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id honestly give so much to see a b99 episode of the squad going camping together one day. like, mayhem ensues, gems include:

  • rosa telling scary campfire stories and jake lowkey clinging onto amy for dear life
  • charles attempting to cook a gourmet bbq for the squad but something inevitably catches on fire
  • hitchcock and scully getting lost and jake and rosa attempting to search for them in the woods
  • gina building a Luxury Tent ™ and filming people for her blog 
  • terry relaxing in the corner playing kwazy cupcakes, oblivious to everything that is going on 
  • holt knowing a shocking amount of professional wilderness survival skills and prepares to chip in with lifesaving advice at the last minute, every time
  • however he surprisingly doesn’t account for amy bringing and memorising two binders’ worth of wilderness skills herself
  • holt and amy end up having a lowkey mentor mentee competition as to Who Knows What To Do Best in every situation that comes up. rosa ends up winning due to girl scout experience
  • bonus: 3 am and the entire squad rests peacefully around the campfire together after an Eventful day. jake is huddled close to amy for warmth, rosa is chatting with gina, charles is proudly serving everyone food (hitchcock and scully openly love it), holt is curiously watching terry’s kwazy cupcakes game. everyone can hear holt periodically saying things like “that was an error, i would swipe up instead of left.” 
  • the whole squad swap old stories and inside jokes, and all silently agree that this trip was a success. 
found a lot of love in this town

i,,,i don’t even know what to say here i wrote this thing on a plane and it’s incoherent fluff to the nth degree. i think i gotta blame @sergeant-santiago for this for screaming about peraltiago babies to me for like,,,all week now (title from city of angels, by the head and the heart)

Amy Santiago mutters a curse to herself. She’s in the back room of a wedding hall, swallowing down nausea and standing through dizziness, thinking to herself that the dark circles under her eyes most certainly don’t match her gorgeous powder-blue dress (she’s trusting that Gina will be able to fix it later, and that Gina will chalk up the circles to a perfectly usual lack of sleep). Her pantsuit had fit just fine this morning – maybe a little tight, but still zipping normally. Of course this dress, which had fit last month at the fitting, would be too small already.

Although, in fairness, a lot had changed in the last month, she reminds herself, a hand ghosting over her belly.

Rosa, leaned against a wall a few feet from Amy, looks up from the straps on her sandals at the muttered shit, and Amy regrets the noise immediately. It’ll probably zip with a little effort, after all. Or at least, she thinks with another tug at the zipper, her other hand stretched behind her to hold the dress closed, it had better zip. She can’t show up to her captain’s vow renewal in a work pantsuit (it would have to be a formal one, at least).

She knows rationally that Captain Holt couldn’t care less what she wears to his vow renewal, that he and Kevin would be proud to have her participate no matter what she was wearing, and that there are a million excuses in the world – other than the truth, which she can’t share quite yet – for why the dress didn’t work. But still, her breath is starting to quicken, and for some godforsaken reason tears are springing into her eyes because she’s only eight weeks in and has already lost control. Her body has always done exactly what she wanted it to, and she and Jake had talked about this eventuality six months ago when they first had this conversation. But now it’s real. There are thirty-two more weeks, and then the rest of her life, where she’ll never have full control again, but she thought she had time. She wasn’t ready for it to go to pieces today.

She’s growing a bit frantic, wishes she could go find Jake, likely standing with Charles and Terry in their suits in the reception hall, to hold her tight and whisper stories about cribs and stuffed elephants and toddler-sized Hogwarts robes and the sweet smell of baby shampoo like he did last time she panicked, staring at a positive pregnancy test and feeling this huge life change turn from hypothetical to tangible.

But then, she feels Rosa’s hands on hers, pushing them out of the way so that her friend can try the zipper from a better angle. She feels two gentle tugs. And then Rosa’s hands drop away, her clicking heels carrying her to Amy’s front, where she stops, arms crossed.

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A Messed Up Place | Five

Pairings: Bucky x Reader || Steve x Reader

Summary: Bucky tries to take his mind off you. Things don’t go as planned.

Warnings: Borderline smut (basically just some intense making out). Language, as usual.  I think that’s it….?

Notes: For @hellomissmabel’s challenge. I spent two hours or so writing this, instead of writing up my notes. Can you tell that I’ve got my priorities in check?

Also – we’re a third of the way through the series, more or less! 

AMUP Masterlist

Bucky Barnes is very much conscious of the fact that his grave has already been dug. He’s now playing a waiting game, just hanging around, holding onto his will to live by the thinnest of threads. He’ll stick around until the final nail in his coffin is hammered into place and then—well. Then his worries will be gone, won’t they?

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You're my home/Part 4

Originally posted by holy-fucking-damn-shit

Warnings: Reader is a young single mom and a lot of Fluff!!!

Notes: So finally here i am with Part 4, first i want to say Im sorry!!!! My life is a mess in the moment… and i have zero inspiration right now, so so sorry. Second, thank you for all the people who are supporting this story, it means a lot <3 And guys, i just can’t write smut, so SORRY! Anyway, i hope you like it!

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

It has been a week since you last saw Jensen. He and all the cast had to travel to another convention in another city and for your surprise… Woah he didn’t text you. Can you notice the sarcasm? You really weren’t expecting anything, for god’s sake, he was an actor. But a small part of you was a little disappointed.

Of course, it didn’t stop you from when you finally processed the events, started screaming and fangirling. You hooked up with Jensen Ackles after all.

But someone that did text you was Amy, the redhead girl that you met in the convention. You started to text each other, and she told you that she was a photographer and invited you and Lottie to do a photo session. Of course you accepted.

“Smile Lottie!” Amy said with a smile and with the camera in her hands. You tickled your daughter making her laugh and you heard the click. “That’s it! Another smile for me!”

“Ice cream!” Lottie screamed poiting at the ice cream car that passed and you and Amy laughed.

“Okay, I think thats enough for today.” Amy said turning off the camera and you put Lottie on the ground holding her hand.

“Momma I want ice cream.” She said with a pout and you started to walk towards your car.

“I will buy some on the way home babygirl.” You said putting her in the baby seat, and helping Amy to put all the equipament in the car.

“I think the photos were great, I’m so excited to see them.” She said when you started driving.

“Me too!” You said excited as well. “You liked today honey?” You asked looking at your daughter throught the rearview mirror.

“YES!” She screamed. “Carry on son”

“You up to listen to Carry on my wayward son?” You asked to your friend.

“Are you kidding me?” She said excited and put the song on the radio, singing out loud with you and Lottie. For some reason, Lottie loved that song. She loved old rock.

You stopped to get ice cream and of course Lottie got her face dirty with chocolate and you just had to take a picture. Not so long after that, you were all in your house for a… kind of slumber party. Lottie was watching The Little Mermaid and singing along while you and Amy were in the kitchen table seeing in the computer the photos of today.

“I loved this one.” You said poiting at the picture taking a sip of your beer.

“Me too, but this one…” She said passing to the next. “Was definitely my favorite.”

“You’re amazing, I love all the photos.” You said still in ‘awe’ and Amy smiled thanking you. After watching the Little Mermaid, Monster’s Inc and playing with you and Amy, Lottie finally slept. You and Amy started to talk about everything including the convention after you saw the photos she took in the event, and you told her about what happened and she simply freaked out.

“I still can’t believe this.” She said with the beer in her hands. “You’re freakin lucky.”

“Well yeah but…” You started but were interrupted by your phone ‘BIP’, you frowned and got up of the sofa to get your phone. You were more confused when you didn’t recognize the number.

“Who is it?” Amy asked drinking her beer and you struggled.

“No idea.” You said opening your phone reading the text from the unknown number.

‘Hey, apparently you missed a number when you wrote your phone to me and I’ve been talking to a Bob for a week…. Anyway just now I discovered your real number. How are you?’

“What the fuck….” You mumbled confused with the message but your phone lit up again.

‘Oh, by the way, it’s Jensen :)’ 

“Holy crap.” You said widening your eyes and Amy looked at you confused.

“What?” She asked but you didn’t say anything. “(Y/N)?” She said getting up and looking at your phone. Her chin fell and she put her hand in her mouth to hold the scream. You looked at each other but nothing came out of neither one of your mouths.

“Answer it!” Amy cried when she finally could say something and you looked at her with wide eyes.

“I don’t know what to say!” You said and closed your eyes when the words got out of your mouth. You were sounding like a teenage girl. He was a normal guy, like any other guy around.

But… maybe you were so shocked and paralyzed because the other guys around never texted you back. He was not the type you were used to. Unfortunaly, you were used to jerks.

“(Y/N) I don’t think he is lying. Yeah I was not here, but…” Amy said reffering to the situation you told her. The moment when he left and you got a little disappointed because you though he was making up excuses to go away.

“I didn’t consider he was lying.” You said with a small smile “Okay….” You said taking a deep breath looking at your phone.

‘I’m sure that Bob was a really nice guy for you to talk to him for a week… Haha, I’m okay, just saw some photos of the convention. How about you?’ 

“This is perfect, send it.” She said making you two laugh a little. You sent it, and forgot your phone in the kitchen while you and Amy finished the beers, talking and watching Sex in the City. She was an amazing girl, you two were already good friends and you were sure that this friendship would last.

“Okay now I have to go, I have to photograph a couple tomorrow.” Amy said getting up from the sofa. “Tell me everything about Jensen later!” She said when you opened the door for her and you laughed.

“Of course Amy, thank you for the photos today, I had a lot of fun…. You sure I don’t need to pay for anything?” You asked feeling guilty for not paying her for the photos that she took of you and Lottie.

“Yes, I’m sure. It was my pleasure.” She said smiling making you smile too. You said a last goodbye and closed the door, picking up your phone and going to your room.

He was kind of weird… I’m good though. Tomorrow is my last convention, for now. I kind of missed you…’ 

You smiled at Jensen’s text, and after a shower, you laid on your bed already seeing that was going to be a long night talking to him. 


“Jensen, C'mon man, wake up!” Jensen slowly opened his eyes hearing knocks in his hotel door, and he knew it was Jared. He got up and opened the door, seeing his friend already dressed up. “Hey what happened? You’re always up before me.”  Jensen stepped back to let Jared in.

“I was up all night talking to (Y/N)…” Jensen said with a yawn going to the bathroom to wash his face, and when Jared didn’t answer he turned to look at him and found him with a big smirk making Jensen roll his eyes.

“I guess I deserve a ‘thank you’ for finding her real number for you.” Jared said seeing his friend getting some clothes and going back to the bathroom to change it. It was Jared the one who started to dig in your informations in the site you bought the ticket for the convention, okay… This was technically illegal but it was for a good cause…. “You know, I think you can thank me at the weeding, it’s okay, I can wait.”

“She’s a really nice girl and I like her a lot… But why are you guys are putting so much faith in it?” Jensen asked getting out of the bathroom, referring to Jared, Gen, Misha, Felicia, Mark and even Cliff, all of them who were pretty excited about the couple. “I don’t know if it will work… She is so much younger than me”

“This is a problem for you?” Jared asked when they got out of Jensen’s room to have breakfast.

“Hm, for me of course not.” Jensen said entering the elevator. “But for her… I don’t know.” He continued and Jared laughed.

“Stop trying to find excuses to not give into this relationship.” Jared said already knowing the resistance his friend had when he started developing feelings for someone since his last girlfriend. But it was time, actually past the time to forget what happened. “You like her, she likes you, what is the worst than can happen?” Jensen just shook his head considering Jared’s words. “After this convention, go see her.”

“Yeah, maybe I will….” Jensen said hiding from his friend the little smile that he couldn’t contain, thinking about you. But well…. Of course Jared saw it.

