Ok so there’s one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s called “FOXTROT WALKER BLUE” written by @kaikamahine​ and you can reed it here if you haven’t done it yet -> http://archiveofourown.org/works/4010038

It’s a crossover

between “in the flesh” and “pacific rim”

(are you already feeling this)

(because i am)

I’m still kind of speechless because the whole thing is amazing and the author is a wonderful cinnamon roll

And here’s my little secret: when I’m really passionate about something, I go and make a moodboard to match my feelings and (hopefully) the beauty of that something

So there it is

A “FOXTROT WALKER BLUE” moodboard for @kaikamahine​ <3 Thank you for what you’ve created ;_;

how does tumblr work am i doing anything right here

  • In the Flesh: *wins baftas*
  • In the Flesh: *has large dedicated fanbase*
  • In the flesh: *has main character who is a bisexual male but who isn't just defined by his sexuality*
  • In the Flesh: *realistically shows discrimination, how oppressed people suffer from it, how people who aren't oppressed don't understand it, and how people who aren't oppressed perpetuate oppression*
  • In the Flesh: *portrays the dangers of political and religious extremism*
  • In the Flesh: *realistically portrays mental illness*
  • In the Flesh: *is entertaining and emotionally moving and critically acclaimed*
  • Fans: We love In the Flesh! We NEED a third season.
  • BBC 3: *Cancels In the Flesh*

Every time I rewatch season 2 of In the Flesh I am emotionally compromised by Amy telling Philip during the game of crazy golf that she can’t feel. At this point she has slept with Philip what 2? 3? Times. So we can assume she is not sleeping with him for her own pleasure, and I’m guessing it’s out of desire to feel close to someone and it breaks my heart.