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What about gay ships?

Well… the majority of same-gender ships in Sonic are M/M, which is typically not my thing. 99% of my favorite ships in any fandom are either M/F or F/F, due to being a bisexual woman myself - I naturally have more of an interest in female characters as a whole. None of the M/M Sonic ships really strike a chord with me. I do, however, headcanon Amy as panromantic, and I can see her having quite the crush on Blaze. And in the Sonic X canon, I’m lowkey a bit of a sucker for Rouge/Topaz.


random sorting hat meme: emma swan - gryffindor

You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.


Root | When TM Talks To Her Directly…

…Utter Joy & Elation

Root needing TM’s direct communication is like needing air to breath.

- TM is Root’s POWER, Root’s REASON FOR EXISTING, Root’s FRIEND (3.12), and ultimately, Root’s VESSEL for her memory, her persona, her being (5.13).

things that would make dead of summer 10000x better:
  • amy actually dies
  • (or just more focus on the other more interesting characters!!)
  • jessie n cricket start dating
  • deb stops being super creepy w joel???
  • joel gets an actual storyline besides having a weird crush on the 40 yo camp counselor??? that’s most likely 3v1l??
  • like can he be the main char pls
  • anyone but amy tbh
  • more blair n drew
  • more blair n cricket brotp !!
  • more jessie pls
  • n she stops pining 4 garrett bc he’s lame !!
  • dont care abt alex tbh he’s a dick so he can die too

I’m not ready to let go of you. You appreciated me so much and now, you’re probably gonna be gone.Acceptance? What? No. I can’t accept this. I won’t accept this. I love you. I want you to be okay but i don’t think I’ll even get a goodbye from you.
[Reblogs are better than likes. Also this is my version of the pyro without the mask. They’re Mexican.]


Growing up in Bradford was hard, especially for me. I didn’t grow up in a country house and definitely did not study at a private school. My farther, a Pakistani cook came to the UK to better his future. Here he met my mother, a Colombian nursing assistant whom he later fell in love with. My childhood wasn’t bad however it forced me to study and work my way to the top, so that I would even be considered to study at Oxford. Thus here I am, freshers week at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Currently a group of new friends and I have wondered into town and found a cosy yet busy pub. Inside roamed many students, introducing themselves, anticipating the coming years, and some searching for that one person to spend the night with. “What do you want to drink y/n?” Amy asked. I had met her during one of earlier events. She had quite fair skin yet freckles around her cheeks, and long red hair which fell down right below her shoulders. It shouldn’t have been surprising when she said she was from Scotland. “I’ll have a white wine please.” I smiled towards my new friend. As I turned around to face to crowd, I noticed many looks coming my way. Suddenly the feeling of wanting to crawl under a rock emerged, and shyness overtook. After a minute the drinks were ready and we went to sit down in one of the booths, not noticing the group of boys sitting opposite.

“She is quite exquisite!” George proclaimed quietly to the rest of members. The boys had been discussing initiations when all of a sudden the most stunning young woman they had ever laid eyes on walked through the doors. Her bronzed skin shining a light throughout the venue. As she walked towards the bar her hips swayed sensually accentuating her curvaceous form. The beauty had thick raven dark hair which flowed right down to her waist. Lust for the woman grew among the men and a few of the other ladies. Even Hugo who isn’t ever attracted to a woman had to agree that she was heavenly. The boys eyes followed her every move until she, together with three other girls were sat opposite them. “I call dibs.” Guy half shouted half whispered to the group. The rest all stared at him before laughing at the boy. “You can’t even speak properly when in the company of another female, apart from your own mother.” James chuckled  while placing his arm around Guys shoulder. “I can guarantee you she’ll be in my bed by the end of first term.” Harry suddenly stated while taking a sip of his beer. “Not by the end of first week? That’s a first” Hugo said sarcastically while his eyes scanned the room for a man to distract him from her. “A beauty like that will take time. And I will not fuck it up because of the hormones.” Harry glimpsed at the attractive woman. “Besides, there are always other girls to satisfy my needs in the mean time.” He commented causing the others to laugh. “She probably wouldn’t even go for you Villiers.” Dimitri spoke up with a smirk placed on his face. “And why not?” Harry asked curiously. “I know girls like her, been with downgraded versions of her. Your not her type.” He stated. “And you are?” Guy laughed at his friends claim. “Indeed I am. All girls love a bit of Greek.”  Dimitri smiled before taking a sip of rosé. “Well can i suggest that one of you go up and speak to her before she leaves.” Hugo mumbled. Suddenly all of the boys started to argue over whom would speak to the girls, until Harry, Dimitri and James decided to saunter over to their table. 

