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I’m lonely. None of my IRL friends like any of the fandoms I’m in. This is a problem.
So, PLEASE REBLOG if you’re a part of any of the following fandoms and you’re willing to make a friend. ^-^

  • Danisnotonfire
  • AmazingPhil
  • Phan
  • Markiplier
  • Amy Nelson/Peebles
  • Amyplier
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Wiishu
  • Septiishu
  • Septiplier (for the lols)
  • Crankgameplays
  • Tyler Scheid
  • Tythan
  • Pewdiepie
  • Shane Dawson
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Brendon Urie
Ship Meme Thing
  • Who made the first move
  • Who flirts with everyone to make the other jealous
  • Who wake-up-calls the other
  • Who sends chocolates and flowers to  the others office
  • Who redecorates the house/room when they can’t sleep
  • Who’s the one wearing the pants
  • Who breaks up
  • Random head canon:
first time for everything

genre: disgusting parent!phan fluff

warnings: None

words: 4k

summary: When you’re new parents, every single thing your kid does is iconic and amazing. Dan and Phil’s experience with their child is the same thing.

a/n: thanks to my bud Nikki for the idea! it was supposed to be a drabble but then it escalated. I should be studying for Science. 

also this is a shameless plug for you all to go listen to Rockabye Baby aka the best thing that has ever happened to me. Phil actually liked the Knights of Cydonia version of them, it’s on his youtube likes. The More You Know.

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Inspiring Video Masterlist

I’ve had a YouTube account for almost a decade, and I’ve spent plenty of that time browsing and looking for life inspiration. Seeing how someone else lives or the tips they have are so crucial to the way I try and live my life. There’s an overwhelming amount of content on the web, so I made a huge list of videos I find inspiring, especially when I have rough days! 


How To Level Up 
Shameless Sunday: Get Inspired, Keep It Moving!
A Fresh Start
Where Do I Get My Motivation From?
Backpack or Locker Beauty Essentials
School Essentials and Staying Organized

5 Tips Every Artist/Entrepreneur Needs To Know
5 More Tips Every Artist/Entrepreneur Needs To Know
How I Stay Inspired And Motivated

How I Stay Positive
Social Anxiety
I’m Afraid, But Fuck It. 
To People Who Feel Ugly
Lose That Belly! My Diet, Smoothies, Meals, Etc.
An Athletically Challenged Girls Guide To Fitness
Girl’s Guide To Starting Over
Organic, Healthy, Guilt-Free Snacks Part 1

Monday Minute | Outfit Of The Day | Claire Marshall
April:: Calendar Outfits Series
How To Be One Of A Kind
10 Things I Learned In College
Morning Routine | Meredith Foster 
Morning Routine: Fall Edition! | Bethany Mota
Wake Up With Me In NYC | Michelle Phan
My Morning Routine | Evelina Barry
Room Tour | Meredith Foster
Updated Unofficial Apartment Tour | Claire Marshall
Room Tour With Amy: The Fashion Statement | Amy Pham
Evelina’s Office/Studio Tour | Evelina Barry

Boss Women: Anna Wintour
Limitless Movie: Pill Scene
American Psycho : Intro To Patrick Bateman