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“Barnabas, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did about your motives.”

“Actually, I should thank you. If I am to get Bradford to come for me, I must convince him that I am concerned about his happiness as well as Vicki’s.”

“Well, are you?”

Unable to find the cemetery caretaker, David and Amy return to the mystery grave. They are shocked to discover it has been filled in. It can’t be one of Quentin’s games since he isn’t strong enough to leave his room. They decide to tell Barnabas about the grave. Barnabas and Julia arrive back at Collinwood. She apologizes for questioning his motives. Barnabas says he must convince Bradford that he wants his happiness as well as Vicki’s. Julia asks him if this is true, but before he can answer, the children burst in with their tale of a new grave in Eagle Hill Cemetery.

“Where in Eagle Hill Cemetery?”

“Right next to the grave marked ‘Peter Bradford’!”

Napoleon Solo Request

Napoleon solo x reader in which they have to act like a married couple and hate each other at first but slowly admit they like each other a lot?

“No,” you said at the same time as Napoleon said “ Absolutely not.”

“Yes,” Waverly said firmly, “Illya and Gabby are busy with other parts of the assignment. You two have to do this.” Waverly had just given you and Solo possibly the most impossible mission: to act like a married couple in the suburbs to do surveillance of a woman that also lived in the neighborhood.

It was no secret that you and Solo didn’t get along which is why you both shot Waverly daggers.

“Y/N, you will be Amy Collins. Solo, you will be Will Collins. Married for one year, first house, hoping to adopt a dog soon, maybe have some kids soon too. The target, Amelia Ross will live across the street and two houses to the right. The movers will be there at 9 am to start moving you two love birds in. Pack your bags, you fly out tonight.

Bright and early the next day you and Solo, or you and Will, were dressed up for the part of average husband and wife and pulling up, alongside the movers, to your new house.

You saw the neighbors peeking from the windows and staring in their yards at the sight in front of them. As soon as the moving van left there was a knock on your front door. “I’ll get it, Darling,” Napoleon said with a sarcastic pinch. “Hello,” you heard him say to whoever was on the other side of the door. “Will Collins, nice to meet you. Please, come in.”

“What brings you to this neck of the woods,” you heard a man’s voice ask.

“My wife and I decided we needed a change of scenery.” Solo came into view with three people trailing behind him. “This is my lovely Amy,” he gestured to you. You stopped unpacking the box you were working on and walked towards the group. “Honey,” Solo smiled, “these are our neighbors. Sam and his wife Jane, they live next door, and this is Molly, she lives two house to the left.”

“Very nice to meet you,” you shook their hands. You walked into Solo’s side and leaned into him, he got the cue and wrapped an arm around your back.

“How long have you two been together,” Jane asked.

“High school sweethearts,” you smiled up at Napoleon playing your role. “Been married just over a year and thought it was time to get a bigger home. One that would be better suited for a dog and a couple kids.”

“Well, we see you’ve got lots to unpack. We can get out of your hair unless you’d like our help with anything,” Molly offered.

“Oh thank you so much but it’s ok, really,” your ‘husband’ said and you two walked the group to the front door.

“Oh, we’re having a neighborhood barbeque in two days if you’d both like to come. Looks like you two came just in time,” Jane added.

“Looks like we did. We’ll be there,” you smiled and waved them off. As soon as the front door shut you knocked Solo’s arm off of you and went back to unpacking.

*Day One*

You woke up to the sound of the shower running. You tiredly turned over and looked at the time. “Good morning, honey,” Napoleon came into your room in nothing but a towel. You hated yourself a little because you realized you didn’t mind the view.

“What are you doing in here?”

“You got the master room and the master bathroom all to yourself, that’s no fair. The shower was too good to pass up. Plus we’re married, we should be sharing a room,” he pretended to be seductive.

“Whatever. What’s on the agenda for today husband?”

“I set up surveillance in the bedroom to the left of the stairs so we have a clear visual on Amelia’s house. So, since that’s done, we just have to unpack the rest of the house, get some groceries, and water the flowers like a good married couple. So get dressed honey.”

Even though you couldn’t stand Solo at the beginning of the day as you spent more and more time with him that day you didn’t seem to mind him that much as you went to bed.

*Day Two*

“Is this sundress to…goodie to shoes,” you spun and asked Napoleon. Your look for the neighborhood barbeque had to be perfect.

“It’s definitely not something I’ve ever seen you in before, but, you look very nice,” the tone in his voice was actually sweet. You swung by the kitchen and grabbed the two large pitchers of pink lemonade you made for the BBQ. “Better let me carry one of those,” you raised an eyebrow at Solo. “You’re an average housewife remember. Most average housewives can’t carry a ten pound jug in each hand with no effort.”

“Good call.” You faked a struggle and carried on pitcher with both hands.

“Amy and Will,” Sam said happily, “so glad you two could come. Here, Y/N, let me help you with that.” You thanked him as he took the pitcher from your hands. Jane came over and quickly snagged you away from Napoleon and Sam. “Come with me. I’ll introduce you to all the neighborhood girls,” she said. As Jane helped you meet the ladies of the neighborhood Sam took Napoleon to do the same thing.

Napoleon hung out with the guys, drinking a beer as all the men grilled the food and talked about their jobs and laws while you were with the girls trading recipes, listening to kid stories, and gossipping about whatever came to mind. The hours passed quickly. Molly came out of her house with a small child in her hands and took the seat next to you.

The baby looked at you and smiled and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Hi little guy. How old is he?

“4 months. This is Thomas,” she smiled down at her son. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh,” you stuttered, “we just met; I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Oh, nonsense. You’re a good person, I can tell. Plus, my husband has been gone all week and I haven’t got a break from holding him. You’d be doing me a favor,” she joked and passed the four month old into you arms.

Solo glanced your way to make sure you were still ok and was shocked to see you holding and looking lovingly at a baby. You talked with it and played with it’s little hands and you cradled it in your arms. “You and Amy thinking about having kids,” one of the new men Napoleon had met asked.

“Ugh, yes. We are.”

“She looks like she’d be a great mother.”

“I know she will be,” Napoleon was shocked at the caring tone that escaped in his voice. Being in such secluded and close proximity with you the last two days had made him see you in a different light.

*Two Weeks Later*

“Napoleon,” you walked into the kitchen as he drank his morning cup of coffee. “Waverly just called. He said it’s time we head back. All the surveillance we did payed off; he got what he needed.” He could hear the hint of sadness in your voice. You left to pack your bags and met Solo at the car.

As you and Solo got in the car you looked at all the houses as they passed by. “I think I might actually miss this place a little bit,” you quietly admitted. “I had never thought about the future before but, for once, I did. And, I don’t think I’d mind settling down in the burbs eventually…”

“I feel the same way,” Napoleon struggled to keep his eyes on the road instead of you. “Y/N. I hope this isn’t too forward but, when we get back, could I take you out for dinner?”

You let out a chuckle. “We’ll you are my husband,” you held up the fake ring on your finger, “so I guess I can’t say no.” You grabbed his right hand in your and held it as he drove to the airport.