Amy, Eliza, Katherine and I were discussing about the next week when three boys came to our table asking if they could take a seat. Amy and the two other girls nodded instantly, charmed by their good looks. I bunched up around the corner of the booth next to Eliza so that the boys could sit. Two of them sat to my left, as one sat next to Amy at the end of the table. We all introduced ourselves and were in full discussion in the next minutes. The boys were all handsome and tall, but it was clear we lived exact opposite lifestyles. “Have you ever been to Greece.” The one named Dimitri asked while looking at me. “No, never.” I smiled politely trying to avoid the other boys stares. “Well how bout this, next summer i’ll take all you beautiful girls to Greece.” He suddenly stated causing the other girls to giggle and cheer. After another few minutes I felt a hand on mine causing me to look into Harry’s eyes. “Are you okay?” He sounded sincere, noticing my slight uncomfortableness.  “Yeah, fine. Just a bit tired.” I said shyly. A small smile formed from his lips as he went back to the others conversation. “So where did you study before Oxford.” James suddenly asked. A question you did not want to answer. However the other girls where happy to answer. Posh ridiculous sounding names fell from their lips as the boys nodded knowing exactly which schools they where. Soon it was your turn and you dreaded saying it. “Oak Park Sixth Form College.” 

The boys dreaded the words that fell from her mouth. She went to state school. How could a state school student captivate every single man in the pub.  “Oh okay.” was the only response James could give. The other two boys hid their obvious disappointment. They carried on conversing with the girls however the name Oak Park Sixth Form College kept replaying in their minds. Harry sent a text to guy saying ‘She’s off limits. Penniless state school graduate.’ After a minute of sending he received a text back of a crying smiley face. Harry looked towards the lads and saw the upset faces of his friends. What he didn’t see was an upset y/n staring at his phone.

Embarrassment filled your body and you just wanted to leave but you couldn’t. Not without the other girls. However you didn’t want to sit there any longer, not after reading Harry’s exchange with the table opposite. “If you don’t mind me im going to go to the bar.” You stood up and stormed towards the bar. You sat on the stool while ordering a diet coke. As you were waiting a subtle tear fell from your eye and onto your cheek, as you stared down towards the counter. After when your coke had arrived someone sat down next to you.”Are you alright, if you don’t mind me asking?” A concerned male voice asked. You looked up to see a friendly looking guy with short brown hair. He wore a grey jumper and jeans. He gave you a sympathetic smile while you continued to observe him. “Yeah fine.” You answered not wanting to attract more attention. “Are you sure?” He asked again. He did look like he genuinely wanted to cheer you up. “Just met a few boys whom changed their opinion on me as soon as they found out I went to state school.” I muttered while looking down at the coca cola. “Well they must be right bellends to change their opinions because of that! Especially on someone as beautiful as you.” He smiled causing you to laugh. “My names Miles.” He said as offered his hand out.  “Nice to meet you Miles! I’m y/n.” You shook his firm hand, which fit perfectly into yours. “Now I don’t want to be rude, but what are you still doing here if your upset because of them.” He gestured towards the lads whom had insulted you before. “My mates and roommate are still having a discussion with them, and I didn’t want to ruin their fun.” You said truthfully while looking back at the table, noticing the boys staring at you and Miles. “Well how about I walk you back to your room.” Miles suggested nicely. “That would be very kind. Thank you!.” You said. After finishing your drink you ambled back to the table from before. “Amy im gonna go now.” You smiled at the freckled girl. “Oh okay, i’ll come with you.” She said hiding her disappointment of leaving the guys. “No you stay, Miles is going to walk with me.” You smiled gesturing over to the tall guy stood by the entrance. “Oh he is gorgeous. Well i’ll leave you to it.” She winked suggestively. “ha not tonight.” You said before saying your farewell to the rest of the table. You walked back to Miles who held out his arm for you. A true gentleman you thought to yourself. 

