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Keep Warm- Kai Parker

Warnings- Smut (wrap it before you tap it children)

The fireplace was old, hadn’t be used in years. The last time was when you were little and winter was so bad that the heater in the corner and the fireplace couldn’t warm you and your family up. This winter closely resembled that one, snow was falling outside, an inch every thirty minutes, you were stocked up on hot cocoa mix, eggs, milk, and bread. Enough to last a lifetime. Kai, was going to be here in about an hour, maybe sooner, to cuddle you and make you warm. You however, had a different idea than cuddling to keep warm.

“Kai, get in here.” You pull him in by his jacket when he arrives, the cold air makes you shiver.

He hangs his jacket and sweater up and the first chance you get you pull him down to kiss you. His lips are cold and his hands are even more cold as he touches your hips over your shirt. Usually, with him, everything is quick and you love it like that but what you love more is nights like tonight, where he can lay you down and cherish you all night.

“This is what you meant by ‘come over and warm me up.’ ?” You nod, breathless from the kiss and he shrugs. “I like it.”

“I’m glad. Now take me to bed.”

“Whatever you say.” You smirk and he runs you both, super speed style, to your room.

When you both get under the blankets, your baggy tee shirt crumpled up to your hips but otherwise naked and him naked he kisses you. It’s slow, hungry, passionate and has you gripping onto him as he sucks marks into your neck. He trails down your body, leaving marks everywhere until he reaches your thighs. You’ll feel those hickey for a few days, it’ll be worth it.

“Kai..” You gasp out when he licks a bold stripe up to your clit. Your hands grab his hair and he moans, he loves when you pull his hair.

Your hips push into him and he grabs them to hold you down, mumbling a ‘no’ before returning to the task at hand. Two hands turn into an arm and his thumb presses softly into your clit as his tongue stays on you, small swipes that leave you whimpering and crying out for him. He keeps you still, and doesn’t let up, as the pressure builds he goes rougher. His arm tightens, his thumb speeding up and his tongue does the same. You came, in a blast of white light and gripping his hair like you never have before.

“You look so gorgeous when you lose control like that.” He crawls back up your body, growling into your ear as you try to catch your breath.

“Condom.” You mutter between breaths and he reaches for the table, not moving too far from you in case you get cold.

It feels like it’s barely been a minute before he’s pushing into you, hips sinking and hands tearing at the sheets next to your head. You moan, head tossed back, eyes squeezed shut as you adjust to him. He’s panting in your ear, warm breath fanning over your neck as you pivot your hips just a little, he moans, and it’s music to your ears.

Once he moves, all bets are off, and your hands reach up to grab his shoulders as he rocks into you slowly but powerfully. You cry out, a second orgasm coming quicker than the first. You rub your clit and he groans, thrusts speeding up.

“You’re so hot.” He growls and your moans start to get more high pitched.

“Did I find your spot, hmm?” You nod and whimper, eyes closed again.

“Go on, cum for me.” You moan loudly and the ball in your stomach uncoils powerfully. He’s just behind you, but you can’t open your eyes. You feel him get off the bed and cold air on your skin but you can barely catch your breath from that.

“You okay?” Kai asks, boxers on and sitting on the edge of your bed.

“I’m good, I’m really, really good.” You smile up at him and he leans down to kiss you.

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This is a HUGE thank you to all the people who contributed to create this amazing show (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’ve been working on this ever since the episode came out and my heart broke and soared at the same time but I’ve waiting till now to post this because today comes out the last episode in France and I had to contribute to this scene. Oc I had to I mean this is probably one of the most emotional and perfect and amazing moments in a show ever. I specially love the parts in which the umbrella closes and the way Adrien says une amie as his face softens up cue me bawling and his world starts to change and the music omg the painfully beautiful music.

