amy mcdonough

Heroes & Villains

Neal (Damien Darhk) would love to use the time machine on LoT, not kill Laurel and bring her to evil.

“If Curtis keeps fighting the way he’s fighting, he’ll be dead soon enough.” Echo on Curtis on the field.

“Who knits more?” Without hesitation, Stephen responds: David Ramsey. “The guy is a granite stone”

“Maybe it’s a spoiler, but we’re going to explore new character in flashbacks. I like this season.” - Stephen.

“I love working with Emily. She was the first person I worked with.” - Echo Kellum.

About being mayor or green archer, Stephen said he would like to be mayor.

Stephen says he’ll record shirtless tomorrow, but it’s not a training scene. (OMG!).

Amell promises an unusual OTA scene at the Arrow Cave in the 100th episode.

Echo says that his favorite person to work on is Emily and that she is the benchmark for everyone else.

Stephen wants the 200th episode of Arrow to be Oliver, Felicity and Diggle sitting and drinking tea on vacation.

Oliver’s biggest regrets: Not having been able to save his mother and lie to Felicity.

“Emily is a light, in the second you know her you want to be her friend” - Amy Gumenick (cupid).