• In the Flesh: *wins baftas*
  • In the Flesh: *has large dedicated fanbase*
  • In the flesh: *has main character who is a bisexual male but who isn't just defined by his sexuality*
  • In the Flesh: *realistically shows discrimination, how oppressed people suffer from it, how people who aren't oppressed don't understand it, and how people who aren't oppressed perpetuate oppression*
  • In the Flesh: *portrays the dangers of political and religious extremism*
  • In the Flesh: *realistically portrays mental illness*
  • In the Flesh: *is entertaining and emotionally moving and critically acclaimed*
  • Fans: We love In the Flesh! We NEED a third season.
  • BBC 3: *Cancels In the Flesh*

Ok so there’s one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s called “FOXTROT WALKER BLUE” written by @kaikamahine​ and you can reed it here if you haven’t done it yet -> http://archiveofourown.org/works/4010038

It’s a crossover

between “in the flesh” and “pacific rim”

(are you already feeling this)

(because i am)

I’m still kind of speechless because the whole thing is amazing and the author is a wonderful cinnamon roll

And here’s my little secret: when I’m really passionate about something, I go and make a moodboard to match my feelings and (hopefully) the beauty of that something

So there it is

A “FOXTROT WALKER BLUE” moodboard for @kaikamahine​ <3 Thank you for what you’ve created ;_;

how does tumblr work am i doing anything right here