Jensen had already thought about it, going to your house. But he truly was a bit insecure about it. Okay, who he was trying to fool? He was really insecure. So many things that could go wrong, maybe you didn’t even wanted to see him. But one thing that he was sure of was that he wanted to see you again. He wanted it a lot. And even thought he was tired because of the conventions, you were worth it.

When they finally finished the last panel, Jensen, Misha and Felicia went to Jared and Gen’s room to play cards and drink beer. Something they loved to do when they had free time.

“Noooo, I can’t believe this!” Felicia cried looking at Misha’s cards, and he started laughing. “Stop winning.”

“Don’t think I can do this darling.” Misha said with a smirk and everybody laughed at Felicia’s face.

“I will get another beer.” Jared said getting up.

“Get one for me.” Jensen said when Gen was distributing the cards for a new round. “Thanks.” He said when Jared handed him the bottle. He was about to see his cards when something popped up in his phone screen. Jensen frowned looking at your name facetiming him. Wow… He hadn’t seen this coming. Nice, though.

“What is it J?” Jared asked not giving it much attention.

“Hm… (Y/N) is facetiming me.” He answered and all of them opened their mouths with smirks. He accepted the call and his face lighted when he saw Lottie’s face close to the camera.

“Hi Jens!” She said excited with her cute voice and his friends awned.

“Hey sweetheart.” Jensen said with a big smile. “How are you?” He asked happy to see her again, but still a little bit confused.

“I’m fine and you?” Lottie said and all the people in the room were paying attention to the conversation.

“I’m great… Where’s is your mommy Lottie?” Jensen asked curious.

“Hm… She’s in kitchen. Is gonna be my birthday!” She said excited, still with her face close to the camera, and he could see she was probably in her room.

“Really? You already getting old?” He asked messing with her, noticing that his friends went back to the cards. He got up, sitting in one of the couches of the hotel room, a little far from the table.

“No” Lottie said giggling holding a little stuffed unicorn in her hands. “You want to come to my party?” She asked seeming a little embarrassed to ask that and Jensen literally felt his heart melting.

“Well, yeah, of course.” He said feeling honored by the invitation, and obviously he couldn’t deny it, “When it will be?” He asked but realized that although she was smart for her age and had apparently facetimed him without (Y/N)’s help, she obviously wouldn’t know when her party would be happening.

“I will pass to….” Lottie started but was interrupted when you entered her room looking confused at her with your phone. “Mommy!”

“Lottie what are you doing with my phone?” He heard you ask and saw your surprised face when you got closer.

“I’m talking to Jensen momma.” Lottie replied innocently. “I’m inviting him to my party.”

“Oh my god Lottie.” You said with your eyes wide. Lottie handed you the phone and went back to her toys. You got out of her room and gave Jensen a yellow smile. “Hey, sorry for that, you must be busy.”

“No problem, we’re in Jared and Gen’s room playing carts.” Jensen answered with a small smile looking at you.

“Oh, tell them I said Hi.” You said. “But… I’m really sorry, I have no idea how she managed to FaceTime you” You continued and you both started laughing. This still was a little surreal for you, talking to Jensen Ackles in a video call. Who would have thought.

“She’s a prodigy.” Jensen said smiling. “But about her birthday…”

“Look, I can talk to her. You’re very busy with the series, she will understand.” You said a little embarrassed because of what Lottie did, but well… Kids.

“Actually we just finished our last convention for now, so yeah…. I have some time until I need to go back to the set.” Jensen said. “I would love to go.”

“Hm…really?” You said not expecting this, he surely had more important things to do. Okay, you two talked a lot last night, but you didn’t expect that he wanted so much to get in your pants that he would go to your daughters birthday. Or maybe he just wanted a friend.

Maybe he was gay.

Okay, after that kiss this option was definitely out of question.

“Yeah, I wanted to go back to your city to see you anyway.” He said and you felt your cheeks turning red. “Now I have an excuse…” He continued making you look down and laugh embarrassed. He found it adorable.

“I will message you the details after then.” You said with a smile. “I have to go now.” You said and he nodded.

“Okay, bye (Y/N), talk to you later…” Jensen said with a small smile matching yours, and you turned it off.

“Jensen and (Y/N) under a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” His friends starting singing the childish song messing with Jensen when he put his phone in his pocket, and he rolled his eyes.

“Ohhh Shut up!”


“Hey sis, Rach finished the cake.” Scott told you passing his arms around your shoulders. Scott was your big brother, and even though he had been a little scared of the situation (and pretty mad with Lottie’s father) in the time you got pregnant, he was the one who supported you the most. He was married to Rachel, an adorable girl that was his best friend since always, and they had a little boy named Theodore, that was only one year older than Lottie. They still lived in your family’s city, but whenever they could, they would visit you.

 "Thanks Scotty.“ You said with a sigh and he looked at you raising an eyebrow. 

 "Are you excited?” He asked because you told him about this man that you were talking to, and that was coming to the party. 

 "I’m anxious.“ It had been two weeks that you were talking to Jensen every single day. He was in hiatus break in his house in Austin, and because he had nothing to do, you ended talking all day, and constantly facetiming. It was an incredible connection, you would talk for hours and even so still wouldn’t get enough of it. You’d talk about everything and nothing at the same time. 

 So yeah, you were pretty excited/nervous/anxious to see him. 

 He texted you an hour ago telling you that he Was already in the city, but he would leave his things In the hotel before going to your house. It was a very small party in your apartment, with just a few people, only what you could afford right now, just a little something to make Lottie happy. You called your brother, Amy, Dan (your colleague from work and also your best friend), Michelle, your good friend, and also the mother of Lottie’s best friends, the twins, Jasmine and Ava. Plus one more friend from her pre school, Leo, and Mrs. Alba and her niece, Clary. 

 "Hmm, (Y/N) there’s someone at the door.” Michelle told you pointing at your front door, and you signed. 

 "Can you call Lottie?“ You asked her and she nodded. Lottie and the kids where in her room playing, while the adults were in the living room, kitchen and the balcony.

 You opened the door and couldn’t help but to smile when you saw Jensen standing In front of you with a green sweater matching his eyes and a white bag in his hands, and you could smell the same cologne that he used in the convention. Oh god… 

 "Hey” You said, both of you with small smiles, it was a little strange seeing him in flesh after so many video calls and messages. He immediately put his arms around your waist, hugging you tight. 

 "Hey, beautiful" He said still hugging you. “It’s nice to finally see you in person again." 

 "I can say the same.” You said looking straight into his eyes making him think that this was the perfect moment to kiss you. But even if it was, he didn’t have the chance, because Lottie came running and jumped into his arms. When you facetimed Jensen, your daughter loved to see and talk to him, she really, really liked him. 

 And although this was really nice, it scared you a little… You were scared of hurting Lottie’s feelings if something between you and Jensen didn’t go well. 

“Heey, a little bird told me that a little girl is getting old today.” Jensen said holding her in his arms and tickling her. 

 "I’m not old!“ She said giggling and you smiled, Jensen was incredible with kids.

 "You’re not? How many years then?” He asked and she showed four fingers. He put her in the ground and kneeled down to be in the same height as her.

 "Look, I brought you something.“ He started and you felt your chin drop.

 "Jensen you didn’t have to…” You said and he looked up shaking his head with a smile. “It’s okay, I wanted to.” He said and went back to Lottie. She opened the white package with a mischievous smile and slowly got a blue thing from there that looked like a sweater. 

 "Let’s me see baby.“ You said to your daughter and she handed you. When you extended it you finally understood what it was and it was the most lovely thing you had ever seen. "Oh my god! Look Lottie it’s a unicorn costume!” It was a unicorn jump suit and it was extremely cute. It was in her size, blue, with a purple mane and tail, and a white shiny horn. 

 "I want to put it!“ She cried and Jensen laughed, visibly glad that she liked the gift. You helped her to put it on, and Lottie looked happy because of her new clothing.

 "What do you say to Jensen?” You said to her and she turned to him giving him a hug. 

 "Thank you Jensen" She said and Jensen smiled squeezing her little body.

 "You’re welcome, princess.“ He said giving her a kiss in the forehead. Lottie went running back to her friends and he got up again smiling at you. 

 "C'mon in, I will introduce you to everyone.” You said. “If you don’t mind…. Some of my friends kind of watch the series and…" 

 "It will be a pleasure to meet your friends.” He said interrupting you and you smiled entering the apartment with him behind you. Amy was the first to come say Hi. You’d met her in the supernatural convention, so she obviously was a huge fan of Jensen. He greeted the parents of Lottie’s friends, Mrs. Alba, Dan and Rachel, who watched the series too. And at last, Scott, who although was always overprotective of you, surprisedly liked Jensen a lot. They were talking like they were best friends for years. 

 "Hey momma!“ Lottie said excited when she saw you looking at the kids playing in her room. 

 "Hey honey.” You replied seeing the other kids waving at you too. “Everything okay around here?” You asked and she nodded smiling making you smile too. Wearing this unicorn jump suit just made her look cuter than ever.

 "Enjoying it while you can?“ Someone said behind you, putting a hand in your shoulder and you smiled when you saw Jensen. 

 "She is getting old too fast!” You said looking at Lottie and her friends. “I don’t want her to grow up." 

 "I get it.” He said slowly running his thumb along your shoulder, making you shiver. “Soon she will be a teenager. She will start to do wall paintings and to break public properties…. Just normal teenage stuff.” He said shrugging and you laughed. 

 "I know right?“ You started. "My friend’s daughter doesn’t even help her grandpa to cross the street anymore!” You said and you two laughed. 

 "Such a rebel.“ He said and you both started laughing for no reason. 

 ”(Y/N), shouldn’t we sing 'Happy Birthday’?“ You were interrupted when your brother appeared in the corridor.

 "Oh, yes.” You said shaking your head trying to concentrate, you were incredibly close to Jensen. “Lottie, kids, C'mom!” You called and immediately all of them went running to the kitchen. Rachel already had set up the cake in the kitchen table and all of the guests were standing in front of it. Your daughter jumped in your arms and with Scott by your side, everybody sang Happy Birthday as Amy took pictures of it. “Blow the candles Lottie.” You said and with your help, she managed to blow out all the four candles.

 "Thank you mommy.“ She said looking at you with her big green eyes and you melted. You really didn’t want her to grow up.

 As the time passed, the guests started to leave until only Scott, Rachel and Jensen were left. They helped you clean up a little and organize the apartment while you put Lottie and Theo to sleep. When you were done, you all sat in the living room and talked for hours, Jensen and Scott really got along well. 

 "Okay, I think it’s time to go.” Scott said getting up since they were in a hotel near your house. “I will get Theo.” He continued going to Lottie’s room. 

 "Thank you for everything Rach, I will take you guys to the airport tomorrow.“ You said opening the front door. She hugged you thanking you too, and soon Scott appeared with Theo in his arms and kissed your cheek. You closed the door and sighed, finally alone with Jensen. You smiled making him smile too and sat by his side on the touch. 

 "So….” He started holding your hand. “All this time we spent talking and facetiming just… just made me want to see you even more” He said looking straight into your eyes and even though he seemed confident, you could tell that he was kind of nervous. You were too.

 "Is that so?“ You replied biting your lower lip and he nodded. "I was excited to see you too, I’m glad that you came." 

 "I told you I was.” He said. 

 "I know but I kind of doubted it.“ You said with a yellow smile.

 "What?” He said pretending to be mad.

 "Well yeah.“ You said laughing a little, embarrassed. "I thought you were busy, had more things to do…”

 "Even if I was… I would still prefer to be here.“ He said and you felt your heart accelerating. ”(Y/N), I like you.“ He said taking a deep breath. "And… It has been some time since I liked someone the way I like you.”

