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okay but here’s a suggestion: not only do we get jake and amy’s wedding in season 5 but also in the same episode, we get cute little flashbacks to moments we’ve never seen in their partnership. cute, adorable minuscule moments that just made them fall more and more in love together like the first arrest they ever made working together, and what happened after drinks on their first date, and jake driving amy home after their date from ‘the bet’, and jake moving into amy’s apartment, and amy comforting jake the night before the demonic™ trial, and then the last scene right before the actual ceremony is a flashback to the moment they met each other for the first time and they both could not STAND one another and then cut back to the present and we see the vows and then they’re married!!!!!!!!!!!

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“you’re mine, and i don’t share” being said by Raven, protecting/jealous Raven~

One jealous Rae Rae coming up!

Manipulative bitch.

She’d been tossed around, insulted, made to look the fool for the last time that day. 

She’d never been more angry, more volatile. 

Then, as if to add insult to injury, the evil woman found another way to crawl under her skin.

“What’s the matter, Rae-Rae? Can’t handle me? Or do you just hate seeing your green gremlin of a boyfriend ignoring you?” She sneered in the distance.

Raven stood up on unsteady legs, trying to control her rage before it consumed her. 

“Damn it, Beast Boy,” she seethed through gritted teeth, wobbling forward towards her adversary. 

He wanted to be a celebrity, he said.

He wanted the hot, blonde, bombshell girlfriends. 

She had warned him. 

Nothing good ever came from such gluttony. 

Now here she was, being battered by a space alien witch that looked like she had crawled out of those horror sci-fi movies themselves.

And for what?

Well, his life, of course. 

The fool had gone off and become enthralled by her wiles and ways and magic, as the alien had shapeshifted into Beast Boy’s ideal girlfriend. Now, he was seconds away from becoming alien fodder only to later be regurgitated in space, unless Raven severed the tentacle that held him, and slayed the ruthless witch that had tricked him so easily.

“I’m going to end you if you so much as try to hurt him,” a battered and bruised empath growled under her breath, her hair falling before her eyes. 

The amusement and sarcasm in the witch’s tone was unsympathetic. “How fickle and shallow the object of your affections truly is; never knowing you, never seeing you. Poor, sweet girl. He’ll never love the likes of you, for who could ever love something so hideous?” She mocked her, cackling at her sad misfortune in the most insincere tone.

Tears burned the backs of Raven’s eyes despite herself, stinging. Her throat, parched, was aching, her fingers like claws digging into her palms. 

She hated how much her words hurt.

Hated how true they were…

For how long had she loved him from afar?

For how long was she always second fiddle to the normal girls? The ones with flaxen hair and eyes the colour of the summer sky. 

Shutup! Just shutup!” She yelled, clutching at her head as anger and hurt and sadness overwhelmed her.

“Never going to be good enough…always meant to be alone…” 

Beast Boy’s verdant eyes remained glazed over, his head lolling from side to side in the witch’s slimy clutches. He was under her spell, long gone to this world, and perhaps that was for the best.

For in that moment, Raven’s more unpredictable emotions won out, and two ugly horns began to protrude from beneath her skin on her forehead. She grimaced in pain as they grew in size, seemingly ripping her flesh like sharp, pointed bones. 

The empath’s pale skin slowly changed into a striking shade of crimson, and the strands of her obsidian hair faded into a glowing, moonlight white. 

Anger; it pulsed beneath her flesh, burning hot and searing her vision. Her eyes, now four of them, flashed yellow as waves of power coursed through her. Once she’d tapped into rage’s manifestation, there was nothing that could stop her.

The world was hers for the taking. 

Raven had to smirk with a cocky satisfaction at the the brief look of fear in the face of the predator before her. Then, in an ethereal voice, echoed by one that was not hers, Raven cocked her head to the side, and said, “He’s mine, and I don’t share.” 



On nicknames

Okay, so the AnE fandom has been doing the casual re-naming of the two strongest demon kings for a while, and lately “Amy” for Amaimon has been on the rise as well.

So, how about we start listing some suggestions for the other kings? Even if we haven’t seen them all yet.

Lucifer = Lucy

Samael = Sammy

Amaimon = Amy

Azazel = Zazzy?

Iblis = Ibby? Or Lissy/ Lizzy?

Beelzebub = Bubby, obviously…

Feel free to add~ <3

Doctor Who Series 6: A Good Man Goes To War 


River: This is the battle of Demon’s Run. The Doctor’s darkest hour. He’ll rise higher than ever before, and then fall so much further.


Madame Vastra: Demon’s Run is ours without a drop of blood spilled. My friend, you have never risen higher.


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Demon Politics 101

Last week, I was at the library, and did 5 hours worth of research on Japanese folklore and youkai, because writing. Fast forward to today. First day of class, you’d think I’d be too busy to write fanfiction? Guess what I fucking did. Here’s a snippet of ANOTHER WIP, strike me down.

(Yamato is a Kodama, basically like a dryad. He’s a spirit that inhabits a tree. Sakura is an empath getting a crash course on conflicts. General warning for tree puns and excessive worldbuilding.)

