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so anyway the b99 finale doesn’t exist?????? rosa and gina have run off to argentina together with their kickass baby girl and jake and amy have moved to the country and opened a small bookstore. jake and rosa in jail lmao that’s ridiculous what are you talking about??

Alla fin fine la verità…è questa,
che ti amo, e tu mi hai amata 
e t'ho visto felice, mio 
mentre da lei torni per centomila cose che non sono l'amore
—  Sibilla Aleramo a Giovanni Boine, da Carteggio (1979), pag. 440

but does everyone remember when we watched brooklyn nine nine bc it was a feel-good comedy with lighthearted humour? bc i sure do and i’m wondering what the hell happened to the writers during season three that made them want to hurt jake peralta, my sunshine boy, the light of my life, so much

there are some pretty hilarious name translations out there but us germans were deprived of that so for no reason other than i’m bored: les amis with typically german names (ignoring that it’s not their first names pshh)

Enjolras: Engelhart - determined angel (c'mon this is what Hugo would’ve wanted)

Combeferre: Konrad - courageous adviser 

Courfeyrac: Caspar/Kaspar - treasure (a kasper is also someone who is cheerful/jokes a lot)

Grantaire: Giesbert - shining hostage (aka a captive of love?)

Jehan: Jan(nick) - kind/benevolent (basically the German Jean)

Bossuet: Balduin - brave friend (ok tbh I just chose it because it has the word bald in it)

Joly: Johannes - divine/gracious

Bahorel: Bernhart - strong as a bear 

Feuilly: Friedrich - peaceful protector

Marius: Marvin - great friend 

Cosette: Konstanze - steadfast

Eponine: Eleonore - the different/foreign one

Musichetta: Margarethe - pearl

Favorite Romantic Comedies

Love, Rosie - Dir. by Christian Ditter

Love Actually - Dir. by Richard Curtis

27 Dresses - Dir. by Anne Fletcher

Clueless - Dir. by Amy Heckerling

The Proposal - Dir. by Anne Fletcher 

Leap Year - Dir. by Anand Tucker

Letters To Juliet - Dir. by Gary Winick

E tu hai preferito lei,a me. Dopotutto quello che ho fatto per te, frasi dedicate, lettere, stati, foto,parole dolci…dopotutto quello che abbiamo passato e che oltretutto stiamo ancora passando..tu hai preferito comunque lei…lei che non ti ha mai vista come ti ho visto io, lei che non conoscerà tutte le tue stranezze, le tue più piccole fragilità, lei che non ti ha mai visto nel modo in cui ti ho visto io. Noi che anche a distanza abbiamo saputo cogliere ogni singolo e piccolo momento, e reso speciale. Noi che anche con tutte le difficoltà, siamo ancora qui, insieme. Sarebbe potuto funzionare, ma tu non ne hai voluto saper niente. Perchè come dici sempre “sei molto realista,in tutto” non riesci mai ad immaginare, o più che altro, non vuoi farlo…perchè sai che comunque, non è vera realtà. Forse perchè ti fa male tutto ciò che ci divide, e non riusciresti a sopportarlo…ad affrontare tutte le circostanze. Ma io, ragazza dal quale non mi arrendo mai, ti dico che farò di tutto pur di portarti un pò altrove, a farti vedere la realtà con occhi diversi….i miei.


Non togliete la fonte, frase mia.


I think it’s no secret that I’m SOULMATE AU TRASH and I am l o v i n g the recent surge of Soulmate AU fics in the fandom. Here’s a random fic rec post on my faves, in no particular order: 

all my days i’ll know your face by @40millionyears​​

four universes in which everything is the same at the nine-nine, except that soulmates are a thing. four times jake and amy definitely weren’t those soulmates. nope. not at all.

putting my defenses up (cause i don’t wanna fall in love) by @jessicamiriamdrew

Somewhat canon compliant soul mates au, where what you write on your skin appears on your soul mates. Rosa Diaz doesn’t really give a shit about soulmates and makes an effort not to write on her skin. She’s doing a pretty good job at ignoring the writing on her skin until Gina Linetti shows up in the 99.