All of the riot club boys stared as you walked though the door with the new freshman. Jealousy engulfing all of them. The same thoughts were running through their heads ‘Are they going to sleep together! As the night went on the more thoughts were popping up causing the exotic beauty to be the only thought in their minds. The night came to an end and it was time to leave. All the boys left chattering, some boys even left with girls to distract them. Harry and Dimitri were the last to leave. Both riled up after seeing y/n leave with someone else. Eventually Harry spoke up “I don’t care if she’s gone to state school, she’s mine!”

Amy blue sketch - More of my random doodles

Not feeling well, but I have work to do…. 😷

I hope you enjoy these doodles, I need time to prepare more drawings for this amazing fandom. 😘

@missmayim probably will hate me if I keep tagging her every time I do an Amy sketch, because I do A LOT of them… Sorry about that 🙃

Enjoy your day 🙋🏻

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I love Amy as Temmie!!! Could you do her as Toriel, too? I'd love to see both! :)

I’m glad you like her, I’ll have to do a Toriel version tomorrow!

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Wait didn't you do your AMIS thing with a Natalia as your conductor? What about her for the Natalia one??


yeah i had natalia luis-bassa as a conductor for danzón no. 2 in honour band/orchestra. it was the only piece she conducted which i was in though because there was only one full orchestra (with winds) piece. she conducted the strings doing andante festivo, st paul’s suite, libertango and romanian folk dances and then scott teeple conducted the band doing second suite in F, country gardens, down longford way, benediction and candide overture

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please don't forget that amy has a big nose and she is not thin,, these are things that should not to be replaced by a social standard of beauty, i love your drawings but this is a thing that's has been bothering me :/

I have a big nose too and I’m not specially thin. I understand your concern and I don’t do it because of the standards people have on beauty. I have a particular style when I draw and I can draw more comic style and more realistic. When I choose to do it more simplified, I tend to make people younger, like teenagers, like all the anime I have seen all my life. I can’t help myself. If I try to do it in another way, then it’s not my style. I’m sorry if this is bothering you but if you notice in my drawings, when I do Mayim or Amy I do the nose different than for example Melissa/bernadette. And her chin is more triangle, and her bust is different and curves are different too. Obviously is a simplification, and I can not be that realistic all the time without doing another style. Only seeing how I do the eyes… Seems like a manga.. They don’t have those eyes either

I’m not doing because of the beauty standards, It’s just… it’s my way of drawing, please don’t be bothered by that, I love to do them like teenagers all the time, and it’s my interpretation of the characters.

I understand why you say that, don’t get me wrong, but if I draw without thinking, it’s the way it comes out. I know that and I’m aware of the way I’m changing the real life persons to my world interpretations. But that’s how fanart goes right? I like to put them in no realistic situations, no realistic fashion, and no realistic way of be themselves.

If you browse on my drawings, you will se realistic (not hyperrealistic) portraits too. I can do it differently, but I choose not to. It will not be me then. And my drawings come from me, from my vision, from my experience and most important from my inner and particular world.

Mm too long. Just wanted to say sorry to bother you but I can not change my way to draw. I’m 35 years old and my style have changed with me in every step of my life. And it will change later, but it will change with me, not because the outside world.

