amy look i'm turning into you

is it just me or does amy tend to kiss jake to prove a point???

not just any point though. a point that says, “damn it jake, you’re constantly beating yourself up even though your heart is so kind and you’re the best partner to have and i love you so damn much”

i mean look at this

their first kiss was tentative, like they were venturing in uncharted territory that actually turned out to be a familiar love consisting of mutual respect and friendship

but as their relationship progressed, amy became more and more aware of how low jake’s self esteem can get, especially with her. he thinks the world of her and figures he’s not good enough for her. so she kisses him passionately

and she kisses him gently

she always has her hand on either the side of his neck or the back of his head and she’s not smiling because this is a serious matter. jake expecting her to move on from him, to fall out of love with him is serious and she needs him to know it’s all just in his head

imagine R who sometimes turns on that part from “Non-stop” which is 

“ Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Soon that attitude may be your doom” 

in the middle of the Enj’s inspiring revolutionary speech just to make him angry.

imagine Courf who laughs hysterically every time it happens