amy jolly

Les Amis Sleep Over

- once a month Courfeyrac throws huge sleep over party
- they tried to watch movies a few times but it always ended up with everyone distracted and discussing instead of watching
- some nights they do only that. They talk until everyone fall asleep just before sunrise
- but most of the times they play stupid games like truth or dare
- and let me tell you it gets intense sometimes
- like when Eponine talked about her childhood or when Feuilly was asked about his parents
- it gets emotional but everyone feel they actually can trust each other
- then there’s Jehan with his questions like “if you would be a cake what kind of cake would you be” or “what kind of flower is our relation?”
- Bahorel loves creepypasta stories and he reads it sometimes
- no one is really scared but eventually everyone feel a bit nervous. Especially if they hear some kind of weird noise
- Feuilly always falls asleep first
- Grantaire often takes his sketchbook and draws them when they sleep which is kinda creepy
- usually at some point either Enjolras, Ferre and Courf have some sort of a political discussion or Jolly and Combferre have long medical discussion
- Feuilly has hundreds of a embarrassing photos taken on these sleep overs
- there might be one of a grumpy Enjolras sitting under the table
- once in the middle of the night someone commented some transfobic bullshit on Enjolras’s blog and shit got real
- everyone except R joined discussion a writing sassy comments and making fun of the hater
- it was hilarious
- when it starts to be bright outside most of them decide to actually take few hours of sleep
- they sleep on the mattresses on the floor under tones of blankets cuddled together
- it’s warm and cosy and everyone loves it
- Jehan and Cosette often go outside to take a walk and watch the sunrise but then come back to sleep with their friends
- Musichetta and Bossuet always make toasts or waffles for breakfast even if it’s late after noon when everyone get up
- Enjolras forces rest of them to actually clean up mess they made previous night
- always at some point someone throws pillow at somebody else (most likely Bahorel or Courfeyrac) and it starts a huge pillow fight
- everyone lives
- and everyone’s happy

It’s actually inspired by my wonderful friends

Enjolras is forced into piano lessons by his parents because they want a well-rounded son. The force him to practice every single day because they want him to be perfect. Enjolras absolutely abhors it with every fiber of his being. As soon as he’s out of the house he stops playing. Then one day Enjolras hears piano music drifting through the air. He follows it to the source where he finds Grantaire sitting at the bench, eyes closed, playing his heart out. Wordlessly, Enjolras sits down beside him to play the lower parts. And it is the most beautiful sound any of the Amis have ever heard.


So I’m watching Morocco because reasons, mostly because Paige McCullers dressed like the protagonist Amy Jolly in the season 3A finale but also because Marlene Dietrich kisses another lady in it, a rarity in black and white cinema.

I might type up a longer post about the film later, but let me tell you. Dietrich has so much swagger in this movie I almost can’t stand it. Even though it’s not super-duper queer, I can imagine Morocco being the film that made Paige realize she was a big gay-mo. Maybe the movie was something her parents had on VHS, and she wore a hole in the tape between the ages of twelve and sixteen. I can also see her idolizing Amy Jolly and longing to have her levels of confidence, especially when Alison Dilaurentis was giving her so much hell. 

Maybe Morocco was the movie that saved Paige’s life.