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STRIP SEARCH & FRIENDS: Elimination Comic Home Edition

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Here is the mega-list of all the comics from tonight’s cast. In order from top to bottom: Alex HobbsAmy FalconeMackenzie SchubertNick TrujilloTy Halley, and as a special guest The Trenches artist, Mary Cagle. Proving once and for all who the best of the worst of us.

Want to see another one? Lemme know what you think!


The Falconer: Time Travel is one of my absolute favorite SNL sketches. Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch’s versions kill me.


Clique Refresh: A love letter to internet friends & what it means to feel most at home online. 

Meet Ellen “Ellie” Cleary, the heroine of my new comic project, Clique Refresh. She is a fiercely independent 20-something hell bent on making her dreams come true. The only problem is, she may have bitten off a bit more than she can chew. 

I’ll be introducing the rest of the cast and teasing bits about the story for the next 14 days until the Kickstarter launch. 

Gratz to Amy Falcone for her new comic project, Clique Refresh, hitting its Kickstarter funding goal on its first day. Here’s a celebratory drawing of the protagonist Ellie’s Ether Ruin avatar swimmin’ in Kickstarter loot.

I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter, of Strip Search, and of seeing comic projects getting love, so this streak of Strip Search alums’ (sometimes wildly) successful Kickstarter campaigns is music to my ears (see: Lexxy’s, Abby’s, Maki’s). I do feel a little bad, though, for [SPOILER] the show’s champion, Katie, who won a significantly smaller purse than these Kickstarters are pulling in (I know a huge slice of the Kickstarter pie goes to backer rewards and Kickstarter itself, but we’re talking $126k on Kickstarter vs $15k from Strip Search). Hopefully Katie will find a way for fans to throw money at her too. She deserves it.