amy kolker


Behind the Re-Couture | Juicy Gets a Touch Up

Several months ago we set out to give ourselves a little refresh, if you will. Here, we share some of the results. Sr. Director of Store Design Amy Kolker and Sr. Director of Global Merchandising and Display Mark Topolosky give us some of the details….

What was the scope of Project Re-Couture?

Project Re-Couture set out to Rebrand, Redesign and Revitalize a select group of high volume stores. In doing so, we wiped our slate clean. We painted the store white opulence, added all new mannequins, and implemented interior elements to make our stores feel more residential and contemporary.

What are some of the major differences we can expect to see?

With a fresh new color palate (white opulence and vibrant jewel tones) the space is now clean and radiant. Luxurious detailing sets a feminine and inviting ambiance. New fixtures, tables, mirrored jewelry tables, handpicked French chandeliers, artwork, over-dyed rugs and new fitting rooms have all started to revive the Juicy experience.

Tell us about some of the more nuanced changes.

We took our inspiration from chic Parisian homes and mixed that with an LA aesthetic. There are so many great elements—our rugs have been hand-dyed in Turkey; we designed oversized black and white stripe wingback chairs in a classic frame, added new custom vintage-inspired Juicy wallpaper; handpicked French chandeliers for each store; and hung a series of black and white Sam Haskins photos.

What inspired the new look?

The desire to enhance the Juicy shopping experience. We want to celebrate the collection, and make the Juicy girl feel like she’s in the most chic closet ever—the spotlight is on her.

What are some of your favorite details?

Ornate moldings on the wall panels are rich, and the chandeliers have brought glamour and elegance. Delicate small gold vases and cream roses pair an interior feel. We’ve also introduced a new hanging system and beautiful brass eterges, which help showcase the collection.

How does the new look and feel differ from where Juicy has been in the past?

Overall the new store design is much more feminine and flirtatious. The future is looking very bright—stay tuned!