 "I like you too Jensen.“ You said looking at his eyes and suddenly his lips were so much closer. "A lot.” You said and he kissed you. Man, you missed his lips. No matter how many times you imagined yourself kissing him again, nothing compared to this moment. One of his hands were in your neck, slowly caressing it with his thumb and the other was in your tight. He got up with you in his arms and stopped kissing you just to ask with swollen and red lips. 

 "Which way?“ 

 "At the end of the corridor.” You said with a little smile of anxiety for what was about to happen. He walked to your room still with you in his arms while you were kissing his neck and slowly lowered you into the bed, climbing on top of you. 

 "You okay with this?“ He said serious stopping what he was doing, studying your face. 

 "Yes.” You answered without hesitation just admiring more this man. 

 "You sure?“ He asked and you nodded. You started kissing again but soon you both were shirtless. 

 This was going to be a long night.

Part 5???

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hold my hand / oh baby, it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river / hold my hand / oh baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down

a grimdark/grimlight rosemary playlist

bottom of the river, delta rae / marked man, mieka pauley / breathe in, son lux / what amy heard in her mother’s voice played backwards, the blow / white light, gorillaz / baby don’t sleep, clipping / the breach (instrumental), clipping / grot, st vincent / breathe out, son lux / holiest, glass animals / sad violin thing, warren ellis

listen here

lyrics under the cut

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Anything For You- Hercules Mulligan X Reader

day 7 of the write-a-thon: oak needs some love from the fandom, so the last day is dedicated to him. write a piece for him, hercules or madison!

character chosen: hercules mulligan


warnings: abusive relationship, panic attack

“Who gave you that black eye?”

I turned around to see Hercules standing behind me.

I instinctively covered my eye. I removed my hand and I shook my head.

“It’s nothing, just the light playing with your eyes.” I shrugged off and I internally cursed myself for not putting enough makeup over it. Lafayette and John looked at me concerned and Alex looked at me with interest.

“Are you sure mon ami?” Lafayette asked cautiously and I nodded.
“Come on, let’s just watch the movie.”

“Okay.” They all agreed and I put the movie in the DVD slot and I rested my head on Herc’s shoulder. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I woke up, it wasn’t dark outside anymore and everyone else was asleep in the spaces that we had all been sitting last night. Hercules had wrapped an arm around me at some point in the night, preventing me from getting up and making breakfast for them. Preventing me from putting new make up because I knew the the black eye would be visible now.

Damn it.

And of course it would definetly be an issue to my boyfriend who would probably kill me for staying out this late.

Especially since he wanted me home early last night.


I took deep breaths in, my breathing becoming more and more shaky.

He’s gonna kill me. He’s going to-

“Y/N?” I heard Herc asked and I looked at him. He took a deep breath in as well. “How long has he been doing this to you?” He asked and I broke down and I started sobbing into his shirt.

“He’s going to kill me. I was supposed to be home early last night.” I whispered it over and over again.

“Shh. Y/N he’s not going to hurt you any longer. Me and Lafayette will beat him up and tell him to leave you alone, alright? We will move your stuff over here so you can live with us. Or you can live with your cousin. Aaron lives right across the hall anyways.” Hercules said and he held me tightly.

“Mon ami?” I heard Laf ask, extremely concerned.

“It’s her boyfriend. I told her we are going to go and move her stuff to here and make sure he receives the message that he is done with Y/N.”

“Are we bringing Burr along?” Lafayette asked.

“Aaron would probably kill him, not that I trust you guys not to.”

“He deserves worse than death. Y/N you are shaking at the thought of going to your own apartment. ”

“What are you guys saying about Burr?” Alex asked half asleep, probably waking up at the mention of Aaron’s last name.

“Whether we should take him with us to kill her boyfriend.” Lafayette answered and Alex looked at me, his confused look replaced with one of anger.

“I’m coming along as well.”

“Alex you are probably the most likely to kill him besides Herc. He doesn’t deserve death.” I pleaded with them and they fell silent.

“Okay. Hercules, stay here with Y/N and John. Me and Lafayette will tell Burr but we will tell him that you don’t want us to kill him. We won’t kill him, promise.” Alex said, looking at me.

“Thank you.”

“I want to go with though.” Hercules said and Alex shook his head.
“No you’re Y/N’s pillow right now.”

“Am I a good pillow?” Hercules asked me and I looked at him.

“I guess.”

“Okay, we will see you guys in a bit. Try and get some more sleep, mon ami.” Lafayette said while he stood up, smiling down at me. I nodded and rested my head on Herc’s shoulder again.

He stretched out, lying completely down on the couch and I did so as well. He wrapped his arms around me and combed my hair through with his fingers, getting me to relax and fall asleep again.

When I woke up, Hercules still had his arm around me and he was talking very softly.

“John can you please get Alex an ice pack.” He asked and John made a noise but I heard footsteps shuffling. I opened my eyes and I lifted my head up.

“Are you okay, Alex?” I asked sleepily and I felt everyone’s eyes turn to me.

“Yes. I just need to ice my knuckles…” He said sheepishly and I closed my eyes again.

“How bad did you hurt him?”

“Not too badly.”

“I dangled him out of his window.” Lafayette said and I grunted.

“He is alive, correct?”


“Okay, good. Thank you for not killing him.”

“It’s no problem. Oh and Burr wants to talk to you soon.”

“Tell him I’m busy.”

“Cuddling with Herc? I’m sure he will love that answer.” John piqued. I shook my head and I looked at Hercules, who was smiling down at me. I smiled tiredly up at him and I closed my eyes.

“Thank you, Herc.”

“Anything for you.”

Lee Euiwoong Mafia AU

warning: one of the main character’s parents dies, so if you struggle with the topic/feelings around grief/loss of a loved one, this may be a bit too much, since it does discuss those topics

  • you sighed, looking over your milkshake at lee euiwoong, your semi-best friend and ex-boyfriend
  • “you’re really sticking with this?” you asked, eyes flickering to euiwoong’s waistband where his gun was and back up to his face
  • euiwoong sighed, taking another bite of his hamburger, “(y/n), you know I don’t have a choice.”
  • ever since high school, you and euiwoong had been best friends
  • the two of you had really liked each other, and even started dating, becoming one of your high school’s ‘golden couples’
  • however, he’d gotten dragged into the 101 with his other friend, ahn hyeongseop, and you ended up breaking up with him, not wanting to get involved in the 101 stuff yourself
  • it had been a hard decision, but you knew that you needed to protect and take care of yourself
  • the two of you had a tradition of going to this diner for a meal every one in a while, and so there you sat, across from euiwoong
  • you watched quietly as euiwoong continued to eat, alternating between his burger and fries
  • “how’s hyeongseop?” you asked, trying to make conversation
  • euiwoong shrugged, “same old. he’s been trying to stay safer lately, cuz he got shot on a trip a few months back.”
  • “you didn’t get shot, right?” you asked sharply, glancing up at euiwoong’s face. instantly, you narrowed your eyes, “lee euiwoong, tell me the truth, i know when you’re lying.”
  • “yeah, i got shot,” he admitted with a sigh, “it wasn’t a big deal or anything, i just needed a few stitches.”
  • the conversation shifted to your mom’s business, and euiwoong seemed relieved that you weren’t on the topic of 101 anymore
  • after you two had paid and were heading your separate ways, you stopped euiwoong briefly
  • “woongie,” you said quietly, reaching up to hug him, “i might not be your girlfriend, but I really do care about you. stay safe, okay?”
  • euiwoong nodded wordlessly, arms tightening around you
  • the two of you stood on the sidewalk, hugging for a moment more before parting, saying your goodbyes and heading home
  • that night, you couldn’t fall asleep, still thinking about what had happened earlier with euiwoong
  • you did miss your relationship with him, and you missed being able to go on dates and just be in his presence
  • you didn’t see euiwoong for another couple of months, figuring that he was busy with ‘work’-related things
  • one night, you got a call from euiwoong’s mother, who was in tears
  • euiwoong’s father had passed away due to a heart attack, and she’d been calling euiwoong over and over but he didn’t pick up
  • “i’ll find him, don’t worry,” you promised euiwoong’s mother, heart worried
  • you were saddened by the news– you’d known euiwoong’s father very well, and you were also worried about the pain that euiwoong’s mother must have been feeling
  • you tried to call euiwoong as well, but the call went straight to voicemail
  • sighing, you dressed for going out, grabbing your keys and hurrying to your car
  • you knew where euiwoong worked– you’d been there once and sworn never to go back
  • upon arriving, you asked where the room that euiwoong worked in was in, barging into the room without even asking
  • “(y/n),” hyeongseop asked, looking up from his laptop
  • euiwoong turned around from the huge whiteboard that he had been writing on, glaring at you
  • “(y/n),” he said, hurrying over to you, “why are you here? you know it’s dangerous.”
  • “euiwoong,” you said softly, “we need to talk.”
  • it only took one look from euiwoong to be able to tell that something was wrong. once in the hall, you broke the news to him, letting him cry into your shoulder
  • “i’ll drive you to your mom’s,” you reassured him, fingers carding through his hair in the way that you knew calmed him down
  • after explaining the situation to hyeongseop, you drove to your apartment first, picking up some clothing and necessities before going to euiwoong’s flat, doing the same for him
  • euiwoong was in the passenger’s seat the whole time, tears still occasionally escaping down his cheeks
  • as you reached a red light, you reached over for his hand, squeezing it tightly
  • “i’m here for you, euiwoong,” you said quietly as he gave you a watery smile
  • his mother lived in the next town over, and it took about half an hour to drive there
  • you dropped him off at the door of his mom’s house before going to find parking, bringing in the bags of clothing and necessities that you’d brought
  • as you entered the house, euiwoong’s mother gave you a hug, thanking you for bringing her son home
  • “i’m so sorry, amy,” you said, hugging her tightly, “if there’s anything i can do to help, please just ask.”
  • you offered to cook the two lees dinner while they talked, figuring that they could use the time alone
  • that night, you and euiwoong ended up sleeping in his childhood bed, just like back in high school
  • while you might not have been dating, you two were still super close, and you knew euiwoong well
  • you made sure that euiwoong didn’t cry too much, assuring him that he would be okay
  • for the next couple of days, you tried your best to support the lee family, helping them cook meals, go grocery shopping, and keep the house tidy as amy and euiwoong grieved and began making plans for the funeral
  • the last night that you two stay at his mother’s house, you were tracing the tattoos he had on his wrist 
  • “(y/n), I miss you,” he said quietly, turning so that his face was resting next to yours on the pillow. “i miss us.”
  • you watched as euiwoong curled his hand around yours, holding it tightly
  • “i miss us too,” you replied with a wistful smile, “we had a good thing going, woongie.”
  • “then why can’t we still have that?” euiwoong asked, looking at you. 
  • you sighed, rolling over onto your back, “i don’t know. maybe there’s a part of me that’s scared i’ll get attached, and then you’ll just be gone.”
  • “i’m not going to just disappear, you know,” euiwoong remarked with a chuckle
  • “woong, you’re in the mafia.”
  • “yeah, but like, i literally haven’t ever shot my gun,” he retorted, “i literally spend my time in my office doing research and compiling data”
  • you looked over at him
  • “only you would get the office job in the fucking mafia”
  • “so does that mean that you’re willing to try?” euiwoong asked hopefully, looking over at you
  • you sighed, looking back at him
  • “i guess”
  • a slow smile spread across euiwoongs face and he rolled over, cuddling up to your body
  • “now that we’re dating again, i can finally snuggle with you,” he cackled, wrapping his arms around your torso
  • “yah, euiwoong, i didn’t say anything about dating!”
  • “ey, it’ll happen eventually”

this was like an euiwoong imagine with a side of mafia!au i’m sorry lmao

Raise Hell - (Negan Fic) Chapter 1: People Like That

Summary: Doveport is a little community just trying to survive in the apocalypse. Elle finally feels like she’s found a home…and then she meets Negan.

