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Kiss me, I'm Irish ☘

Just a little smutty Friends to Lovers (with no pining!) fun for this holiday, dedicated to @swallowedsong for various reasons. Sláinte! (rated M, 3000 words, AO3)

She almost choked on her green beer as her best friend’s feet came up off the ground as the burly, flanneled lumberjack (well, big guy in flannel shirt) at the bar planted a smacking kiss right on those unsuspecting lips. She’d told Killian what would happen if we wore that shirt, but he didn’t listen. Emma’s laughter is lost in the packed pub filled to the brim with St. Patrick’s Day revelers, but she knows Killian hears it, his telltale eyebrow lifting as Paul Bunyan releases him and gives him a jovial pat on the back.

“You had to know that would happen at some point, lad.”

“Aye, mate…sláinte!”

Emma shakes her head at Killian’s seemingly unflappable facade, watching as he shares a big grin and a toast with his kissing buddy at the end of the bar. But as he makes his way back to her she can see the signs of his mild embarrassment in the red glow of his pointy ears to the sheen of sweat at the hollow of his throat.

“Regretting that shirt yet?”

“Why Swan? That was the best kiss I’ve had all night.”

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April Soundtrack

Oh boy, so much wonderful new music has come out since my last playlist. It’s like a bunch of my favourite artists got together and decided I deserved a present, and I don’t take it for granted.

April has had me transitioning to more upbeat tracks, a bit of rock, indie pop and good sing-along tunes. I’ve been loving starting my mornings with a good lil dance to prep a good mood for the day. I’m going through a phase of both self-care and intense productivity, so relatable lyrics are great but I don’t want anything too slow or wallowing. I think this collection of songs will do nicely.

While you listen, here are some words about a few standout tracks…


“Lust for Life” by Lana Del Rey, featuring The Weeknd – I never thought a line as simple and seemingly shallow as “take off all of your clothes” would bring tears to my eyes, but this song is just so sonically beautiful and lyrically soothing that it’s hard to listen without getting emotional. Lana and Abel’s voices are heaven together; I’ve wished since “Prisoner” that they would do an entire album as a duo, but I’ll take what I can get.

Favourite Line – We’re the masters of our own fate // We’re the captains of our own souls

Feels Like – Dancing on the H of the Hollywood sign

“Hard Times” by Paramore – Paramore haven’t released music since 2013, and clearly there was a good reason for the wait; they’ve reinvented their sound once again and I absolutely love it. This song is relevant, quirky and fun, as is the music video. Hayley and the gang have adopted an 80s pop rock flair that suits them perfectly, and I’m excited to see how that’s manifested on their new album (whose release is hopefully not too far away).

Favourite Line – Hit me with lightning // Maybe I’ll come alive

Feels Like – Everyone fuckin’ gets it

“The Boys (Acoustic)” by Lisa Mitchell – I’ve never been a huge fan of Lisa Mitchell’s music, but this song, however, makes my heart hurt. It’s the sharpest painting of an Australian suburban summer I’ve ever encountered, coupled with a spare and soft melody that stings with its simplicity.

Favourite Line – The boys buy a case and we sit in the backyard // Our hair and our skin is all salty and starched // The air is soft and reminds me of ending days

Feels Like – Teen train trips to the beach, cruisers on the sand, avoiding the jellyfish

“Deleted” by Amy Shark – I’m writing this on the heels of Amy’s “Night Thinker” release, so I haven’t had a lot of time to listen or absorb the whole EP, but this track definitely stood out as my favourite off the bat. I’m over the moon to have more Amy Shark in my life.

Favourite Line – I was in a hurry and I never seem to get him alone

Feels Like – Two trains passing in the night, never stopping at the same time


“Low Blows” by Meg Mac – I think anyone who has had to learn how to stand up for themselves can relate to this song, and with Meg’s soulful pipes and funky vibes, it’s the perfect empowering tune to remind yourself that you’re actually a fuckin’ badass.

Favourite Line – Don’t wanna be anyone again

Feels Like – I deserve better


“Green Light” by Lorde – Apart from her collaboration with Disclosure, this is the only Lorde song I’ve ever really liked. I adore the sad disco drama that this song embodies. I’m not sure if this means I’m going to like this era of Lorde since I wasn’t a fan of “Liability” but hey, we’ll see what happens.

Favourite Line – Did it frighten you // How we kissed when we danced on the light-up floor?

Feels Like – Teardrops on the dancefloor


“Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles – Another first for me; I’ve never liked One Direction or Harry Styles, but I decided to give this one a go since everyone was raving about it. This is a good, proper rock ballad with a real and timely message, and I’m optimistic about his solo career if there’s more of this to come.

Favourite Line – You look pretty good down here // But you aint really good

Feels Like – The whole world is stuck in this feeling

B99 + Tinder AU: in which Jake and Amy match on Tinder. 
→ set pre-show/early season onewritten after I impulsively downloaded Tinder instead of working on my other AU in progress

In a moment of insanity and slight tipsiness, she lets Kylie download Tinder on her phone. (”Amy, what do you want your Bio to say?” “Ooh, how about how I’m in a nationally-ranked trivia team?” “Nope, none of that.”)

In a moment of four-drink-drunkenness, she swipes right on Jake Peralta. 

She wakes up on Saturday morning with her mouth dry and her head pounding. Groaning, Amy lifts one hand to shield her eyes from the way-too-bright light streaming in through the curtains. With her other hand, she gropes blindly for her phone on the bedside table. When she doesn’t find it immediately, she drags herself out of bed and makes her way toward the kitchen. 

She gets herself a glass of water and fishes her phone out of her purse, which was on the floor just a few paces away from the messy heap of fabric that was her coat and scarf. 