This drawings have a story that will go under the cut becasue it’s a little long. It’s not exactly a fic because I haven’t had time, more like the outline of it all and some details and lots of headcanons. I may write it entirely when I have time though :)

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leelajaye  asked:

After last night's /today's hollyoaks, should we be giving up on Starry? The most twisted thing was that Ste seem to feel no remorse. Yes, Harry did sleep with James for money and he was manipulated but, Ste willingly did that with JP. I'm sad they wrote them this way. It's sad seeing Harry broken again. Loved Diane jumping in. Did you? Sidenote: They still dont know who kills Amy. It sounds like it's someone close to her though, right? Sorry for the jumbles..xo

Hey Leela :) Oh god, IDK lol. Let’s watch next week’s episodes and see where the story goes. I agree about Ste, and his cold indifference was made very obvious, just like when Harry proposed. “He’s not a threat because he’s out of the country”???? OMG STE. Wow. Like I’ve said before, unless something major changes for Ste, Harry deserves better. Glad he ended it, at least for now. Broken Harry was heartbreaking omg and I loved Diane and Tony’s disappointment in Ste! Well earned :( Yep, with Amy’s murder case, it’s not about the conclusion, but about the journey~~

Imagine Les Amis & co. going bowling

  • Enjolras gets like 4 splits in a row and is so close to breaking 100 and sulkd for a while.  
  • Grantaire is great at bowling, like he gets over 100 points every single game (except when he lets Enjolras win so that he’ll stop pouting).  
  • Bousset keeps getting gutter balls until the last frame where he trips and almost falls over while walking up to the lane and ends up getting a strike.
  • Bahorel would use the heaviest bowling ball he could find just for the hell of it. Someone else would try to use it and end up geting it stuck in the middle of the lane (I’m guessing Marius or Bousset).
  • Feuilly and Bahorel are determined to win against the other (Feuilly wins by 5 points. Bahorel calls for a rematch and loses again, this time by 3 points).
  • Combeferre has great technique and is really good at knocking down single pins in the corners.
  • Eponine and Grantaire are on a team and they dominate every time. 

(This doesn’t include everyone but that’s all I’ve got for now)

Something that I also think is really good in terms of Character Illustration through actions/etc is the contrast in the way Amy kisses Jake vs the way Jake kisses Amy, and this was further reinforced in last night’s episode.

Each time Amy has initiated a kiss (the one against the tree in Johnny and Dora, the kiss in Yippee Kayak), she’s come into it with force and purpose and sort of … Taken control. Amy kisses with her whole body, all in, giving it her Whole Effort (as with everything else she does) and her hands always come up to frame Jake’s face and neck and hold him close. She’s purposeful; she’s just GOING for it.

In contrast, Jake always comes in so GENTLY, (think the lockup kiss in J&D, or even their very first kiss, the one in the restaurant) like he’s almost worried he’ll scare Amy off, or he’s making sure she has ample amounts of time to say no/refuse him. And then when she doesn’t, his hands stay on her back, almost cradling her, like, REVERENTLY.

It’s such a good show of each of their characters because Amy’s so go-getter and even when she’s insecure about herself, she’s still pretty aggressive/competitive. She has an edge to her that Jake doesn’t have, for all his claiming to be just as competitive as Amy is. He’s softer, gentler, less decisive, and always puts his own needs and emotions dead last after others’. The difference in their physical stances when they kiss - Amy always being the one who ends up taking control, Jake basically melting into her embrace every time - is such a great way of further illustrating those differences in character.


headcanon that courfeyrac loves nicknames and gave all of les amis nicknames:

enjolras = enjy (grantaire likes to think he started it but courf definitely did. taire regularly starts arguments about it)

combeferre = rapunzel (”get it because rapunzel used a /comb/ and like /fair/ maiden” “shut up courf”)

grantaire = potato (”pomme de /terre/ and because enjy says you just sit there like a sack of them”)

joly = marie (”joly means jolly therefore marie must mean merry”)

jehan = daffodil (just because jehan likes daffodils)

bossuet = mugsy (because of the countless times bossuet has spilt his drinks and is the reason les amis have a ‘spill quota’ that is one drink spilled per meeting)

feuilly =  feuilly’s nickname is just many different ways of saying his last name (because courfeyrac wasn’t sure how to say it when he first met him, sometimes it’s close to his name, most of the time it’s just an object beginning with F and you hear ‘FLOWERPOT’ shouted across the musain and feuilly answers) 

marius =  bon-bon (because enjolras couldn’t get over the fact marius was a bonapartist and regularly referred to him as such)

bahorel = bazza (courf didn’t want to start a fight with bahorel)