Characters: Negan x Elle 

Word Count: 3,186

Warning: No warnings for this chapter (gotta introduce everyone!), but this fic is going to be a dark one. And it’s a slow burn

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to finally share this multi chapter fic with you. I’ve had this idea in my head for months and to get it started feels really good right about now. As of this moment, I have approximately 20 chapters outlined for it and hope I can do Negan’s character justice in this fic. There will be romance. There will be heartache. I will try and update as often as possible. Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime!

You can also read this fic on AO3.

Huge thank you to @ashzombie13 and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!

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a traitor, i’d trade her in a second

*deep sigh* she has returned. drama club AU is back with PART FOUR!! honestly im in love with these two loser nerds and i hope you love them (and this) too :’) part one part two part three and awaaaaaay we go!! (feel free to yell in my inbox after this)


“What? Mom, I didn’t ask Amy out!”

Karen appears to understand, nodding conspiratorially. “Ahh, you’re doing the playing hard to get thing, I see.”

She winks, something which Jake does not appreciate, and his entire face burns as he takes a deep, deep sigh.

“That’s not what’s going on at all. Amy’s my enemy,” he considers spelling it out, but he thinks that would be pushing it. “She’s supposed to be the worst!

“You kiss your enemy with that mouth?” Karen teases, and it’s very obvious where Jake gets his playful nature from.

Jake covers his forehead with his palm, turning around only when he hears Amy snickering to herself.

Really? He mouths, and she shrugs in response. At least someone is enjoying this painfully awkward situation.

“What do you mean she’s your enemy?” Karen continues, genuinely confused, as though she has no idea about Jake and Amy’s decade-long rivalry. “You talk about her all the time.”

Jake stiffens, refusing to turn around because Amy must look incredibly smug right now.

“Yeah, but only to complain.”

“Wasn’t your last ‘complaint’ about how annoying her pretty face is?”


If Amy could see Jake’s face now, she would know that his cheeks blush a bright crimson. Yes, that’s right. Crimson.

“Now Jake, that’s a very mean thing to say about your girlfriend,” Karen chides, disappointed in her useless lying son. “Our guest Amy must be so upset-” she turns around, and realizes she’s wrong, “oh wait- she’s smiling, never mind.”

“That’s because she’s not my girlfriend! She’s my enemy and you’re giving her way too much ammo!”

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A Date with Darkiplier (pt. 6)

(The end is in sight, friends, but I have only one piece of advice: Don’t blink.)

Warning: It’s not gunna be good… Please don’t punch anything (including me).

Mark groans, trying to move against the restraints they’ve put on him, but his strength is almost gone. He can feel sleep pulling him under like unrelenting waves of molasses, tugging him beneath the surface despite his best efforts to stay awake. Don’t close your eyes, don’t close your eyes, he repeats in his scattered mind, a broken record.

Every time he blinks… she’s there.

Finally, Mark can’t hold himself back anymore, and he slips fitfully into sleep. And there’s Amy, smiling at him. She beckons him over. The sun glints in her hair as the tide rolls in. Chica races by, chasing after another bird. His friends are up the beach, and they’re laughing and talking. But Amy is pulling him over, closer to the water where their feet wade into the waves. Feet, ankles, knees, all the way up to their waists, and she’s kissing him. Little kisses all over his face and along his jaw. “Liebling, I know it’s a dream,” he whispers to her.

“Good because if not, you wouldn’t survive this,” she purrs into his ear before shoving him beneath the water, holding him there with a vice-like grip. Amy’s form shatters and becomes Darkiplier, laughing and glitching out of place until Mark wakes screaming.

Dark rises from his seat at the table, steps over to his desk, and turns on a slow song that plays over hidden speakers around the office. When he turns back to Amy, he leans forward, offering her his hand. “May I have this dance?”

Amy sees the way his hand is trembling, how the dark circles under his eyes have grown, and how his usually gray skin is almost white. If she can keep him busy for just a bit longer, he’ll lose control of his aura. The Egos will be free, and this whole nightmare will end.

She stands up and takes his hand, letting him pull her close. Dark, unsurprisingly, is an excellent dancer, and he knows how to lead her through the motions flawlessly. Amy’s stomach flutters uncomfortably as she notices that Dark smells like aftershave and blood, a disturbing mixture, but if she closes her eyes and ignores the ringing in her ears, he could be Mark. Which is even more disturbing.

“Hm, you dance divinely,” he growls into her ear, tracing his fingers through her hair before dropping his hand back onto her waist. “Now I understand why the others favor you, Liebling.” It’s Mark’s voice in her head but Dark’s lips on her ear, and Amy can’t take it anymore.

She shoves Dark away from her, nearly sending him over the table. “Don’t you dare call me that!”

Dark smiles at her and has the audacity to look confused by Amy’s reaction. “What’s wrong? I thought you preferred that name.” He slips closer again, placing his hands on her waist. “After all, it’s the word Mark screamed when we…”

Amy slaps him again, and this time she’s done playing the part of a girl on a date. She’s done stalling. Done giving him what he wants. Now, Amy Nelson wants blood. “Touch me again. I dare you.”

Dark laughs at her. “There’s the fire I’ve been waiting for,” he growls, pinning her to the wall. Amy panics, but she can’t get away from him. His mouth is hot on her neck, and his hands are so rough holding her in place that she’s sure she’ll have bruises in the shapes of Dark’s fingers. Worst of all are the words he whispers against her skin, “Whatever you want, I can give you.” Another kiss. “Just let me in.” Amy feels herself breaking. “You’ll never be able to defeat me…” He smiles against her neck. Amy screams as he whispers, “You’re mine now, Liebling.”

Before Amy even realizes what she’s doing, she drives the knife into Dark’s abdomen. His eyes level with hers for a moment, and Amy sees in them all her worst fears, including him. Dark blinks and staggers backwards away from her, pulling out Wilford’s knife and dropping it onto the floor. Amy feels his aura drop away.

Her knees give under her own weight, and she hits the floor, unable to get back up.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amy watches as Dark writhes on the floor. His shell splinters and shatters, and Dark roars in pain. Amy closes her eyes and plugs her ears, crying and shaking and wishing for home, for Mark.

After a few moments, she hears someone else run into the room. They’re shouting her name and picking her up off the floor with gentle hands, but Amy, mind broken, tries to fight them off, screaming and flailing until she feels the prick of a needle in her skin. Amy drifts from consciousness with Dark’s last words in her mind,

“You’re mine now, Liebling.”

To be continued…

anonymous asked:

peraltiago (duh) + 19 ? bonus if amy is the one doing the distracting

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing

i um maybe made it 200% angstier than necessary oops?

They mostly come at night, when the dark can twist the shadows into whatever horrors his mind conjures. First they linger at the edges of the room, a silent reminder of their presence. It’s enough to spike his breath, but he can still turn away into the confines of her arms, still wrapped around him in his throes of sleep.

The moon still hangs high when they come for him, lunging across the bed sheets and pulling him down, down until his heart is cold, cold. It wakes him up, clinging to her arm that drops to his waist when he violently jerks upright and folds his knees up and in. Light pours in through the barely ajar bedroom door, its stripe illuminating the sweat by his hairline, his brown eyes blown wide.

“Jake?” The arm retreats a little as she shifts, gazing up at him.

He closes his eyes at the sound of her voice, the last of the shadows scurrying away in her wake. “I’m good. Go back to sleep.”

Instead she sits up, like he knew she was going to do anyway, like she has every night since he was finally sent back home. Her arms trail up and around his shoulders, and she presses her face into his neck. She knows about the shadows, thinking them to be the typical prison horrors.

He knows them to be more than that. A steady threat to pull him away again, to pull Amy away again.

She presses a kiss to his collarbone, to his shoulder. “You’re home now,” she whispers, trailing more gentle kisses where she can reach.

When she pulls him back down with her, holding him closely against the night, he knows this to be true. Home’s not the floral quilt illuminated by the thin stream of light, or the yellow city light converged against the curtains, or even the photos clipped along the opposite wall of smiles and accomplishments and faces. It’s her breath by his ear, her lips still hovering by his skin, her fingers softly tracing three words over his stomach as she drifts off again.

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First Kiss (Modern Sonamy)

(I don’t own this image, second, it’s not even the image I wanted -puffs up cheek- but whatever, why is there no picutres of Amy’s head leaning up to kiss and Sonic not moving but hidden behind it??? come on!)


Upset by Sonic disappearing and not saying goodbye, Amy had worked hard to help the others keep Eggman at bay, until finally…

She teared up in anger when she saw him, acting like nothing was wrong.

Although she had been thrilled to hear he’d come home, and amazed when they said he showed up randomly to save them from Eggman’s invasion, she was still trying to stay a little mad at him.

Before he left, she had thought nothing was wrong. But she was crushed when she found out what had happened to him. Being thrown into another dimension… knowing he might never be able to return.

But return… he did.

She clutched her fists tight to her sides, arms straight and down.

She struggled to not run to him, wrap her arms around him and just simply cry in relief that he was back.

He stood there, up on the hill, with one hand relaxing on his hip and a neutral smile upon his face.

Did he even see her? Or look right through her?

“Long time no see,… Amy.” He raised his head. His eyes kept a serious, firm expression… but his mouth was still curled into a smile.

What was he doing..? Couldn’t he see how much she…

She shook her head, and lowered it as her shoulders started to bounce. “You… you were gone an awfully long time…” she barely got the words out of mouth before her lips started trembling.

He continued to smile, without showing much reaction to her.

She felt her hands going numb from squeezing them so long, but spoke again. “When we last saw each other… you didn’t say goodbye. You knew it was risky and you didn’t say anyting.. did you even know.. how much I… how much I missed you?”

That was the last thing she could say, before the tears silenced her for a moment as she sobbed.

Now, he started advancing, closing his eyes a moment as if settling something within his mind before coming closer to her.

“You… You should say something next time!” she blurted out, and jumped into his arms, something he seemed to expect as she cried over his shoulder.

“I waited for you for so long! What were doing over in that dimension! Sight seeing!? I’ve tried to be so strong and help fight. I’ve tried to not think about if you never… I couldn’t stand thinking that I was fighting for a future that… that might not..”

When she quieted down, he held her back, dipping his head down slightly too, and gently saying, “I missed you too… Amy.”

Suddenly, she was scooped up into his arms bridal style, something that she had long forgotten for some time.

She wiped her eyes, trying to see clearly. “W-where are we going?”

“Home.” He smiled, looking down at her.

Her face pursed up again and she rubbed her head against his chest. “I don’t want to go home. I just want to be with you. You were gone for so long. I want you to promise you’ll stay this time. Stay… and don’t ever go away again!”

With seeing how desperate she looked, he realized the others would surely see her red eyes and distraught state.

Going off of wisdom, he decided to take her further into the wilderness…


Amy sniffed under a tree as she rested on Sonic’s chest. His arms were up and hands behind his head. He seemed to be chilling as she let the last bit of her emotions slip out.

Finally, she rubbed her eyes and looked up to him. “You never promised.” she pouted, but then looked away. “But.. I guess that’s asking too much of you.”

She knew he couldn’t control the wacky adventures or daring fleats his life naturally took him on. And no matter how much she pleaded, he was the hero of the world.. more so then her own…

Sonic finally opened his eyes and looked up then, at the stars.

It had gotten so late..

“Back in that other dimension… there didn’t seem to be a way out.” He took a finger and stuck it in his ear, cleaning it out, seeming fairly unemotional or unattached to what he was saying..

“I often thought of you guys.. the war with Eggman… and how you all were doing. I did get some help from that dimension, but it seemed to be taking forever. I even thought of that future you were talking about… The one you’re fighting for… And what would happen to it.”