On Your Mark by @three-drink-amy

Amy is tired of having her boyfriends leave her because they found their soulmates. She decides it’s time to find her own soulmate. Her friends are more or less helpful.

thirty-one days until by scrawlerem

It was thirty-one days until Amy turned thirty. She hoped that meant it was thirty-one days until those tiny words appeared on her wrist, assuming he too had already lived 10985 days himself. Of course, she’d already met her soulmate. They were perfect for each other. They were into all the same things, had the same job, both liked to be on time, organised, structured, take things slow. Besides, he was thirty-three and there was no name on his wrist. There were sparks, nothing life changing but still. It added up.
But a confirmation would be nice.

Now I’m Covered in the Colors, Pulled Apart at the Seams by kikitheslayer

Rosa: “Fuck ‘your soulmate’”
Gina: “I’m tryin’”
Or: Rosa’s not quite sure if it’s the stars fault she’s in love with Gina, or Gina’s. Maybe it’s both.

The Thought Of You by @peraltiagoisland

Soulmate AU - In which you can hear your soulmate’s thoughts.

It’s in their voice too. You don’t hear every single thought of course, and the thoughts stop once you meet your soulmate.

Five times Jake and Amy hear each other’s thoughts, and the one time they never have to ever again.

Write in the Heart - you’ve left me speechless by @tiadorable

Soulmate AU where Jake and Amy communicate through writing letters to each other as they grow up.

“Her soulmate is someone with incredibly messy writing, it’s so messy it almost escapes the lines and is difficult to read. Amy seriously doubts the ability of the soulmate council - or whatever group of people it is who somehow magically assign people to their soulmates - to accurately match people if they’ve matched her with someone who is already the polar opposite of her in hand-writing.”

Untitled by @elsaclack

There’s no official summary for this but here’s the basic concept Em posted way back when: in this au, soulmates can feel each other’s emotions constantly - it’s like an automatic connection, one that’s on all the time, no matter how far away you are from your soulmate

there is a long invisible thread (that wraps around my heart and wraps around your head) by @echoes-of-realities

Chapter 3: Rosa frowns at him, one side of her mouth twisted up in disgust. “The Feeling?”

“Yeah. I mean, it could be, like, the taquitos from this morning,” he hurries to explain because this is Rosa, self proclaimed hater of that soulmate bullshit, “but like, I dunno. It’s different.” There’s another tug in his stomach, like the person on the other end sharply jerked the rope. It’s an odd feeling, but not necessarily uncomfortable.

Rosa continues to frown at him, but something clears in her face. “I believe you.”


She shrugs. “You look like you just got sucker punched,” a smirk spreads across her face, “You must be in luv.”

I’m shamelessly throwing one of my fics into the mix because it’s my favorite thing I’ve written thus far: i could listen to you all day

“You should arrange your shirts by color and pattern.”
“Uh, hello? Earth to conscience, these are all blue plaid shirts.”
“Wrong. That one over there is a navy tartan, and that other one is a periwinkle gingham.”
“So like… blue plaid.”

B99 + Conscience/Soulmate AU: in which your conscience has the voice, thought process, and moral compass of your soulmate.


Aaron Siskind
Venice 1, Venice,Italy, 1978 [unevenly folded fabric with seam down middle; darkness at bottom of image]
Venice 2, Venice, Italy,1978 [hanging hemmed fabric with tassel dangling at right; lighted letters “AMI” at lower left in darkness]
Gelatin silver prints.


B99 + Single Parent AU: in which Jake becomes a father, Bernice leaves, and Amy does what she can to help.   

Jake is smitten from the get go. He’s ecstatic about meeting a girl who loves the Brooklyn Nets and Die Hard as much as he does. He relishes in every afternoon they spend lounging on his couch, watching basketball games, and yelling at the TV after terrible plays or bad referee calls. He cherishes every morning he wakes up snuggled close to his jaktractive girlfriend in her Nakatomi Plaza security t-shirt. He’s all sorts of shocked and scared when she tells him she’s pregnant, but mostly he’s just excited – excited for what’s to come, excited to live the rest of their lives together.