You’ll Be Fine, Just Don’t Look Closely

I have no!!!!!!! idea!!!!! where this came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically @phil-the-stone wrote this REALLY REALLY GOOD FIC TWO DAYS AGO about my ACTUAL SON DOUG JUDY and it’s SO GOOD but there’s this one scene in particular involving a certain mob boss from Jake’s past that I?? love?? And I’ve missed writing John and Daisy so I whipped this up last night right before I went to sleep (and it has taken me ALL DAY to edit it because I kept having to get up and come back).

You don’t ~have~ to have read phil’s fic (even though you REALLY REALLY SHOULD SERIOUSLY IT’S SO GOOD) for this to make sense but there are several allusions to it and a few others she’s written because everything phil writes is gold

John is nervous. 

It’s not really a new concept for him, but this is a different breed of nervousness. It’s the kind that sits deep in his soul, that wraps slimy tendrils around his gut and his joints, that makes his eyes feel dry and his ribs feel tight. It’s uncomfortable, painful, and it’s been sitting deep in his gut for the last six days.

It was the not knowing that did it to him, the uncertainty and the shadows of doubt cast across his every waking thought like Boogey Men in the night -

He knows now, though. Knows that it all worked out. He’s known for three days. And somehow, it persists.

The evidence of this is clear even now as he drums his fingers along the steering wheel and listens to Daisy talk. She’s nervous too, and he knows that without her saying the actual words, because Daisy talks when she’s antsy. It annoyed him endlessly when they first met because he’s the exact opposite. She chatters, and he shuts down. But now, in the quiet confines of his car with a pan of still-warm lasagna balanced across her thighs and an air conditioning vent pointed down toward his left elbow, he finds it calming. Relaxing, almost.

Quite the opposite of the company he’d kept recently, when his whole world started coming apart at the seams and he couldn’t stop it no matter how hard he tried.

And maybe that’s part of it, too - that he spent nearly three days only seeing Daisy in passing, because they’d both been so wrapped up in their own roles in what happened that they just didn’t have time for anything more than quick pecks on the lips in passing. He’d met her at her apartment the night it all ended and hasn’t left her yet.

Daisy’s leg is jiggling beneath the pan and her eyes dart around as she talks, never staying on one object for very long. He can see her grip around the pan handles tighten and loosen rhythmically as her stream of thought ebbs and flows.

“- about Spy Kids, can you believe that? Like, the little dude was more excited about meeting Judy than getting ice cream -”

“He’s, like, eight, Dee. What did you expect?”

“I dunno! For Captain Santiago’s kids to not be obsessed with a criminal?” John’s breath catches in his throat, and Daisy shoots him an apologetic glance. “Sorry, I -”

“It all worked out, though,” he says quietly, reaching across the console to take her hand. Her tight grip around the handle loosens and her fingers intertwine with his instantly, and he sees her smile from the corner of his eye.

It’s the same hand he had a death grip around not three days previously, standing in the briefing room at the precinct, listening with bated breath to the police scanner until Captain Diaz’s voice filtered through: “We’ve got ‘em, Peralta and Santiago need medics -”

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The Fraternal Frequentation

This prompt was given to me through  Could you write one about George Junior coming and making comments that put Shamy in an uncomfortable position and maybe Howie comes and worsens it?

Sheldon and Amy lay in bed together. Their breaths were fast and ragged, their skin was moist and their eyes were closed in pleasure.

The air was thick and musty but all Sheldon could think about was the sweet, refreshing scent of Amy as she lay tucked under his chin with her arms wrapped around his back.

They held each other close, refusing to let go, clutching hold of what was left in attempt to make this feeling last for as long as possible.