Amy stared up at him, a little awestruck as she realized he was saying he was worried about her while he was away.

He looked down then, smiling that smae ol’grin.

“Wouldn’t want to disappoint ya, if you had to change all your big plans.” he winked, as she felt touched by his sentiment.

“Sonic…” her eyes shook, before new tears threatened her eyes.

She wiped them away and got up, holding her fists up by her side to show some new strength or courage.

“I’ll keep fighting for our future, Sonic! No matter what!” she smiled and giggled, closing her eyes as he looked a little confused.

“Our future?” he blinked, and tilted his head in curiosity.

She nodded, putting her hands on her hips. “Well, of course! I know you’re not 100 percent thrilled about it yet, but I’m gonna make it worth it! Hehe~” she got up and started walking out of the forest, as Sonic quickly strode up beside her.

“I can carry you back, Amy..” his voice was suddenly softer.. as if a child’s.

“Em-mm.” she shook her head, continuing in new found spirits. “I want to give my eyes time to cool down and not look like I’ve cried in front of the others.” she stuck her tongue out a moment. “You’re not the only one who likes to keep up appearances!”

He watched with a new expression, as if deep in thought and looked down.


He stopped walking, as Amy suddenly halted in her stride too and looked back over her shoulder. “Hmm?”

“….” he stared at the ground for quite a second, before speaking again.

“I’m worried… Amy.”

She lost her smile.

“That we’re not fighting for the same future…”

She had to think a moment too at that statement… before her bubbly self came back through and she turned fully to Sonic, rocking slightly on her heels before spreading her arms out dainty by her sides.

“It doesn’t matter what futures we’re fighting for, Sonic! The important thing is to fight to get the chance for a future!”

His eyes widened and he looked up, thinking upon her profound words before rubbed under her nose with her finger, mimicking his cocky attitude as she held her head up high.

“What’s wrong with multiple possibilities for a future? As long as you’re with me, I’ll always be happy wherever I am!” she flicked out her pointer finger and winked, waving it around to continue to tease him in his mannerisms.

He smiled and closed his eyes looking down gain.

“Now, it’s getting late. We should head back soon-”


                                                      Kiss me.”

Amy’s eyes blinked open, still frozen in the frame and pose she was last in, before turning, a bit awkwardly, and crunching her body up a bit.

“W-…what did you say?” she blinked in almost unbelief, still trying to keep her smile on her face, but it was squiggling into a nervous one now. Two distinct sweat-drops showed upon the side of her head…

“When we’re alone like this…  out of the public eye… you can kiss me. But I can’t give you anything back.”

She remained silent, not sure what- on the last strands of earth- he was talking about.

He looked up, seeing her expression, and  suddenly struck an actor’s pose; a cheeky look in his eyes before acting it up.

He shrugged and turned his head away, “Really, Amy. I give you an opportunity to get what you want and you just freeze up like that?”

He then shook his head. “Once in a life time opportunity.. letting it slip out of your grasp, just like that.”

He then raised his head up, as Amy still wouldn’t move…

“…Time start.” he winked.


He suddenly thrust out his hand, “5…”

“W-wha?” She sweated, nervously, slightly swaying her arms in a flailing manner of surprise. “What are you-?”

“4!” he withdrew his thumb into the palm of his hand.

“3…2…!” he kept pulling fingers down and back, the last finger remaining was his pinkie, that he left there a second longer while Amy charged him, panic all over her face.

He braced himself, lowering the hand down with that same neutral smile on his face.

She stopped the second she came up by his face, and kept her head down, shaking…

One hand held by her heart, hearing it race quickly…

“Well? Are you going to fight for your future or not?”

She raised her head, pouting at his taunt.

What had gotten into him!? A-all of a sudden asking her to..

She shivered a bit… but slowly began to lean up, and close her eyes.

He watched her… before keeping his hands to his sides, and after a second, closing his own eyes as well.

It wasn’t anything special or glamorous.

It was light and sweet to the touch.

Nothing fancy, just a first kiss, a first try, and first experience.

When she pulled away, she realized he really didn’t do anyting. He didn’t move away, or flinch, or anything!

This made her slightly upset, as he smiled and grinned widely, taking only a second to open his eyes to look at her before closing them again.

“There.. now I’ve got an idea what future you’re fighting for.”

She tensed up.

“D-did..” she shook a moment, holding her hands tightly in front of her.

“Did you just allow me to do what I w-want.. without really wanting it?”

“Huh?” he tilted his head, moving back slightly as his hands went up. “I thought you’d be happy about that..” he blinked, acting innocent as a child again.

This made her more furious, as she shook her head and turned away.

“I don’t want to just kiss to kiss, Sonic! That’s not what my future is! Nor what it looks like!” She then flung herself back around to him, shouting a little more authoritatively… “My future isn’t about what I want! It’s about what we both want!”

His eyes remained locked to hers.. processing..

She lowered her eyes, seeming sorrowful now that he didn’t understand that.

“I won’t count that as our first kiss.. because that’s not how I wanted it to be like..” Her small tears returned, making Sonic panic a moment that he did something wrong.

He waved his arms out in front of him.

“H-hey! I thought those were gone by now!” he seemed worried, but with great care, narrowed his eyes and stepped forward again.

He pushed his lips into a tight line, before lightly pulling Amy closer to him.

“I’m not sure I completely get it, Amy… But when we’re alone like this… would you mind showing me again? What you mean?”

She looked up, amazed again by this child-like sincerity, but also that he was really trying to grasp the future she fought for so desperately.

“…Sonic…” she was more than touched, she was starstruck.

(There is more to the story, lol. But I think I should leave it here ;) Hope you enjoyed it!)


Requested: “Could I have another sad/angsty fic Where it’s like, the Red String of fate is a thing and only some people can see them, and they can alter them and cut lines and tie others together to alter the Soulmate Lawa, and Amy comes to the reader, knowing she can do this, bc Amy is marrying Mark the next day, and she asks reader to alter their strungs so she can be with Mark even tho they aren’t soulmates, and the reader knows how much they love each other so she does it even tho Mark is her soulmate”

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Markiplier/reader, I think?

A/n: The ending is total shit but I tried! I’m still trying to find my flow with some of these stories but it turned out better then I thought it would. Hope you enjoy!

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               You looked at Amy as she excitedly talked about her wedding. Her and Mark were getting married tomorrow and she wouldn’t stop talking about it! You couldn’t really blame her, though. They were just so in love.

               “And the dress, oh! (Y/n), you should have been there when we found it! It’s amazing.” You smiled and took a big gulp of the gold champagne that you held in your hand. You had a feeling that this was going to be a long day.

               “You sure are excited.” Kathryn said. You looked over to see her smiling at Amy as she paced around the room.

               “Of course I am! I’m getting married!” Amy kept going on and on before a sudden realization hit her like a ton of bricks. “Oh, but what if we aren’t soulmates?” Amy’s face fell. Here come the pre-wedding doubts.

               “(Y/n) can see the ties, maybe she can tell you.” Kathryn spoke up and both of them turned to you. You sighed as you looked at the red string that left your chest, went through the wall and stopped at the other room. The room that Mark was in.

               “I’m sorry Amy…” You trailed off and looked to the ground. Amy had tears in her eyes and it broke your heart. “Hey, that doesn’t mean you two can’t get married! Things can change!”

               “Yeah,” Amy looked so broken. “I-I think I’m gonna go to bed.” She rubbed her nose. “Big day tomorrow!” she faked excitement.

               You nodded and stood to leave. You gave her one big hug before following Kathryn out the door. Your heart ached for Amy but you also couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of her too. She was marrying your soulmate tomorrow, after all. You had known him since you were in grade school, but he never looked at you the same way he looked at her.

               “Wait, (Y/n)!” You turned to see Amy running up to you, her eyes still puffy and red.

               “Hey Amy. What’s up?” You asked quietly. Amy gripped your hands in hers.

               “I need you to do me a favor.”


               “So, you really think I can do this? Just change your fates like it’s nothing?” You looked between Mark and Amy who sat beside each other on the bed.

               “Yeah,” Amy started, “I’ve been reading up on the seers and some people have said that they can break and make new ties.”

               “So, you want me to tie you two together?” You asked, feeling a little bit of dread.

               “Yeah.” Amy looked at Mark with so much love.

               “You’re sure that you want to do this?” You asked. Part of you wanted them to decline, to change their minds the last second.

               “Yeah.” Mark answered.  You sighed and nodded your head.

               “Um, alright. Close your eyes, I guess.” They both did as told. There really was no reason for them to, you just didn’t want them to see you while you did this.

               You walked up to Amy and revealed her tie. You wrapped your fingers around it and gently pulled, letting it snap and fall to the floor. The severed side slid away to the other end. You then turned to Mark. He looked so happy with his hands tangled up with Amy’s. You sighed and revealed his tie. Your hands shook as you gently pulled and just as the string snapped, a pang of sorrow grew in your chest. You picked up Amy’s string and brought it to Mark’s. The fibers tangled and came together before making a solid red line between the two. You watched as your string fell to the ground before turning into black ash and floating away.

               “There, consider it my wedding gift.” It was all you said before you quickly left the room. You left the building entirely and went back to your apartment.

               You didn’t go to the wedding or the reception. All of Teamiplier came and knocked on your door but you never answered. Eventually the knocks faded out and you were left in your dark apartment, slowly coming to the realization that you no longer had a soulmate.


Soooo the place that they use for exterior shots of the precinct in Brooklyn Nine Nine is actually a police precinct in Brooklyn. It’s right across the street from the subway exit on the two express train to Flatbush Ave./Brooklyn College. I recognized it immediately when I went to go visit it two weekends ago for a haunted house that they were hosting. The precinct is actually Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct building, and every year they do a haunted house. The police officers dress up in costumes to scare the living SHIT out of everyone. There’s a Chinese restaraunt right across the street that I’m pretty sure Jake eats at A LOT. I went into the precinct to go to the bathroom and I watched them process a perp (who then winked at me, which was weird).

THERE ARE SO MANY KIDS in this area and they’re all lively as HELL. And the precinct is just as grimey and old school as it looks on TV. The captain is a woman whom I met and I told her I was dressed as Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine and she ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. This real life Brooklyn detective passed by me while I was waiting in line for the haunted house and he was wearing the same shoes Jake wears on the show. I got to see the badge up close. It was all amazing!!

By far my favorite part though was how community oriented the whole precinct was. They were all really friendly and kind and very patient. The CO came out and spoke to me and then later he came out dressed as a scary monster and terrified people in the line…

NOT ONLY did I investigate the precinct… I also investigated the walk to the apartment that I chose to be Jake’s first before he takes Gina’s/moves in with Amy. The very last picture is Jake’s street, Grand Avenue. It took me 15 minutes to walk there from the precinct and it was a pretty nice walk as well. Mostly just neighborhoods and a couple areas where there were food places lining the street. I think it’s a dope ass place for my son to have lived.

ALL IN ALL… it was an awesome experience and I’m probably gonna go back in daylight so I can get some headcanons and really get to know the area. I FELT LIKE I WAS IN DISNEY LAND, GUYS. I FELT LIKE JAKE WAS GONNA WALK OUT OF THE PRECINCT DOORS AT ANY MOMENT.

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 22)

(This one is long. I apologize.)

Wilford sits slowly with the help of the Doctor and Bim. “Thanks, guys,” he mutters, wincing at the pain in his broken ribs. Host sneaks over quietly and places a care package on the table beside Wilford which consists of: pink fuzzy socks, a giant bag of cotton candy, bubblegum, bubble bath, and actual bubbles. Wilford smiles and digs into the cotton candy, offering Host a piece. Amy watches them from the couch and breathes a sigh of relief.

That’s when her phone rings.