She opens her phone, and her eyebrows scrunch together at the notification on the screen: “Congratulations! You have a new match!

Her eyes flicker to the icon accompanying the message. The small red flame brings back hazy memories of the night before - Kylie taking her phone hostage and downloading the app, Kylie setting up her profile, the two of them cracking up while swiping left and right for an hour. 

She sips from her glass and pulls up the app with a sigh. She taps the screen a few times to check her matches and messages, bracing herself for anything inappropriate and praying she didn’t send out anything too terrible herself. (She doesn’t recall doing any messaging of her own, but she also doesn’t recall getting home and throwing her jacket on the floor, so.) 

She chuckles at a few of the messages and grimaces at others, but her heart nearly stops, and she almost drops her glass when she scrolls down and sees a very familiar name.

In his tiny profile picture, he’s looking somewhere off camera and has a single eyebrow raised. His lips are drawn into a somewhat half smirk, half smile. For some reason, she can just hear Gina’s voice, giving him directions on how to pose. (”Okay, Jake. Remember, we’re going for sexy, but not like we’re trying too hard. Like, sure, we’re trying, but it’s almost effortless.”) 

There’s a blue star on his photo, and Amy vaguely recalls Kylie telling her this means he swiped up to “Super Like” her. Her ears burn at the idea Jake would ever actually super like her. 

After setting her glass down on her coffee table and taking a seat on her couch (to avoid breaking glassware, falling over, or other potential consequences), she takes a deep breath and opens up his messages. 

santiago’s on tinder?! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!!! were the magic themed singles nights not working out for you? :o

gotta say i’m supes flattered you swiped right

but fyi i’m totally going to bring this up at briefing on monday

the whole world has to know i matched with amy santiago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She rolls her eyebrows but continues reading. 


unless you don’t want me to?? 


k you’re not replying

that tells me you either passed out in shock after matching with me (tbh i get it, nbd) 

or you and kylie are having the craziest night of your life :P 

There’s a new timestamp before the next message, and when she checks, she finds he sent it over half an hour after the prior one.

look i’m only saying this cause you swiped right first but if this wasn’t a joke and you were actually interested, i’d be up for dinner or whatever 

It’s the last of his messages, and it sends her reeling. 

Heart racing and hands shaking, she fumbles with her phone to call her best friend. She figures the woman who got her in this mess should help her out of it.

“H-hello?” Kylie’s voice is hoarse and weak, and this makes Amy feel a teensy bit better about her own hangover. Except she’s still freaking out. 


There’s a laugh on the other line. “Honey, you grabbed your phone from me to swipe right the second his face came on the screen and then yelled at it when he hadn’t responded within 30 seconds. You didn’t even bother reading his bio - although I checked, and it was just full of Die Hard quotes and emojis… Not the best or most creative. Like what does that even mean dating-wise? What does that tell you about him as a potential lover? Nothing, Amy, nothing. The only thing it says is that his ideal date is probably a Die Hard marathon and make out session.“

“Oh, God, can we not analyze Peralta’s Tinder profile right now?” 

You asked about him! Anyway, what’s up, boo? Did your smoking hot partner actually match with you?” 

“Smoking hot?”

“Your words, not mine.” 

Her cheeks flare up at that, and she groans. She combs her free hand through her hair. “He might have… sent me a bunch of messages and said he was up for dinner or whatever if I was actually interested.”

Kylie makes a high-pitched squeal, and Amy has to bring her phone away from her ear for a second. When she brings it back, her best friend’s talking a mile a minute. “So you are going out with him, right? There is no way in hell you are passing this up, Amy. You’ve been into him forever! You know what, I’m ending this call right now. You need to message him back or text him or call him or something. Text me updates ASAP!” 

The line goes silent after that, and Amy’s left with a bigger headache than the one she woke up with. 

After staring at the ceiling for another minute or hour (she can’t tell), she goes back into the app and pulls up his message. Throwing all caution to the wind, she sends: Hey! :) Are you free tonight?

His reply comes almost instantaneously, which is good because she otherwise would have gone insane.

ya! what do you want to do?? i’m up for anything ;)

ps that winky face wasn’t meant to be sexual or anything, we could literally just sit and talk and eat

or something

no pressure 

An increasingly familiar swell of affection rises in her chest. She pauses to consider her response. Die Hard and takeout at my place?

noice. i’ll be there @ 6

can’t wait, ames!!!!!!! ♥

A series of knocks sounding vaguely like the Imperial March announces his arrival later. Amy tucks her hair behind her ears, takes a deep breath, and gets the door. 

Jake has a boyish grin on his face and a spark of amusement in his eyes. “Y’know, Amy, Tinder’s Safety Tips page says you’re always meant to meet someone in public. I hope you don’t invite all your matches to your apartment for movie night. What would Holt say if you got murdered? How would we explain your death to your parents?”

She chuckles and rolls her eyes. Just like that, all the nervousness she felt dissipates. “Come in, Jake.” 

The night ends up going on both of their good date lists. - They order Chinese and fight over the last egg roll. Jake recites half the lines of the movie. (Only half because Amy shushes him at some point). They make out on her couch as the end credits roll over the screen. 

They also delete their Tinder accounts. 


Couple: Shadamy

Holding hands:


Watching a movie/news/ect:


Making out:





Making up:

Gazing: (sort of)

Getting Married:

Doing something sweet:

Doing something hot: (3)

Silas Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Silas Dialogue

For the three anons!… I think. I’m notoriously bad at counting.

I was wondering why this guy was pretty popular but ah, I see, you guys want the childhood friend ;) Disclaimer about this being a fan translation and not to be taken as gospel!

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