However, as time went on, they both realised that the others would soon be here for dinner and it would be more socially acceptable to be wearing clothes.

Therefore, Sheldon reluctantly withdrew to shower meanwhile Amy decided to slip on one of his t-shirts temporarily until, she herself, could wash.

She padded softly into the kitchen and set up the kettle for tea.

Hopefully Sheldon would be finished before everyone else arrived so she would be ready well in time.

Unfortunately, Amy’s hopes were dashed when there was a knock at the door.

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Why is 'The Blackest Day' so heartbreaking, yet so gratifying?

That last part fucks me so much and I’ve heard the song about 4 times and it never fails to feel like punch in the gut. It’s very reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Wake Up Alone’ and how she echoes the sentiment of the song title in the closing of the song, self-aware of what she’s done to herself. That’s the closest comparison I can assume for the song’s conclusion because, Lana as she is expressing how broken and blue she feels, through the bridge and closing of the song she finds some sort of satisfaction in being alone again that maybe is never fully realized but subconsciously and ironically perceived by the listener. Both songs end with the singer admitting and expressing their loneliness, repeating it over and over as if they don’t truly understand it and need the constant confirmation that it’s true. As they’re faced with solitude, however, they gain something much more precious, because independence, existing as oneself without the compromise of being with another, is truly freeing.

Tattoo AU || Closed RP


“So… I have a very very important question for you.” Bruce said as he focused on making sure that the tattoo was perfect. “Do you like puppies?” He asked, a small smile appearing on his lips. Bailey was his last customer of the day so he was going to spend extra time on this tattoo. “Cause I do. Puppies are adorable don’t ya think?”

Bruce had already gotten through college with his doctorate. the twenty five year old realized, though, he didn’t want to go into the science field. SO he had taken up his friends offer and became a pretty good tattoo artist if he did say so himself. Bruce had the sides of his hair pretty much buzzed while he left the top just long enough for some curls to grow in. He had dyed his hair black with a few strands of green on his bangs. He had tattoos all down his arms and over his torso. A few were even on his neck now. 

closed starter  with faceofeleven

It had been a normal day at the office. Claire wasn’t showing yet so very few people even knew she was pregnant in the first place. When Amy came into her office to take an early lunch the last thing she thought she would see is the red head’s face turn pale as a ghost when she stood up. Then she felt it and panic set in. The next few moments passed by in a blur; she went from the office, to her friend’s car, to the hospital in what seemed like blinks.

Amy settled in the waiting room trying to catch her breath before she grabbed Claire’s phone and called John.

“You need to get to the hospital now.”  


{ closed for @recoveringrace }

It wasn’t hard to get his hands on two of the D.W.A.R.F.s, not with as much time as Hunter had racked up loitering around the lab, and he’d spent enough time watching Fitz muck about with them that he felt confident sending them out to scan for any bugs at Amy and Si’s house. Burner phones were open for the taking - in fact, he’d inventoried them only last week - so that was easy to acquire, too. God, you’d think he lived on a base full of spies or something.

He tossed his backpack full of pilfered hardware casually into the back seat of the SHIELD sedan before going around to Grace’s side to open the door for her. 

“You ready for this?”

The Shamy Prediction

The season will end with Penny and Leonard setting a date for their wedding, at Sheldon’s behest. Sheldon has been pushing Lenny to set a date so that he can ask Amy to move into Leonard’s old room. The final scene of the season is Sheldon pulling out a pen from his pocket so that Amy can sign the new Relationship/Roommate agreement. During this moment Sheldon will bring up leaving her a year ago to go ride trains. He will tell Amy that he’ll never leave her ever again, because home is wherever she is.

S9 will pick up with Leonard having just moved out and Amy having just moved in. Lenny will marry in the first half of S9 and Shamy will have sex before S9 closes.

The status quo is officially shaken up and the last founding paradigm of the show has been shattered (in a good way). 

I–and thousands of my fellow Shamy shipmates–die emotional happy deaths and reblog the shit out of every Shamy gif we can find.