Mark wakes up to the sound of glass shattering. He gets up slowly, checks the clock, and grabs his phone from the nightstand. In the hallway, Dark’s smoky aura slithers along the floor between crap Mark has neglected to clean up since the last time Kat yelled at him about it. The ringing in his ears makes his vision go blurry, but something draws Mark towards the spare room where Dark has disappeared for the last couple days.

The door is still closed, and the light inside flickers on and off. Mark reaches forward slowly, hand turning the doorknob that feels icy to the touch, and opens the door. Dark hangs in mid-air like he’s suspended from a wire, head slumped forward against his chest.

His aura whips through the room in gray tentacles, blood seeping freely from his side and staining the white t-shirt he wears. Mark feels a chill pass through his entire body as Dark’s limp form turns towards him and the Ego’s head rises to stare at him with glowing white eyes, empty eyes like staring into the heart of a star.

Mark has played enough horror games to know that he should start running.  Now.


“Mark? What’s wrong?” Amy ducks out of the living room before anyone notices she’s on the phone with Wilford and the others laughing about something in the background. “Where are you?”

Mark gasps for breath. “I’m hiding in the apartment. Dark has lost it. I don’t think he’s in control anymore.” Something else breaks outside the closet door that Mark is hiding behind, crouched between piles of clothes.

Amy runs her hand through her hair nervously and whirls around to glance at the others. Should she tell them? Wilford just woke up… They don’t need another problem on their hands just yet. “Can’t you just get in the car and go? Maybe he’ll get tired after a while or something.”

“Amy, I can’t leave him to terrorize the neighborhood. He’s evil, and he’s got my face!” Mark whispers as the ringing grows louder. “Can’t you get Wilford to come down here and help me?”

“He just woke up from nearly dying!” Amy winces when the Egos’ heads swivel in her direction. “Mark, please leave before he catches you. I can’t handle someone else getting hurt at this point.”

Mark bites his lip. “If he’s occupied with me, he won’t harm anyone else.” There’s another loud noise outside the door, and Mark is certain that Dark is right on the other side. “Amy, send help, okay? I don’t care who it is…”

The call cuts off suddenly, and Amy feels her heart clench in her chest. She has no choice. “Wilford?”

The pink Ego looks up, eyes still tired and worn. “Yeah?”

“We have to help Mark. Now.”

The full force of Dark’s aura drags Mark from the closet and slams him against an adjacent wall. Dark looms inches away, still hovering off the floor with his glowing white eyes illuminating the hallway ever so slightly. Mark flinches away from Dark. “Come on, Dark. You don’t want to do this. You know you need me, otherwise you would’ve killed me long before now.”

Dark blinks slowly, but he doesn’t speak as Mark is washed with wave after wave of burning anger and hatred, the taste of iron and ashes that comes with Dark’s aura. “If you kill me, you’ll lose the others forever. They’ll never forgive you, and you’ll never be able to touch them again. They’ve already escaped from your stupid castle you built for yourself.” Mark grits his teeth. “Look at you. Alone and broken, and no one is worried about you. They’re all with Wilford.”

Speak of the devil, the pink Ego appears in the hallway, already gasping from the trip to Mark’s apartment. “Hm, you two look like you’re having a moment. Should I come back later?”

Dark’s shell cracks with a roar of anger, and his aura lashes out at Warfstache, who raises an arm like a shield and lets the black tendrils wrap around his forearm with a sigh. “Come on, Darkipoo. I’m really not in the mood for this right now…”

The ghoulish Ego doesn’t even react. He only throws another barrage of his aura towards Warfstache, which the Ego attempts to deflect as best he can, but it wraps around his other arm, holding him in place. “Bim, now!”

Bim Trimmer appears on Dark’s other side, draining the gray Ego’s energy until the aura flickers and fades. Bim trips a bit, full of this new power and rage, but he takes deep, calming breaths until the energy dissipates. Dark tries to rise from the floor with a groan of effort but fails, so Wilford gives him a hand. “You know what it is, don’t you?” Wilford asks, gesturing to Dark’s wound. “I realized it when Yan set the fire.”

Dark won’t look at him, won’t acknowledge him, so Wilford presses on, saying, “You’re afraid of Yandere, and that’s why you aren’t letting yourself heal. It’s why you couldn’t stop him from striking the match.”

Bim’s eyes go wide with shock. “That can happen?”

Dark winces and gives Warfstache a sideways glare. “Yes, just like Host’s weakness is being unable to speak. Mine is fear. When I fear something…”

“You can’t control it,” Mark finishes. Silence descends on the four of them for a few moments before Wilford sighs.

“I feel like crap.” Dark, Mark, and Bim all nod in agreement with Wilford’s statement. The pink Ego grins. “So, who wants takeout?”

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Do you know that thing where people say if you ignore a guy they'll notice you more? Do you think you could do a prompt of someone telling Amy that and she attempts it on Sonic, only to take it too far and have Sonic go in a downward spiral of longing?


I’m gonna have way too much fun with this one.


“So… that’s it?”

Amy pulled her sweater down from the hands that were in it’s pockets, her eyes sharp as the sheer cold around them.

Sonic looked up to her, but his eyes showed a silent regret.

She pursed her lips, holding back tears before turning away from him, letting some breath go to attempt to release the tension that held in her chest.

She looked to the blanketed sky above her, longing for more, but hoping for less.

“I see….” she tried to kick the ground but ended up stomping on it a few times, unable to hold her true emotions back.

Finally, her face creased and she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. “Darn it!” she turned back to him, throwing her hands out in a clear mature tantrum. “You cant’ just push me away like this! What about the others?! Tails, Knuckles… even Cream!” she gestured behind her, before kicking at last some spraying snow up to just reach his knees as he looked away.

He held his head low but there was no sign of shame.

She continued to breath hard, before her body swung side to side and she dipped lower and lower to the ground before gripping her head and springing back up again.

“Sonic-!!!…. I love you!”

He closed his eyes as she watched the air from his nose steam out like a backwards pipe.

“Amy… if what Eggman said was true… then I don’t have much time.” he turned back to her, his eyes fixated on the mission at hand.

She’ll have to wait for a better explanation.

“So that’s it?! Take on the whole world and leave your friends behind, is that it?! Run away and only come back on weekends!?” She gestured out to nowhere, but clearly meant the world, though it seemed to not want to be involved in this lover’s quarrel.

“This isn’t about just me, Amy!” He finally got emotion, at least, somewhat. With justified rage, he swung his arm out, cutting her time to speak off and starting his own…

“I have to hunt down Eggman. If he’s planning what he said he is, then I don’t want any of you involved!”

“You still think we’re not good enough on our own? Somehow… we’re still weak and fragile to you.. aren’t we?” she held in a small, cold choke inside her throat.

Sonic could see her swallowing.

It gave him some confidence that he was winning.

“I’m sorry, Amy… but I care too much about your safety. Everyone stays.” he stated this as if it was final.

“…Everyone… gets left behind.”

That cut deeper into Sonic’s heart than she may ever know.

He saw her suddenly look up, soak in the melting snow to calm her heated face, and looked back.

He let his shoulders rest, tightening his fist.

“You act like it’s over.”

There was a sudden gust in the chilling wind…

Her eyes remained cold… but still glossy from her tears she withheld.

“…Are you going to stare at me forever?” he started to turn away, not waiting for a response.

He knew if she spoke, she’d regret whatever last words she’d say.

But they wouldn’t be her last.

Not yet.


He looked behind his shoulder, still remaining strong.

Still remaining a hero.

There eyes locked for what seemed to the both of them.. an eternity of confessing love at last sight.

“…I’ll always be waiting for you… I won’t turn around. I won’t look away… I’ll stand right here… until I can’t see an inch of you in the snow.”

There was something strong and powerfully enduring in those words.

Sonic’s eyes scanned hers one last time, taking in every word they secretly, though loudly bore.

His own eyes softened, his mouth opened to reveal some heavy breathes, before he forced himself to look away…

And never returned.


Amy waited on some tables, taking notes and skating off into the back room to dodge other waitresses rollerblading around.

“Two more, Joe.” she happily dinged the bell before a woman scooted over with a wireless, brick like phone.

“It’s your brother, dear.” she smacked her gum in her mouth and skated away with her hands still up as if carrying two phones.

Amy watched before wondering what she meant, and took the phone up to her ear.


“Heh, brother? Again, thrilled to be your emergency contact, but brother?”

“You’ve always been my little bro, Tails.” Amy smiled, happy to hear his sarcasm hadn’t faded.

“I know you’re working, but you’ve gotta come see this.”

“Is it really important? Last time you said that, the plane’s ‘new’ engine almost exploded.” she snickered.

Almost.” Tails reminded her, “Slight miscalculation on fuel gauges. Rookie mistake.”

“At this stage, you shouldn’t be calling yourself a rookie!” Amy teased, leaning against the wall and fiddling with her gloves, pulling them up a little to pinch at the space it created for her now ducked fingers.

“Amy…. It’s-”

Amy had already raced down the street, her coat flying over her waitress uniform and skates thrown onto the street’s pavement.

About Sonic.

Charging into an emergency room, the team was already gathered.

Cream was attending what looked to be a wearied Sonic, bruised up and aged considerably.

“He came in and collapsed like that. Saying he needed to see us all again.” Tails mournfully spoke, taking his engineering hat down that a train station had offered him.

He agreed to work there, only because getting a license at flying was over way too easily.

Aced every exam.

Knuckles was refined, as usual. Hands on his now slender hips and his chest widened with exercise and proper eating habits.

The Chaos on Angel Island would miss him soon… including Rouge…

Cream had on her school uniform, but tenderly dipped his cloth back into the cool water with both hands, then reached on her tippi-toes to lay it across his forehead.

Any slowly moved closer.

Like a high definition movie… she noticed every change, every slight feature that had grown into this beautiful man.

His breaths were shallow… but each one clung at her heart.

“He wanted to see us…” Tails continued, but seemed to repeat himself out of worry.

“…All?” Amy breathed out at last, holding her hands back, wanting to reach out and feel if he was real.

His spines… they’ve created a deeper shade of blue that matched more of the heaven’s skyline.

Would they still feel the same? Or were they smoother? Softer to the touch? Or harder than before because of all the fighting?

Non-stop fighting… only the universal radio would spark to life with any such news of his daring fleets or heroic actions against Eggman deciding to stay on the move and not stick around one spot for too long.

Of course, wherever Eggman went, Sonic followed, trailing after him as devotedly as Amy once did for him.


Had he changed at all since then?

Her mind wrapped around the memory as if suffocating her into a soft blanket of warm tears, before releasing her into the frigged air of that awful morning.

Suddenly, his eyes flickered.

She stepped back in a light gasp, her eyes scanned the whites and then a deep… piercing green.

“…I have to go.”

Why was she suddenly running?


Tails turned to watch her go, before Knuckles shook his head.

“She’s seen enough.”

“What do you mean?” Tails turned back to him, a perfect distraction for her to make her escape.

But why?


After so many years of painfully waiting for him… her love had iced over to bitterness. Cold enough to sting you at first touch.

She came to check on him.

Nothing more.

Cream almost ran out after her, “Miss Amy!” she cried before her hands shot back to her chest and held each other as if making sure her own heart didn’t break.

“A..” Sonic started to come too.



Head held low, she shoved her hands back in her coat pockets. Black pavement of pebbled roads suddenly were the most fascinating things to her.

She couldn’t get the helplessness of how he laid there in what only could be interpreted as a painful agony… before she was relieved at the memory of him waking up.

‘He’d be okay. He’s back now. But I’m sure he won’t stay long.’ Her heart told her so many times to quit it. To stop being a baby about it.

But she couldn’t help the slight snowfall in her heart. As if that day never heated over into spring.