Everything starts to go downhill when they move in together. Their relationship gets increasingly strained as they realize just how serious this all is. Their mutual love of basketball and cop movies seems laughably insignificant compared to their contrasting life goals.

Despite their issues, Jake tries to make things work. He tries even harder after their baby is born – even if he’s down to getting 2 hours of sleep each night, and even if every other conversation he has with Bernice is some form of an argument. He doesn’t stop trying because there’s no way in hell he would even consider turning his back on his family. Not after everything Roger’s done, not after everything Roger’s failed to do.

Bernice walks out when their daughter is five months old, and Jake’s entire world turns upside down. They had just figured out somewhat of a routine, things were finally starting to get better, and he was so sure everything was going to be okay. Reading her goodbye letter the umpteenth time over, he is stunned. For all the time he spent worrying he would turn into his father, he had no clue he would become his mother.

With Bernice gone, everything is back to square one with the baby. The almost established routine is ruined. Suddenly, he’s having to look into babysitters, nannies, and infant day care – none of which he can afford, really. He somehow manages to get by with a ton of help from Karen.

He buries himself in his work and pretty much shuts everyone out. He doesn’t talk when Terry or Charles asks about how he’s doing. He doesn’t join Rosa or Gina for drinks at Shaw’s. He doesn’t crack any jokes with Amy or Holt. For weeks, he just doesn’t allow himself to feel. With everything going on, he doesn’t exactly have time to feel anything other than ridiculously exhausted.

It’s Amy who eventually gets him to open up again, although truthfully she doesn’t do much to prompt this. They’re hours into an overnight stakeout (his first since Bernice left) and are taking turns telling stories to pass the time. He’s in the middle of recounting last week’s baby bath time fiasco when he mentions Bernice without realizing it (another first since his regretful announcement). Amy tries to change the subject, to give him an out, but he keeps talking – about his frustrations, fears, everything. Their perp doesn’t turn up at all that night, but neither of them think the stakeout’s a bust. 

Amy’s over at his place the weekend after, and she’s so awkwardly stiff in handling his baby. She offers to help with cleaning and restocking supplies instead, but with loads of guidance and encouragement from Jake, she very quickly grows into it and becomes a baby whisperer of sorts. She’s back at his place the next weekend and every weekend after that. 

While everything with Bernice had happened so quickly, it takes a few years or so for Jake to realize he’s in love with Amy. He’s watching her tie his daughter’s hair into a neat bun (for a private baby ballet and modern dance class with Auntie Rosa and Auntie Gina) when the realization hits him all at once and at full force. He loves her. He really, really loves her. 

→ inspired by @emilybrontay‘s but the absolute luck is, love is in our hearts

{Here’s Bonus: Pining!Amy… because I got hella carried away with this AU.}

If Amy were to be completely honest, she’d admit she’s found Jake attractive since they were first introduced. She might have once or twice considered what it would be like to go out with him, but she doesn’t really start thinking about the two of them romantic stylez until he starts dating Bernice. Amy’s seen Jake with other girls in the past, but this is different; Jake’s never been so happy. 

For the most part, Amy’s happy that Jake’s happy. Bernice is great, and she and Jake are so similar that it makes perfect sense their relationship is progressing so quickly. What does not make sense to Amy is how often she imagines Jake being her cute, adoring boyfriend rather than Bernice’s. 

When Jake announces that Bernice is pregnant (by bringing out a tiny Brooklyn Nets baby onesie at their morning briefing), Amy’s stomach drops. She had sort of been waiting for the other shoe to drop (because in her head, a healthy relationship could not be founded on basketball and cop movies), but the pregnancy meant they were in it for the long haul.

Amy works on moving on in the following months. She starts to put herself out there again and tries to get back in the dating game. Despite this, she can’t help but notice that Jake’s been a little less cheery and that Bernice has gotten a lot more cold. She isn’t sure whether something’s actually up or if this is just pregnancy-related stress or if this is all just jealousy talking.

When Jake shows her the tear-stained, wrinkled goodbye letter, Amy is  angry (at Bernice), devastated (for the baby), and worried (about Jake). But a small part of her is also overjoyed, and she absolutely hates herself for it.

