trail…’ he strategized in his mind before moving into a bush, causing it to russle.

“Huh?” Sonic narrowed his eyes at the sound, and quickly dashed over to it.

Holding the fruit, he put his hands on his hips and leaned down, trying to examine the strange bush.

It kept shaking…

He raised an eyebrow, seeing it didn’t seem like a threat, and lifted his foot to lightly tap to check for boobytraps.

When nothing happened, he parted the bush and looked around.


He shrugged, before eating the fruit and tossing it behind him.

Within the bush, you could hear a ‘Ow!’ as Sonic pivoted to the noise.

“What the..?”

“OOhh! Help me! Heelllp meee!”

Sonic heard a strange woman’s voice, and quickly took off to where it sounded.

“What’s wrong, miss…?” Sonic looked up at a very ugly,.. “-Alligator?”.

“Crocodile! Ehem.” Vector coughed, making his voice high again, and fanning a fan over himself to hide his poorly done makeup.

“My baby seems stuck in that awful tree!”

He pointed to a spray-painted green Charmy, who had a cardboard costume of a crocodile and shook his fake tail, putting a hand over his fake muzzle and shouting out, “Whhaa! Whhaa!!”

“Huh? How’d he get up there?”

“Crocodiles..uh… climb trees when they’re young… heh…heh.” Vector sweated, causing some makeup to get messy…

Sonic shrugged, and scaled the tree, grabbing Charmy and then rushing down, having Vector take him in one fell swoop.

“Ah! My baby! Don’t you ever stray from me AGAIN!” Vector turned and looked to Sonic, kissing his cheek as a sign of thank you as Sonic shivered from the experience and watched as the … mother walked off.

“Strange day…” he scratched the back of his head, before zipping off. “Strange that I haven’t seen any of my friends yet… where is everyone?”

Vector spat out and started wiping his mouth and pulling out his tongue to scrape it.

“Yuck! I can’t believe you did that! Hahah! You kissed Sonic~ You kissed Sonic!~ Hahah!” Charmy rolled back and forth on his curved spine and mocked Vector, as he glared and started shouting at him.

“I was in character! That’s more than YOU can say! Cry baby!”

The two started mini-fighting.

“Who are you calling a cry baby, big lips!”

“Both of you! Stop it!” Espio appeared and pulled the two apart, closing his eyes to keep relatively a calm demeanor, but was failing at it…

“If we don’t do something now, the whole plan will be ruined!”

What ruined plan?”

The three jolted in their spots, before slowly looking up to a tree branch, freaking out as they realized Sonic was laying on a branch, one hand up to hold up his head and a leg up for style.

“I figured no woman could be that ugly and forward about it.” Sonic winked to Vector.

Vector was so embarrassed that it came out as rage, jumping up and shaking a fist at Sonic and shouting out random lines of insults and defenses, making Sonic close his eyes and tilt his head, grinning widly in delight at his reaction.

He then looked to Charmy and Espio. “What’s going on? Someone hire you to keep me put?”

“Uh.. T-that’s classified.” Espio quickly put two fingers up like a ninja in front of his face, ducking his head and closing his eyes, as if trying to mask his emotions… but he twitched his eyebrow and still sweat in panic…

“W-we’ll never talk!” Charmy flew up and flailed defiantly, as Sonic smiled as any friend would and shrugged.

“Oh well. But I warn you. I’m not easily distracted~” as if declaring a dare, he smirked and took off.

The three shot up and worriedly, in a frenzy, went after him.

After a billion failed attempts that Sonic enjoyed immensely of keeping him distracted or at least keeping up with him, the three were exhausted by the time Sonic had finally stopped for them.

“Give up yet?” he folded his arms, looming over their exhausted, flattened, and overlapping dog-pile bodies with a look of triumphant on his face.

“Alright. We give.” Vector admitted, as Charmy continued, hanging off Espio’s body, who was laying with his back on top of Vector, on his belly.

“Amy hired us… she’s in the east Green Meadow Zone…” Charmy panted, then whined out as he dipped his head.

“W-…We didn’t necessarily fail..” Espio tried to comfort his team. “After all, he is late now.”

“Ah!” Vector thrust himself up, causing the two to roll off of him. “That’s right! We did succeed! Haha! We did it! He’s late!” Vector outstretched his arms up in belated victory.

“..Huh? Late?” Sonic was now highly interested, “What’s this all about? Spill already!” He looked a little annoyed he was so out of the loop. (pun intended)

“Right this way~” Vector zipped up and marched happily with his hand gesturing to the area.

The two also followed, but drooped their shoulders forward and sighed, wearily. Charmy’s little wings still flapped to keep him hovering up and down in the air, poor thing..~

Finally, as they entered the meadow, a huge table and decorations were set up, but no one was there.

Sonic spread out himself and looked amazed, “What..?”

“SURPRISE!” Many friends popped out and had typical party items before the music was formed through technologically forming from a square box.

It boomed as everyone gathered around Sonic.

“H-hey… Is this a party?”

He nervously looked around, a little startled.

Vector, Espio, and Charmy sneaked away as Amy handed them their due rewards and the three danced and sprayed the money around, before quickly ducking down and gathering it up as soon as possible. Taking wind into consideration…

Amy approached Sonic as the crowd stepped away to let her through, “I threw this party to celebrate the first time I met you, Sonic! I hired Team Chaotix and asked all your friends to come! Because it was by meeting you I was able to meet them! And with one friendship made…” she took his hand and pulled him into the center of the crowd. “Many more are formed!” she threw her arms up, as the crowd cheered for Sonic, and lifted him up in a type of mosh-pit, and threw him up and down.

He felt uncomfortable, before seeing her sweet smile and returning it.

He pumped his fists up, “Then let’s party! Friends and all!”


They danced around each other before Amy admitted she threw in a slow song, and although it took some friendly shoving…

Sonic danced with Vector. (JK!) He totally had a slow dance with Amy~ To thank her, obviously, haha! Why else would he? right? G-gotta go! (sonic channel tag tease reference, lol!)

(LOL, I can’t get over what Vector did either XD Such a method actor!)


OLD SONIC ART from my old sonic blog….boy i sure do love me some sonic the hedge. these are from 2013 i think…i was going to go back and re-watermark all of them with my current url but i only did the first one and then got too lazy. go figure. please dont repost!