Remained winter.

Remained frozen in her mind.

A gust of wind made her stop and cover herself, before she knew the second she opened her eyes, and withdrew her hands, she would see him again.


It sounded charming enough.

“Aren’t you gonna say something back?”

She conceded to the darkness, agreeing with it to stay and keep her eyes shut.

She moved to the side, and started to walk on. Feeling her way with the tap of her feet to be sure of their placement, she began to slowly make her way passed the voice.



Maybe he would get bored and leave her a-

“Hey! You! With the silence only a mother could love.” he tried to kid, and she could hear his feet pacing after her.


Don’t tease me.

No more games.


She opened her eyes and looked down at the dirty ground that shifted immediately to concrete.

Stepping up the side walk, she lowered her arms and promised herself to advance.

She suddenly heard the footsteps pause and come to a striding halt… which gave her confidence to speed walk faster.


It was too tender. To pleading for her to stop her dumb act.

He must of known how much she longed to see him again.

“…I thought you said you’d never look away.”

Then it hit her.

She was a woman of her word… after all.

Her head shot up and immediately, she obeyed her heart’s true desire.

She turned around, but didn’t look at him.

Slowly, she strained herself to let go of her stubbornness and pride… and almost darn near melted at the sight of his spring eyes on hers.

It was like he always lived in spring.

Like his eyes… never experienced winter before.

“Aren’t you surprised to see me?” He moved his arms out and tipped a toe up, inviting her into what he knew she wanted.

She was firmly held solid to the ground. As if figurative iced had latched her spirit and wouldn’t allow her to move.

She breathed… and that was all.

Almost awestruck by his perfect features, flawless smile, and even those enchanting eyes…

With the sudden flight of worry in them, she noticed him lower his hands and straighten himself out.

“….You still mad about what happened?” He concluded, and the word ‘mad’ didn’t sit right with her in that sentence.

No. She wasn’t mad.


“I have to go to work.” she stated, as if making up an excuse could help her any.

She couldn’t move.

His face suddenly sang a thousand sorrows.

“…Oh.” he tilted his eyes down.

She suddenly felt her heart leap out of her throat, “How’d you get those… wounds.” it came out like a gushing waterfall.

She thought she had frosted over everything.

Guess his eyes melted her streams… just slightly.

His eyebrows leaped up as he suddenly rose his head, and smirked.

She was letting him win again… and for some reason…

That annoyed her.

She looked away, jutting an arm out to swing and hit her side as if scolding herself.

‘I just care too much.’ she told herself.

“Yeah, a pretty gruesome fight.” he looked himself over, “Can you believe this is the handiwork of five Metal Sonics?” he grinned and looked back at Amy.

That same smile… it was like his whole face was the sun, and she was allowing herself to be basked in it’s rays…

She was melting.

And she could feel her hard ground suddenly smoothing out.

As frozen seeds started to crack open their shells.

“That’s terrible.” she spoke out quickly, and with a jagged second wind, she pivoted and started rushing down the sidewalk in a hurried step of paced footwork.

“I have to go.”


“Goodbye!” she suddenly dashed, surprising Sonic as he reached out for her.


“I’m done with that!” she hollered out, as tears started to stream down her face, her heart’s memory locked on better times, but her brain trapped in endless snow fall.

A blizzard suddenly.

Her sorrow turned to even greater resistance.

“Just leave me alone!”

She felt the slightly brush of a hand that had moved at lightning speeds to stop her, but with her sudden last breath, it had frozen as quickly as her memory upon that snowy day so many years ago…


She waited on more tables.

Suzy Q handed her a tray and pointed to a table where the tip of a solid black cowboy hat was peeking the back of it over the station.

Amy nodded, moving her head a little more to see who the stranger was, before skating over to give him his hamburger and fries.

The figure was deeply covered in black, and some faint blue…

“Will that be all, sir?” she setted the table with more napkins and dusted herself off, taking the empty ketchup bottle and removing a fresh one from her apron’s pockets and placing it down in it’s place.

“Yeah.” the voice coughed a moment, “How about a milkshake?”

“What kind?” She smiled, sweet as usual.

“…Got anything you like?” his hat tilted just slightly, but only a paige muzzle was seen.

His smile caught her attention, but she shook it off with a shake of her head. “Yeah. My favorites have to be plain vanilla or strawberry. Oh! There’s a nice chief in the back. He makes me a vanilla one with whole strawberries dipped in it! Hehe~ I know that sounds silly,… you can’t slurp up whole strawberries, but I love it all the same! I pick them out as I go, using a fork or spoon to hassle them out and straight into my mouth! Haha!” she had been nominated as Employee of the Month for selling a menu item like that.

She had a way of charming even the grumpiest of men into one of her favorite dishes.

“….” The stranger seemed to pause, taking her personality in before nodding his head and dipping his hat down. “I’ll take that then.”

Something was off in his voice. It was like he was purposefully trying to grumble.

She nodded, not judging a book by it’s cover.

After all, they tipped the best!

“Sure thing, sir! Right away! And don’t you wait one more minute for a refill on fries either! It’s on me~” she kicked her leg up and winked, before attempting to fly off towards the kitchen.

The stranger was still…

He suddenly pulled a hand to his chest and she noticed it slide up to his face, covering his eyes…


“I’m fine.” he coughed again, this time, into his mouth. “I’ll take your milkshake.”

She tilted her head in concern, but she moved nevertheless for him.

Returning back, she placed the milkshake down, skiding to a halt and putting her hands on her waist in triumphant.

“Before the fries got cold!” she cheered herself, as the man had his hands up together, and for a moment, was using them to lean forward over his food on.

“Take a seat then.” he gestured in front of him.

Amy made a puzzled look, and looked at the chair.


“Pardoned. Now… sit.” he gestured again.

“Oh, but I’m not really allowed to-” she hugged the tray under her arm, holding it as though a shield, and feeling an odd vibe around this guy.

She waved her hand out before he sated once again, pounding his fist to the table slightly, “Sit.”

She did so, almost immediately, before her cheeks puffed up at letting him scare her.

“Hey! I’m not one to bully around, sir!” she glared, before he leaned foward on his joined, intertwined hands again.

“You seem like a nice girl.” he suddenly stated, making Amy grow nervous with some slight chilly sweat coming down her face.

“Let me ask you something.”

“I’d rather you not.” she muttered, lowering her head and placing her tray down on her lap.

He flicked his hat slightly, but still no sign of a face.

“Why aren’t you married yet? A sweet miss like yourself.”

“…You aren’t coughing anymore.”

Startled, the figure suddenly leaned back and coughed into his hand.

“Something’s not right about you.” Amy narrowed her eyes, squinting before leaning forward.

“You’re clearly not from around here…” she played the western very well, and pretended to be holding him down with her men on standby, a wild west sheriff’s roughnecked daughter.

She suddenly embodied it, and kicked her feet up on the side of the table.

This caught the man off guard… as her pink leg covered his field of vision.

“I ‘aught to string you up for even daring to ask a woman about her past.” she put her hands behind her back, taunting him and getting herself ruffled out of being scared of him.

“What’s all that for? You crushing or something?”

“…Heh.” he ducked his head down, as if amazed by her guts.

“You’re fearless, aren’t you?” he grinned, and suddenly his voice rang a bell.

She broke her character… and slowly lowered her feet down and removed her relaxed hands.

He laughed into his hand, trying to hide it, but couldn’t.

It was signature.

It was spring.

“Only if you promise to tighten the knot, darlin’.” he suddenly lifted his head up, showing off those flower fields he hid so well in his eyes, and winked.

“Hello Amy.”

She was floored.

Spiraling out of that chair so fast, she was suddenly hooked by a hand and shot back down in the seat.

“What’s the rush? Tips on me!”

“L-let me go!”

She struggled in his lap, his hand keeping her still as he reached over her flailing body and took a fry, popping it in his mouth.

“Emm~ Missed your cooking though. Tell me, how’d you end up a waiter?”

She continued to try and reach back and remove his hand from her dress’s white collar.

One wrong move… and uniform would be the only thing left on…

“Ohhh..! Sonic!”

“Acting didn’t work out for ya?”


As Sonic winked to her, he suddenly was unimpressed at the interuption and looked up at the man addressing him.

He was big and burly.

“That’s my star girl you’ve got your cruddy mitts on, sir.” He was looming with a large stature that could frighten a bear.

Sonic looked unphased. “You’re girl?” he looked almost offended, but confused.

“I thought this was Sonic’s girl.”

Amy’s whole being suddenly stopped struggling.

She stared up at him.

“Yeah right. Like he’d ever have the guts to show his spineless face around here! After dumping her in that frostbitten park for so many years. Staring out on a blanket of nothin’ but old, lost dreams! If he ever comes back, she’s sure to let him have a piece of her mind!” He wagged a threatening finger before reaching out and gripping Amy, helping her up and out from across his lap and patting her back, whispering tenderly as he coaxed him behind his back.

“You okay, lovely?”

Amy was gripping her head, it was mostly pure shock. Not horror.

She looked over at him again.

He stared at her, a new, profound longing in his eyes.

“I won’t ask you, mister. You should already know. Get out!” the man threw an arm out to slash a finger through the air and shoot his pointed finger straight to the door.

Sonic looked at it…

But then got up and looked to eye to eye with the man.

“You must be the chief.”

He threw off the hat, and took off the black cloak. “I hear you’re awful sweet.”

“Sonic! Don’t!”

“Why you-!”

“No one’s taking Amy from me, pal!”

Sonic jumped up, springy as though still in his youth, but much more skilled now than before.

He leaped with a hand ruffling the man’s head over him as his head dipped almost to pound itself into Sonic’s butt-dent on the cushioned seat.

Sonic saluted a farewell behind him, cocky as ever. “Nice talkin’ to ya.” he threw out a handful of rings. “Keep the change.”

“GRRRRAHHHH!” the man rose up, lifting the table with him.

“Gruff, no!” Amy stepped out in front of Sonic, and he winked to the man as if he knew she would.

The man contemplated her sudden movement, before looking and squinting more at Sonic. “W-what..?”

Sonic strung an arm around Amy, and stuck his tongue out at the man before using his free hand to pull down the lower bit of his eye.

“Nwot. Ywours.” he crudely stated, having his words slur due to his tongue sticking out.

He swiped her up into his arms and bolted out, “Smell ya later!”

“Long time no see, Amy! You sure pick good company.”

He set her down, adjusting his gloves in the warm park that once held a painful memory to her.

“Whooo! I’m stuffed! Sorry you couldn’t enjoy your milkshake though.”

He was facing away from her as she stared at her forbidden passion. Standing in the exact same place every morning… where he had left her.

Months… years… what did it matter.

She was always here.

It was like her ghost moved on without her body knowing it.

She was always at this park… every day.

“….I guess you recognize it… huh?” He turned to look back at her, before his shyness was too noticeable to him and he shook his hands out, not wanting to fiddle with his gloves anymore.

“Amy… Tails told me a lot about what happened.”

Amy remained staring… at the same spot he once disappeared from.

“Knuckles said it was best to give you time. You know… not be awesome all at once.”

She closed her eyes.

“…Okay, I’m not the best at conversation anymore. That comes with being alone for the past… pfft, what? Five years?”

“Eight.” Amy corrected. “Eight years….”

Sonic held himself in suspense.

“…Eight?” he tried to count.

“…Have I really missed that many birthdays?”

“You’ve been missed… I’m not sure about your end.” she held the ice that once again emerged from her heart out and letting it spread up her body to her throat, then out her mouth.

“…  You’ve been waiting that long… huh.” he looked embarrassed, rubbing the back of his head and fidgeting on his feet.

“…Look, you may hate me, but… I never forgot what you said. About… well, you konw.” he looked away.