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“Seiten Taisei” Son Goku

Ami: Goku

I’m a long time fan of saiyuki and finally we get a new season ! :DDD 
So I couldn’t help myself to draw a goku hehehe :3 -Ami

fyi: Sorry for the long long hiatus >< it was such a busy schoolyear …

Drawing is made by Emi and Ami,
please do not use without permission :)


Anti making fun of Dark for being in love with Amy, someone who is mortal. The thought of a demon falling for some girl made the glitch laugh. One day, however, he catches sight of Signe and he hears his heart race.


Colors of Dissonance (pt. 12)

Part 11

Mark pulls Amy onto the board with him and kicks off. They hover over to the back door, and Amy reaches out to open it, when she does, Mark launches them out and up, covering Amy as best as he can to keep her from getting hit by the flying bullets.

Sean is left in the living room when the Corporate enforcers swarm inside. “Sam,” Sean hisses quietly, “K̢͙͔̘͓̫̯͈i͔̟l̹̱l̬͠ ̡̮̜͔̺͍t̝̥h̢̹̭e̼̪̼ ̭̗̲͇̗̘ͅl̜͈i̡͔̘̖̭͔͍͈g͈̖̫̀h̳̖̳͘t̡̠̲͖s̺͚͇ͅ.̳͉̦͚̣”

Sam shuts off the power in the house just as the enforcers enter the room, and everything falls into darkness. Anti appears to Sean’s right, neck bleeding profusely and eyes glittering with a question. He wants to take over, wants Sean to give him control, and as much as he hates it, Sean knows he has to relent if he wants to make it out of this alive.

Anti sparks through Sean’s veins, snatching the reins from him and pulling the knife from Sean’s pocket. “L̬͓e̦͇̯ͅt̡͕̝͍̫̯'͖̦͟s̗ ̡̰̥̬ͅh̖͖͝a̰̬̩̝̻̠͉v͍è͍͕̻͉͕͈̯ ̵̝̳a̬ ̠̻͚̣̝͕l̸̘̦̖̮ḭ̢̝̜̦ͅt̠t͙͔̯̘̩͎̀l̫̗͈̱͓̪̳e̥͓̥̪̳ ̹̳͎̘͢f̯͚̮͚u̱̬̱͡n͢.̡͇̝͖ͅ”

Mark pushes the board higher, higher until they’re in the clouds and hidden from view. It’s cold and wet among the vapor, and Amy clings to him, shivering. Deep in his mind, however, as panic floods his chest, Mark feels something else, another presence other than himself.

“Did you miss me?” The voice echoes at him through the mist, and Mark is suddenly alone in a black void. No hoverboard, no clouds, and no Amy. Mark twists around to find the source of the voice, but he seems to be entirely alone. “I missed you… very much.”

A pair of hands tug at Mark’s jacket, brush through his hair, trying to disorient him further. The voice presses closer, in his ear now. “You pushed me aside, Mark. You played their little games and found ways to keep me away.” He chuckles, the same dark laughter that Mark heard just before the gunfire started. “You promised you would let me in.”

Mark turns and sees him now, a version of himself mirrored before his very eyes. He tilts his head to the side, the picture of sophistication and grace. Mark remembers him from his nightmares, but could this demon really be a part of him? “I never promised you anything,” Mark spits, wanting to get back to Amy.

“Oh? Don’t you remember?” The demon claps his hands together once, and Mark hears his own voice, desperate saying:

“Please, please Dark, I need you to help me. I’ll do anything, just make the headaches stop.” Mark feels it like a shot in the chest, and he’s left reeling at how he could’ve forgotten that, how he could’ve forgotten Dark.

“They stole away your memories, simple really, when you’ve got it all download right here,” Dark touches the right side of Mark’s head where his neural cam and other implants are located. “That’s what created me, after all. All that pain and fear and anger, cut off and left to drift through the ether. Now here I am,” Dark spreads his arms to either side. “I’ve been waiting patiently, but it’s my turn now.”


Eight times?” Nathan stares down at the log. Eight times he’s been brought to Corporate headquarters, and eight times they’ve erased all memories of him ever having been there at all.

“It explains your subconscious fears of the place, though,” Mathew says with a smirk. “They’ve been tampering with your head for a long time now. Resetting the neural implants slows the brain’s corruption, but they’ve yet to find a way to stop it altogether. So, they sweep it under the rug.”

Nate pushes his hands through his hair in frustration and stares down at the file. Eight times. “How long before…?”

“Before it’s too late?” Mathew looks up at the ceiling, lost in thought. “It’s different from person to person, but I hear tell that Corporate’s cap is ten. That’s why they got rid of Jack, and that’s why they want to get rid of me.”

Nate looks up suddenly from his file. “You’re already over your limit?”

“I am indeed,” Mathew says slowly. “But I’m also the closest one to finding a cure.” His eyes sparkle with something dangerous. “You’re not too far from the limit yourself, Nathan. How about you agree to help me out, and maybe I can keep them from making you disappear for good?”

Nate looks down at his file again. He has two more strikes before he’s out, but if Mathew can’t find a cure soon, it won’t matter. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see the other version of himself watching him closely.

Will he help Mathew? or walk away and find someone else?