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If u could take 5 historical people to dinner living or dead who would they be and why (also theres no language barriers and no one can hurt u so u can bring like. attila the hun and be safe lol )

ooo good question thank you !


1. Amy Poehler (because she’d be hilarious and would know how to navigate an awkward convo)

2. Obama because duh 

3. Lin Manuel Miranda ( for the after dinner show tunes )

4. The Fitzgeralds because what a chaotic team of talent 

5. tie for fifth is Joni Mitchell / Bob Dylan because wow 

honesty hour !

I really love the idea of Leslie Knope being obsessed with Hamilton...

I keep imagining Leslie getting the entire Parks Department into it, except Ron who adamantly refused to listen to it. Then one day, in  a conference room meeting, Leslie is going off on one of her patented Leslie Rants and Ron suddenly holds up a hand and says: 

“Talk less.”

And Leslie gets this “OMG my time has come!” look in her eyes and shoots back with:


And the entire office loses their shit.