He folded his arms. “No… although that was pretty moving. Heh.” he smiled, remembering something fond before shaking his head, keeping a distant. “Nah, not that… something more important… You were always moving, Amy.”

…Amy… How he was saying her name.

It’s like he’d rehearsed this a thousand times.

“I..” he looked down, kicking the ground, before growing skittish and looking away, holding the sides of his elbows but trying to play it off as a casual fold-of-your-arms look. “I guess I never stopped thinking about it, you know? You growing up.. changing.. how you saw that moment. Especially now, too. I never said I wouldn’t come back.”

“You also never said if you would.”

He suddenly looked back at her.

“..Amy, you’re making this incredibly difficult.”

She swallowed hard.


He rose his head.

“Now you know what it was like.” she started to walk off. “How the view looks…”

His eyes rose and traced her figure down the path…

The scene trusted a blanket of white… powders of snow suddenly twirled around her and spread throughout the park in her wake.

She softly, with the grace of a turning eagle, moved her arms out and stood a few, long ways away from him.

“Do you remember… that you never looked back.”

His eyes were absolutely saturated in her colors.

Against the white of his vision, he could see her back in that coat, her soft pink crying with the wind carrying the tears away for him.

Never would he allow himself to step away from taking those tears off himself.

“I’m sorry.” he stifled himself. “I never meant to hurt you.”

She lowered her hands, her face full of numbness.

“What did you mean to do then.”

“…Try.” Now a strange new feature of his face took hold of all his natural beauty.

His eyes bent and absolute emotion portrayed on his face.

In that shameful breath, came a thousand nights of thoughts that floated around the stars at night. All spelling her name. Drawing her sweet smile. Mimicking her glowing face…

“I had to try and save the world, Amy. One last time.” Sonic stepped forward. “But I darn near didn’t… and it was because of what you said. I couldn’t leave it be. When I finally did move on, I suffered in thinking about all of you.”

He advanced more, as Amy’s snow-filled valley sunk deep in her heart.

The soft ground.. sprung some green…

“I ran to your window in the deepest of nights, staring in and making sure you were alright. Some days I watched from a distance to see you lose your first job. The moment you cried when your garden died.”

Her eyes suddenly welled up with water, as trees began to motion themselves upright and dust off the frost that had preserved them for so many years.

All around her… he was creating spring again.

“I almost leaped out to ‘I’m here!’ when you watched that scary movie in your living room all by yourself. And when you walked in the night to check on that stray flicky when it cried out for it’s family. And stood by it’s side till his family returned. I couldn’t always run back. It was painful to watch you remaining so strong. I never knew you came here in the mornings though. I had to race back, each and every night, to get away from the guilt and longing of telling you. Of admitting that fighting Eggman, saving the world, and protecting you wasn’t enough.”

He had advanced so much towards her, that already she was filled with rushing warm waterfalls, fields of flowers, and greenery that revealed the life still inside her.

Face to face, he held back his breath to simple take in the moment of being close to her again.

She was crying.

“I’ve been here, Amy. I’ve watched Tails, Cream, and even Knuckles when he’s stupid enough to think that Chaos are messing with him while he sleeps.” He gestured a hand out that made Amy giggle, before she covered her mouth and couldn’t help but cry harder.

“…Amy… I’m sorry I never told you sooner. Maybe it would have made the waiting harder… maybe it would have made it easier on me… but either way.”

He reached a hand up, wiping the tear he had longed to do himself for over a decade.

“…I want to be here.. to take care of you now, Amy.”

The tilt of his head, the gentle touch, all of winter had passed into a bright, beautiful spring morning.

Amy gently curled her fingers down, staring at the only man she’d ever loved, and watching as his face bent down to hers.

A gentle breeze of spring.

It almost sounded like-

I love you.

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I don't want Sam and Caits SOs showing up at the premiere either but I honestly expect them too.

Me too. Tony was at last year’s, along with all of Caitriona’s close friends. I was cool with it. They were there to support her and didn’t broadcast it for attention. Same with Season 1. The premiere afterparty was at Donal’s restaurant, The Highlands. Sam brought his friend Amy Shiels to the Season 1 NYC premiere. She was in his IG takeover pics. Then she was ushered through a side door. I don’t begrudge either of them having people they’re close to there. But there’s a big difference between quietly and supportively slipping in the backdoor and what I’m picturing for this upcoming premiere—to seize attention, distract, and/or make some sort of statement (read: a f*ck you to fans). These adjacents can all skip the red carpet. They’re not cast or production members. They’re not on a Starz show or in a Sony production. It’s not about them. It’s about Outlander Season 3.

Ego Incorporated (pt. 5)...

Wilford is waiting for Amy inside the elevator, leaning against the doors so that they won’t close without her. (Somewhere in the building there is a very angry Dark who has been requesting the elevator for the last twenty minutes). Amy steps into the elevator, and Will silently presses the next button on the panel. Amy leans her head forward to try and look him in the eyes. “So, why don’t you and the Host get along, Wilfy?”

Warfstache gently kicks the wall of the elevator and avoids her gaze. “It’s a long story.”

Amy reaches up and presses the button that pauses the elevator where it is. “I’ve got time.” (Dark starts screaming and punching the elevator button.)

The pink Ego sighs dramatically and sits cross-legged on the floor, patting the space beside him for Amy to sit. She obliges, leaning her back against the wall and then looking at him expectantly. Wilford’s mouth twitches and with it that ridiculous, pink mustache. “The Host wasn’t always how he is now. When he was still the Author, we were good friends, but now…” Wilford pouts, crossing his arms over his chest. “He won’t even talk to me anymore.”

(Dark charges back into his office and retrieves his gun.)

Amy nods and looks down at her hands folded in her lap. “Well, I’m sure that the Host has been through a lot, Wilford. That kind of change, it makes it hard for a person to pick up old relationships as though nothing has happened. Have you ever tried getting to know him as the Host instead of the Author?”

Wilford pulls a knife out of who knows where and starts picking his teeth with it. “I don’t know how,” he mutters nearly cutting into his lip as he does.

“How about talking to him about his books? I’m sure he’d love that.” Amy has read them herself. Even after he became the Host, the blind Ego was a masterful writer.

Warfstache mumbles something under his breath.

“Come again?” Amy asks.

“I can’t read!” Wilford screams, throwing the knife across the elevator. Somehow it sticks in the metal wall, and Amy jumps. “Dark says I’ve got dyslexia,” he mutters, his cheeks turning pink with embarrassment partially for scaring Amy and even more for having to admit that something that comes so easily to others is so difficult for him.

Amy’s stomach twists itself up. “I’m sorry, Wilfy.” She didn’t know what else to say.

(Quite a few shots are fired, and Google gets an alert that there is a technical malfunction.)

Wilford gets up and retrieves his knife from where it was stuck in the wall and shrugs his shoulders. “I’ve learned to live with it, and I’m good at memorizing things when people read them out loud to me. Bim usually helps me with my scripts for ‘Warfstache Tonight.’” He mashes another button on the panel. “Let’s go check out the studio.”

Amy jumps up and hits the pause button again. (Google and Dark are currently shouting at each other. “You could’ve just taken the stairs, you dichromatic imbecile!” “If I request an elevator, I should be obeyed!”) “Wait, Wilford. I’ve got an idea! What if you ask the Host to read to you from his books sometime?”

Wilford’s face lights up like a kid’s on Christmas morning. “You think he would do that?”

“Only if you ask nicely and bring him a warm drink,” she teases and pokes the pink Ego on the tummy. “I’m sure he’d be thrilled.”

Warfstache puffs out his chest and adjusts his pink suspenders. “You’re quite the genius Miss Peebles! Well, now that we’ve got that problem solved, how about you let me give you a tour of my studio?”

Amy beams and nods her head. “Alright, let’s go!”

(Google begins to replace the panel as Dark, nursing the bruise the droid left on his jaw, grumbles and heads for the stairs.)

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Nyello, my dear INFJ, I really like your blog:) I wanted to ask you if you have any Peraltiago cuddling headcanons? 'Cause we all know they do cuddle. All of us know.

hi!!! you’re so sweet!! and you’re right they definitely do cuddle and i definitely have Thoughts about this. 

  • amy was never a natural cuddler. she finds it grossly unprofessional and sappy, even after she becomes one of the people she used to make fun of. but jake’s comforting to touch, and she slowly finds herself not only automatically sleeping with her arms wrapped around someone else but also engaging in previously-ridiculed behaviors including, but not limited to, resting her head on his shoulder while window shopping on their day off, lifting the arm rest in the movie theater to lean against his chest, and wrapping her arm around his waist while walking pretty much anywhere\
    • for warmth. Obviously. - she never specifies whether its physical protection against the chill or the warmth that springs up in her chest when he puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close. sometimes he pulls her into a headlock and messes up her hair. (he learns quickly that she knows exactly how to kiss him to get him to stop)
  • jake and amy love to share the couch and watch tlc. l o v e it. frequently sitting with their legs tangled and boxes of takeout to pass back and forth. during one particularly emotional episode of say yes to the dress, jake definitely starts tearing up. which amy obviously calls out, because who can let that moment pass?? jake kicks her lightly in the knee - which is a big mistake because she kicks him back and things quickly escalate to a full-on foot fight. fried rice is kicked over the edge of the couch, and their general tso’s chicken ends up on the floor. it only ends when amy kicks jake so hard in the stomach he’s legitimately winded
    • when she sits up to make sure he’s okay, he grabs her and starts tickling her until she’s too weak from laughter to fight back. he thinks he’s won (until she shifts to straddle him and catch his lips with hers and prove he’s got nothing on her)
  • amy gets particularly cuddly when she’s sleepy. jake finds this absolutely adorable. that is, until his first christmas eve as an official santiago brother. it’s 1am and the adults are up talking and amy’s falling asleep in jakes lap when he sees victor santiago glaring at them so hard jake’s convinced literal lasers are burning holes in his chest
    • so he obviously tries to move his hands to the most Platonic place he can think of - the middle of her back. this Does Not Help
    • “ames” “hmm” “you should maybe move to your own chair. luis and julia are sitting separately” “nah” “babe. your dad is looking at us” “so? jake, he knows we’re having sex.” 
    •  the last bit is Way too loud for jakes taste but she just snuggles closer and closes her eyes again, leaving jake to blush furiously and wish he could melt through the floor. 
  • jake is a natural fidgeter - until amy falls asleep on him one night on the couch - the urge to jiggle a knee is overwhelming, especially when the beers he was drinking catch up with him - but amy’s head is soft and heavy in his lap and her hair is silky against his hand and he might as well be made of stone for how much he lets himself twitch. he’d rather let his bladder explode than stop cuddling with her, he decides
    • fortunately, she wakes up and goes off in search of more food, leaving jake grateful that his earlier decisions about Indirect Death By Santiago can be avoided.
  • amy is almost always the big spoon - jake likes to be hugged and amy likes having something to hold on to. this all has to change when amy’s seven months pregnant and way way too big to cuddle up against jake. so they switch
    • jakes hand, resting against amy’s ever-ballooning stomach, occasionally gets nudged by a foot or a hand or an elbow, leaving him to grin into his wife’s hair as she readjusts against his chest
      • for the first time in his life, he prefers being the big spoon
  • their kids are just as cuddly as they are, so every weekend morning (and a non-zero number of weekdays) Amy wakes up with at least one of their children wedged carefully between her arms and Jake’s back, with rosy cheeks and tangled hair and eyes shut tight, head buried in her chest
    • she holds it all just a little bit closer before closing her eyes again

so anyway these got way too long because brevity? never heard of her. but thanks to @jakelovesamy for listening to me talk through these for like, a whole day. anyway, hope you enjoyed!!!! bc i enjoyed writing them and am also Still Ded thinking about it!!!