amy reed

We get so high we can feel invincible and perfect, but the feeling never lasts. Gravity always wins, and we fall fast, to a place lower and darker than many people will probably ever know. And the crazy thing is that this is just normal for us. We cycle through these extremes all the time, and it’s become as natural as breathing. Exhausting, but natural.
—  Amy Reed, Clean

WHEDON MEME | 1/3 movies → Much Ado About Nothing

I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?
- As strange as the thing I know not. It were as possible for me to say I love nothing so well as you. But, believe me not and yet I lie not. I confess nothing nor I deny nothing.

Before there was Cocaine or vodka or sex or any of that, there was fantasy. There was escape. That was my first addiction. I remember being a little kid and imagining everything different, myself different. How did I get the idea in my head at age eight that everything was better somewhere else? Why would a child have a hole inside that can’t get full no matter what she does? The real world could never make me happy, so I retreated to the world inside my head. And as I grew, as the real world proved itself more and more painful, the fantasy world expanded.
—  Amy Reed, Clean