Thanks for share your thoughts with me 😘

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I was originally undecided about Amy, but after looking at her Twitter I do have to say — what the fuck? Why would Mark choose to date a SJW, vaping, meme-infested kid straight out of college full of ambition and no actual work to show for it? Furthermore, her deleting the tweets is shady as hell. And her liking fans kissing her flat arse. Mark, did you get a brain damage and forget to tell us? I'm sorry, but this is repulsing. Him not acknowledging her is even more so. At least then I'd respect

I’m so sick of Sjws.

Jess is a stupid ass libfem who probably screams free the nipple every 2 damn seconds

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Amy, do you think Danielle was looking for stuff with her name or was she tagged?

she was tagged - i mean she might look for it but they tagged her in the post and she responded to it (the artist tagged louis too - yikes LOL)

@deamazed. continued.

she doesn’t mean to be awful. not to everybody, not to people she wants to be friends with. tyler isn’t past befriending people and manipulating them to learn whatever it is she wants to learn, isn’t past being an absolutely terrible human being, but there are secrets, every now and then, that she would quite like to keep. but it isn’t in her nature to do that kind of thing.

anything amy tells her will likely spread, mentioned briefly in some conversation with somebody else who doesn’t like tyler all that much, and the worst part is that she won’t even realize she’s done it. this is the reason she doesn’t have any friends, she’s certain, and she’s powerless to stop it.

but that isn’t what’s on her mind right now. tyler’s all good intentions, all caring about an almost-friend, all trying to be a good person even though she’ll fuck it up somewhere down the line because that’s just what tyler does. she leans forward, concern twisting her features, and amy is getting exactly what she wants.

          i don’t mind. if you need to talk or– whatever. it’s all fine with me, amy.  

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‘ i’m a cynic. i believe everyone has it in them to kill another person. ’


              he’s right. it may have taken a while for him to finally say something right, but here he is! here we are! i knew someone couldn’t be that fucking stupid and still be alive.

so let me pick that one apart for you. everyone has it in them to kill another person. that, i do believe. i believe it is an instinct — to kill or be killed, and to kill and eat or famish and die. and, my friends, i will not famish and die. i am not a cynic. i don’t believe that i am — not truly. but i am a realist. and i know where we come from, like a real, educated new yorker. new york amy — i miss her, i do. she was happy. she was happy with her new york life and her big new york bed. and when she’d been boxed up and dragged across the country ( to missouri of all places — if you’d like a mental picture, think fields and suburbs and a cloyingly suffocating amount of homeless squatters ) i’d shed my skin. i don’t have to be cool girl amy anymore, because when my husband married me, he married me for me. right?

                          wrong. imagine finally showing yourself to your soulmate and him not liking you. that’s what i was faced with. stuck-up, nagging bitch wife amy married to laid-back, slobbish piece of shit husband nick.

i could kill him, if i needed to. i will kill him — it’s only luck and nick’s misfortune ( the tragedy of the dwindling in his family tree — we moved to missouri for his mom, and his dad had been deteriorating for the past few years. tragic, really. ) that lands him in this situation: if we’d stayed in new york, he’d be in prison for life. but as nick’s brilliant plan entitled us to move to dread carthage, missouri, he’ll meet the chair.

                    and of course i planned it like that. how could i let my darling husband get away with screwing some twenty-three-year-old whore?

          ‘ oh, you really are a cynic – you’re young. leave the cynicism to us oldies. ’

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Wet dream- your three lovers naked and fat all around you, crawling on top of your body and pleasuring you in different ways. Cream settles on sucking on your breast and nibbling against your neck, Vanilla fucking you with her thick member, reading your clit with her fingers while doing so, and Amy behind you licking and eating out your wide ass, spanking it hard every now and again until it's red.

4. Very aroused

There isn’t too much to say. Blaze is very blushy right now as well as soaked.

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((Tyria is goddamn IN LOVE with Ami honestly. She is everything that Tyria needs. Tyria has had a pale crush on her for so long that she is a little starstruck that she actually gets to be moirails with her. It’s been a long time since Tyria has been a rail to someone, so she’s struggling to learn how to be one again, but she’s willing to do anything she can to make Ami feel loved and wanted. It makes her happy to see Ami happy, even in her darkest moments.))