It takes awhile for Jake to let her (and everyone else) back into his life, but when this happens, she resolves to put her feelings aside. She knows that what Jake needs is a helping hand with his daughter, not a new girl to date. 

She sticks around because he’s her partner and best friend (and because his kid has her wrapped around her chubby little finger). With seeing him become the amazing father she always knew he would be, she falls for him a little bit more each day. 

For a second, she lets herself believe that his soft looks mean something other than gratitude. 

Shout out to @peraltiagoisland & @elsaclack for the help and headcanons!!! ♥

Okay, another AU, cause this got on my mind and it won’t leave me and AUGGGHHHH feeelllss~

World: New Sonic 2017 Project (at least, how i envision it -shrug- Way AU though, this was a daydream idea xD)

Couple: sonamy

Summary: What if the new character was a girl, and she thought Sonic liked her and went for a kiss..? What if… it’s too painful to say… but Amy saw and took on a ton of dangerous missions because she couldn’t cope with that reality. Sonic and the team worry about her until Sonic realizes what she thought, and goes after her.

(#worriedboyfriendface lol)


“It’s been so kind of you to help me… I thought this world was lost… but now-” she spun around, turning to Sonic. “I have so much hope! And it’s all thanks to you… and your friends.” she put her hands together and up to her chest, nodding in gratitude.


Amy was asked to go into the forest near the decimated city, she turned on her communicator, “I don’t see him, Tails. He may be with-”


“Hey…” Sonic caught the girl’s attention, as she looked up. “Just… smile.” He beamed, flicking his finger up near his face and then giving her a charming grin. “It’s easy! Just have faith, and there’s nothing that can hold it back!” he then winked and gave her a thumbs up, trying to cheer her up.

She saw something a little differently, and lowered her head.

“Sonic…” she stepped slowly up towards him.


“I’m sure he’s fine, Amy. But we’re really getting some weird Chaos readings over here… it would be really helpful if he could investigate it.” Tails’s voice buzzed over the communicator.

“Em. I’m sure he’d love to get away for a little while.” Amy nodded, continuing to walk.


Sonic searched the girl’s face, not sure why she was closing the distance, but didn’t see any wrong with it; just off.

“You… you have always been so kind, Sonic… I… I feel I should repay those kindnesses.”

“Uhh…” Sonic leaned back, suddenly realizing this was getting too close. “T-that’s okay. I don’t really need-”


Amy moved through the bush, before some color caught her eye, and she moved passed a tree, before freezing in her step.

Her eyes shook.

“Amy? Amy, are you there? My readings suggest Sonic’s locator is stating he’s right in front of you…. Amy?”

Something stopped, a line was cut, a thread snapped.

She almost scraped her hand over her heart, breathing silently and hard as she watched her hero and that new girl…


“Amy? Amy! Is everything al-”

She backed away, tears filling her eyes before dashing away.

Her brain wouldn’t work, but her feet could.

She couldn’t see anything, her eyes were blurry, filled with anger and sorrow and betrayal…


She kept her head low, her voice could barely muster any noise to even cry, but her tears flooded her face.

“Amy? Amy!”

She fell to the ground, silent muffles of excruciating pain she couldn’t stop. Her fingers dug into the dirt, gripping whatever she could to feel something, anything but this awful squeezing inside of her, like a cave in on her lungs and a cloud of thick, suffocating fog covered over her mind.

She gasped for air, before hearing her communicator buzz back.

“Is it an ambush!?”

She clicked the response button… and there was pure silence in the forest for a moment.

Then she breathed.

“W-” she had to clear her throat. “Where was that signal again?”


Sonic quickly, but trying to not jerk the poor girl, moved her away from him, stunned. “A-I-Uh…” he was in a bit of shock, before he shook his head and arms out in front of him. “I-I-I think you misinterpreted me!” he quickly stated, “I don’t… I mean, I didn’t do any of those for…”

She suddenly blinked her eyes, and exclaimed.

She put her hands to her face. “You mean… you weren’t..?”

