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Kiss me, I'm Irish ☘

Just a little smutty Friends to Lovers (with no pining!) fun for this holiday, dedicated to @swallowedsong for various reasons. Sláinte! (rated M, 3000 words, AO3)

She almost choked on her green beer as her best friend’s feet came up off the ground as the burly, flanneled lumberjack (well, big guy in flannel shirt) at the bar planted a smacking kiss right on those unsuspecting lips. She’d told Killian what would happen if we wore that shirt, but he didn’t listen. Emma’s laughter is lost in the packed pub filled to the brim with St. Patrick’s Day revelers, but she knows Killian hears it, his telltale eyebrow lifting as Paul Bunyan releases him and gives him a jovial pat on the back.

“You had to know that would happen at some point, lad.”

“Aye, mate…sláinte!”

Emma shakes her head at Killian’s seemingly unflappable facade, watching as he shares a big grin and a toast with his kissing buddy at the end of the bar. But as he makes his way back to her she can see the signs of his mild embarrassment in the red glow of his pointy ears to the sheen of sweat at the hollow of his throat.

“Regretting that shirt yet?”

“Why Swan? That was the best kiss I’ve had all night.”

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Enjolras and Grantaire ‘debating’ at a meeting and Grantaire casually calling Enjolras ‘lover’ just to watch him completely loose his train of thought and have to sit down, blushing up to his ears.

It becomes a habit of Grantiare’s, whenever Enjolras starts being unrealistically optimistic, call him ‘lover’ and watch his brain screech to a halt.

“Petites Amies” / “Girlfriends” by Hanafusa Ittcho, an illustration for the novel Poupée Japonaise / Japanese Doll by Félicien Champsaur (1912 edition).

“The term ‘inseparables’ (which is also a French term for lovebirds) is the title of a chapter in Champsaur’s Poupée Japonaise (Japanese Doll). In the illustrated edition of 1912, a colored engraving by Hanafusa Ittcho called 'Petites Amies’ (Girlfriends) represents two lovers’ hands joined like the obis fastening their kimonos, giving the impression that the women are literally tied together.” (source)

elsaclack  asked:

DARCE I FINALLY THOUGHT OF THE PROMPT I WANTED TO REQUEST FROM U!! literally,,,,,literally anything with the protective jake dynamic from maximum security,,,,i would cry so many tears,,,,i WILL cry so many tears,,,bless ur soul thank u in advance i love u dearly <3 <3 <3

on this week’s episode of Em Wants Me Dead,,,,

in all honesty I rewrote this a few times because I wanted to be completely certain I was hitting that protectiveness right but dear God this prompt came for my soul

anyway HERE <3: 

Amy shifts over in her cell bed, wishing to hell she could rip this stupid fake baby bump off and sleep in an actual, comfortable bed. She needs sleep, desperately, but all she can think about is Maura, and Figgis, and Jake.


The way he’d tried to protect her. The way he’d admitted he couldn’t be here while she was surrounded by these women.

It’s not the first time she’s seen him protective, not by far- but it’s perhaps only the second time she’s seen him act upon it. The first time was years ago, not long into her job at the nine-nine. It’s perhaps one of her first memories of them as real friends, real partners. Warmth spills into her system at the thought of it.

It’s strange, in a way, she thinks, the fondness this memory elicits- the first time Amy knew that Jake Peralta would always have her back just so happened to coincide with one of the saddest days of her life.

Shifting her head against a thin pillow, Amy lets her mind drift, finding the moment and replaying it, in every little detail, letting it lull her to sleep.

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