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Be thankful every morning, for you never know where your life will take you. It won’t be everyday that you wake up happy, in a place where life is fantastic and nothing will bring you down. Celebrate the days when you know you will be ok, and love the people who make your life beautiful. Life is as good as you tell yourself it is, make it fantastic.

Everyday by Amy Kennedy 


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Superwholock Extravaganza: Sherlock Edition

Gif not mine

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Content/Warnings: Angst; fluff; violence

Words: 4477

A/N: The final installment of my Superwholock Extravaganza is here (finally)! I hope you guys enjoy reading this ridiculously long fic!

Episode 4: Werewolves of London

You glanced behind you, panting. Your back was pressed against the rough bricks of the alleyway, and you were praying that the thing that had been chasing you for the better part of the night had finally given up. There was the scuff of shoes against pavement, and you knew whatever-it-was was still hot on your trail. You were exhausted, sweaty, and dirty. The night had seemed to wear on forever. You hadn’t returned to 221B for fear that whatever was tracking you would follow you in, and you didn’t want to put the boys in danger.

You heard the puff of breath from farther down the alley and edged quietly along the wall, your fingers digging almost painfully into the brick wall. You slipped around the corner, holding your breath as you heard footsteps and scuffling from around the corner. You continued inching along the wall, away from the corner. Maybe if you could reach the dumpster, you could mask your smell - assuming that was what the monster was tracking you by. Too late. It sprung out from behind the corner, growling, and you sprinted away, down the sidewalks of London and continuously mumbling “oh shit” under your breath. At the very least, the moon had disappeared and the sky was quickly lighting up. Dawn was here. All you had to do was hang along a little longer.

You could still hear it behind you, and you could swear you felt its breath on your neck. Pressing yourself to go faster, you put on a new burst of speed and skidded around another corner, the dazzling light of the sun hitting your face and warming your body, which was clammy with sweat. The footsteps stopped behind you as you slipped past the small groups of people. Finally, you slowed enough to glance behind you. Whatever was chasing you had disappeared with the moon. Gasping, you hailed a taxi.

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i’ll be waiting right here - queenfrog

Word Count: 20, 773

Summary: Keith sighs and runs a hand through his already tousled hair. “I mean, we’ll just take the rings off and that’ll be it. No big deal.”

“No big deal?” Lance squawks, sounding slightly hysterical now. “No big deal?” He stands up quickly and waves his ring finger in front of Keith’s face. “Keith, we said vows. I’m pretty sure that’s the very definition of a big deal.”

Keith and Lance get married. Accidentally.

OMG, guys, just hear me out. What if The Temples... met The Ponds...


Can you imagine the conversations they would have?!?! 

Rory: “Me and Amy travel through time and space with a Time Lord in a blue police box,”

Connor: “Me and Abby fight dinosaurs which come through rips in time on a daily basis,”

Abby: “…….”

Amy: “……..”

Abby: “Can we just agree that we’re both British TV’s greatest BAMF couples?”

Connor: “Sure.”

Rory: “I guess.”

Amy: “…..Fine." 

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College Humor Presents:

The Adventures of the Doctor as an RPG.

I would play this everyday, and twice on a Sunday.

The latest episode of Doctor Who:

“goddamnit she’s gonna press the red button”

then I was like “OMGZ AMY HAZ WRINKLEZ”

then the Doctor pissed me off very muchly, and then……MY CREYS.

all in all, one of the best episodes of the series… but it left me feeling slightly bitter after it ended…

I want Moffat back. Yeah, I said it. COME BACK FROM VACATION YOU TROLL