Sonic once again shook his head, leaning back. “No! Not at all!”

She blushed and turned away, “A-all… all this time I thought you were-!!! How embarrassing!” she covered her face, and quickly turned back to him. “F-forgive me for being blunt with you then! I.. I could have sworn you had different intentions!” She bowed then, “Forgive me!”

He scratched behind his head, chuckling awkwardly as he nodded.


Back at the hub, Sonic looked around, and noticed for a second that Amy hadn’t been around.

He didn’t ask for a few hours, not wanting to trouble anyone and just looked for her while he walked around, but no matter what he was doing, he couldn’t just… naturally find her like usual.


“Amy! Report, Amy!”

Amy staggered towards the bottom of a rocky ridge, and slowly sat down on a protruding rock, panting.

Behind her was a field of hammered robots, one’s head sparked and then creaked as it twitched left a few times, before it’s eyes died out of it’s energy.

“..A-Amy R-R-Rose here.” Amy hadn’t used her voice in a while.

“Amy! You’ve only sent letters for a while through email! I was worried about you… we all are… hey, no one’s going to judge you if you come home empty, so… So, how are you doing?”

“…” she felt the pain rush up again, and started to cry in silent screams she couldn’t help, but she muted the mic so none of the escaping air could be heard.

She composed herself long enough to turn the mic back on, “I’m… I just need a little more time… that’s all. I’ll be home real soon… promise.”


She turned her head from the mic, and then looked up to the stars. Every time… Every time she looked up at them, images of Sonic swarmed her mind.

“I’ll go home… I’ll go home when I get the Emerald.”

She cut off the communicator, and leaned against the unfeeling earth, sobbing.

She wondered… that if she got the last emerald,…

if that would be enough for him.

Would she ever be enough for him?

Was she even for him?

She cried out in silent pain again, only air rushing from her, as she gripped the earth.

“I.. I don’t want these thoughts… I don’t want this pa-ai-ain…” she felt all life draining from her, and slowly fell to the ground, as drops of rain started.

She looked up.

Storm clouds.

She gritted her teeth.

“If I get the Emerald…” her eyes narrowed, as her chest moved up and down in desperate attempts to breathe. “Then I know I’ll still be something to him.”

She turned her face from the rain, pulling her legs in and allowing herself to fall apart.


Finally, he got a little desperate, and went to the living room, looking around and folding his arms, clearly more obvious about searching for something.

“…Hmm?” Tails turned around, seeing his eyes wandering around and his head turning every which way. “Sonic? What’s wrong?” He walked over, “Did you spot a fly?” he suddenly pulled out a swatter, and scanned the ceiling, as if ready to do battle.

“Wha? Oh, no… no, that’s not it.” He continued to look around, dropping his hands. “Hey, Tails… have you seen Amy anywhere?”

“Huh? Why are you looking for her?” Tails blinked his eyes, relaxing to his normal position. “She’s been gone on the Emerald search for a couple days now.”

Sonic’s head suddenly whipped back around to him. “What?! By herself?” he stepped forward, worry clearly on his face.

“W-well, yeah. I asked her to go looking for you, but when she said you were busy, she asked to then take your mission for the Emerald Search up. I warned her it was a bit of an undertaking, but she insisted.”

Sonic’s head dipped down, scanning the floor, “Busy..?”

“I’m not sure myself. My readings said that she was right there with you. You and that girl from before.” Tails pointed, gesturing out as if referring to the girl.

Sonic’s eyes suddenly widened, his mind traced back to that day…

“Oh no…” he wobbled back, fear and concern swiped it’s face across him in waves, as he opened his mouth a moment, before locking his jaw in a sorrowful frown. “You said she was there?”

“R-right in front of you… Sonic? Are you alright?” Tails tried to reach a hand out for him.

“Tails! The readings! I want to know where that Emerald is, stat!”

“A-ah.. I-it’s out in the wastelands.”

“The wastelands!? With the rogue defects?! You sent her there?”

“S-she insisted! She’s reported in every day. She seems to be doing fine, though… I noticed her writing is just… stationary. As if she just doesn’t put herself into it or something…” Tails looked down. “She doesn’t mention anything about herself, she just… writes if she’s found the emerald or any clues to it. Last report, she was really close. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had found it by now.”

Sonic raced over and placed two hands on the sides of Tails’s shoulders. “Tails. Amy’s locator. You have to tell me where she is!”

“W-woah! W-why are you so worried all of a sudden?”

“Please Tails… I think… I think she may be under the wrong impression.”

“The wrong… impression? What are you…” he looked at his friend’s face, and his voice faded.

If Sonic was this desperate, then there must have been a good reason.

Tails nodded. “I can pull her up right away!” he stated, firmly, to reassure his friend it’d be quick.

Rushing to the tech-room, Tails started to type in coordinates and locating passwords.

“There! W-wait, that’s…” Tails watched the mark. “She’s outside!” he exclaimed.

“Well, no duh, Tails. But where outside?” Sonic’s snarky attitude was only coming out from his panic that started to rise within himself.

He knew she was sensitive… if she saw what he thought she saw… her mind would make up things that could really hurt her.

He didn’t want to think of the possibility of her suffering… from a misconception.

“N-no! I mean, she’s near the doors!”

Sonic’s eyes widened, and he bolted outside.

The door swung so hard and fast that a hinge broke off, tilting the door as Sonic scanned the grounds, panting and looking each and every way.

Finally, from over the hill, he saw her beaten and dirty body, arms hanging low, back hunched forward, making her way up the hill into sight, with the storm’s last winds beating upon her.

His heart filled with compassion, just looking at her lowly state, and he realized she had saw.

She had supposed and wrongly judged.

But even still… even still- That pain!!!

His blur moved so fast it was barely a hue of blue in the darkened light around him.

He stopped, just a little aways from her, his arms out and up as if he was looking down at her in complete shock, looking over her state.

She put an arm to her other, hurt arm, and then looked up.

One eye shut in her exhaustion, before she looked back down and straightened herself up, using the last of what muscle power she could.

Her back muscle twitched, and her hair blew wildly in the wind, even her body swayed from being unable to take the chilling whiplash of it anymore.

Sonic swaggered with her, ready to catch her before she regained herself.

She rose her head up, and her look was so strong… so firm.

She extended her arm, as thunder was heard, and there, in her hands, was the last Chaos Emerald the team needed to go Super, and end this war.

She breathed a moment, before closing her mouth and swallowing, attempting to breathe through her nose; the breaths of weariness more apparent now.

Sonic stared at the priceless jewel, the saving grace of their entire purpose…

He then looked up, and reached for it.

His hand wavered to her wrist, and immediately he pulled her to him.

The Emerald dropped, bouncing with a tingle, as it rolled down the hill.

Amy was in shock, as Sonic just pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her and then holding her head in place against his shoulder.

He gritted his teeth.

“…Sorry… I made you.. worry.”

Her eyelids lowered, the words sounded whispered with a raspy wind behind them, but they meant nothing.

“… I didn’t kiss her…”

Amy’s eyes widened.

“She kissed me.”

Amy’s knees began to wobble, and she moved slightly out of his grasp, stepping back. “W-wh…what?”

“Amy.” Sonic lifted both hands to her face, giving her a dead stare.

Amy’s eyes were empty, before hope and understanding started returning to them.

Sonic’s reflection showed in their glossy shine.

“I didn’t kiss her, Amy… Let this end all… and any other doubts… for good.”

He tightened his lips.

He gently leaned in.

And though she shivered, she took in a breath, as did he, but with more force, and…

“Sonic? Sonic! Have you found her yet? Your lights are blinking over each other, she has to be right there!”

Sonic groaned, leaning back and losing his confidence.

His shy nature making him look down, showing his true fear in the act almost done.

Amy moved her hand to his communicator, since his hands were still on the sides of her cheeks and face.

-Click- “….He’s busy.” Amy muted it then, as his head shot back up to her, looking like he didn’t know what to expect next.

She leaned forward, stepping more into his grasp. “That was a long kiss. I didn’t see you pull away.”

“…I swear, Amy..” his eyes suddenly dropped, such painful sincerity on his face. “I pulled her away.”

“…You still let it last a second.”

“Blame it on my obliviousness, Amy, I-” He stepped side to side, his face dropping as pure misery showed upon it. “I don’t love her.”

“…Then..” she started to choke on her words. “Who do you love?”

He stared at her a moment, before courage returned to his countenance, and he pulled her in.

This time, it connected, and the gentle force and press of that moment made the two of them almost circle their heads forward.

He had silenced all other fears.

They pulled back, mostly for shock of the experience, as rain started to follow the thunder cracks.

Amy kept breathing hard and staring at him, “…W-what’s wrong?”

He looked away, towards the ground, as his hands lowered just slightly.

“That’s just it..” he admitted, before looking straight back up at her. “Nothing’s wrong…”

She sucked in a breath. “I hope you know… I take that as an invitation.” she suddenly leaped back into another kiss, this time, wrapping her arms around him as his hands went right back to the sides of her face.

Bzz…Bzz… Override, successful. Hello? Hello? You guys! Hey! Why did I hear Amy on Sonic’s communicator? Are you both alright? Hey!!!”


“What’s going on here?” Rouge strode up, before angling her body and lifting a leg up slightly, leaning on the edge of Tails’s machines, folding her arms. “…Why are their lights blinking over each other?”

“I.. I don’t know. I overrided the mic but they turned off all communication after that! I hope they’re talking it out… whatever it is. I just want them to be safe.” Tails lowered his head, “And happy.”

 Rouge’s face turned to one of realization, her mouth forming a cute ‘o’ as she rolled her eyes and then smirked.

“Oh… I see.” she started walking away, a sinister knowledge revealing her awareness of the situation on her face. “Yes… a very,… very needed talk.” she mused, before disappearing around the corner. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a few more minutes. Let alone an hour. I wouldn’t worry too much, Sweetie.”

“An hour?” Tails turned around, oblivious.

“It’s their first time ‘talking it out’ after all.” Rouge said that in just the right way, but poor Tails didn’t pick up on it. “Give them a minute to… catch their breath.” she grinned from ear to ear.

Note:  Uh.  More wizard nonsense.  From here on out, I’m not sure I can promise a story everyday, but I will try to produce at least a couple a week.

Sheldon hummed to himself as he started gathering the ingredients for Amy’s potion.  He smiled at her and raised his eyebrows playfully when he looked over at her as she sat at the table reading one of the stories about a princess.  When she found a passage that she enjoyed, she read it to him.

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Teamiplier Halloween supernatural au hcs?

- Hunter! Mark and Werewolf! Tyler are always busy around Halloween because there’s more shenanigans than usual

- They’re able to sift out he fake stuff from the actual hauntings but Mark likes to fuck with Tyler occasionally and make him check out the fake haunted houses

- “Funny.” Tyler says after coming back to the motel they’re in that week (but he hides the candy he got from the places)

- Lots of shenanigans that have to be explained to Angel! Ethan
- E: “But why do the human girls dress as suggestive versions of mundane things.”
- M: “To get laid.”
- most of the shit they chase down that week turns out to be witch! Signe fucking with them just for kicks
- they trap demon! Sean just to piss her off
- which is a bad idea
- she plagues several of the nearest towns, causing the boys to split up and call in for back up
- Woman of letters! Amy is paired up with Mark, of course
- M: “You came to hunt wearing heels?”
- A: “It’s a plague, Mark, we cure it we don’t hunt it.”
- Ethan and Tyler team up in case anything happens to make Tyler turn
- Men of Letters! Bob and Wade take the other town, glad to not have to deal with Mark or any of his weird friends
- they all call hacker! Kathryn regularly because she has access to Amy’s stash of lore so she researches a cure and the best way to implement it
- Signe calling mark like “I would have undone it if you and Tyler had agreed to wearing tutu’s for Halloween but suit yourself.
- they’re able to find a cure and save most of towns population
- Mark takes full credit, obviously
- Mark and Tyler take Ethan trick or treating once they find out that even tho he’s lived in his human vessel for a little while, he’s never experienced a real halloween